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Most MDCAT students have excellent marks in science, but they are doomed because of poor MDCAT English scores. Here are 10 recommendations to help you prepare for the English language portion of the MDCAT. Prior to getting started, remember the importance of MDCAT English is on par with that of other sciences. So, don’t take the English component of the MDCAT for granted. Because of the difficulty of memorising 200+ vocabulary terms and their synonyms, most students avoid English and don’t prepare as much as they would for other courses.
They also become bogged down because they don’t know where to begin with grammar preparation. So, if you’re one of those MDCAT students who’s worried about how to study for the MDCAT English 2022 exam, you needn’t be. That which you want will be made clear to you.

Preparation for the MDCAT Vocabulary

Make a list of all of your unfamiliar words.

Besides their synonyms and antonyms, the PMC provides MDCAT students with a comprehensive list of English vocabulary each year to learn. It’s also common for pupils to print out the list they’ve created. You’ve made your first grammatical error in your MDCAT English vocabulary study.

You can’t just remember a bunch of words that are printed in a monotonous font. Writing everything down by hand in a separate notebook may be really helpful. Write the terms, their synonyms, and their antonyms using various coloured markers.

Writing helps you memorize vocabulary because it leaves a permanent impression on your brain, and a permanent imprint is precisely what you need for your first round of English vocab preparation.

Daily sentences to help you improve your vocabulary and grammar.

For your MDCAT English preparation, this is by far the most effective means of doing so. As soon as you gain a new vocabulary term and its synonym, attempt to incorporate it into your everyday discourse. When you take the test, it will create a lasting impression on your mind.

MDCAT English practise papers from previous years might be really beneficial. You may get a sense of the MCQs to expect on the MDCAT exam by studying former MDCAT papers. Solve as many old papers as you can, paying particular attention to the grammatical issues.

When you read an MCQ statement in your course materials, seek for similar lines in other chapters and highlight them in your book to better prepare.

Last but not least, put in as much time as possible practising and solving fake MDCAT English examinations. You’ll have more mental energy to complete the English MCQs in the allotted time, and you’ll have greater self-assurance going into the actual MDCAT exam. Monitor the clock as you go through the Mock Test. As a result, at the conclusion of the two-month MDCAT preparation period, you will have improved your organisational and time management abilities.

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