MDCAT Chemistry Handwritten Lectures

Chemistry Handwritten Lectures by Prof.Ghulam Mustafa

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Chemistry is the second major portion of MDCAT, which is not just important for MDCAT but afterward, if you get admission in a medical college, you’ll require the knowledge of Chemistry for ‘Biochemistry’ subject. This article explains the syllabus of Chemistry specified by the UHS i.e which chapters from the textbook are included and what specific things you need to focus on while studying your textbook

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Test Credit: Iffat Batool Lectures Written By: Kainat Nawaz (MBBS Student QMC Bwp)

Special Thanks: Professor Ghulam Mustafa

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Topic Distribution According to UHS Syllabus: 

Physical chemistry: 1. Fundamental concepts 2. States of matter 3. Atomic structure 4. Chemical Bonding 5. Chemical Energetics 6. Electrochemistry 7. Chemical Equilibrium 8. Reaction Kinetics/ Chemical Kinetics

Inorganic chemistry: 1. Periods 2. Groups 3. Transition elements 4. Elements of Biological importance

Organic Chemistry: 1. Fundamental principles 2. Hydrocarbons 3. Alkyl halides 4. Alcohols and phenols 5. Aldehydes and ketones 6. Carboxylic acids 7. Amino acids 8. Macromolecules 9. Environmental chemistry

Textbook reading: Textbook reading is extremely important for Chemistry, especially in case of physical and inorganic chemistry. The MCQs given from organic chemistry are mostly reactions based and conceptual. But for topics like Transition elements, Chemical Equilibrium, States of matter, book reading is very important. It is better to give a read to the entire chapter and highlight the important points in the topics that are not included in UHS so you might not need to read them again and again.

Exercise Questions: These are very, very important, especially the numerical based questions. Numerical based questions are very frequently given in physical chemistry portion and textbook exercise questions are very important in this regard. Sometimes, very important points are given in the short questions of exercise so don’t skip them as well.

Reactions of organic chemistry: If you have a grip on types of reactions in organic chemistry, then you can easily score maximum marks in this portion of the test. The chapters included in organic chemistry are not very long as compared to the number of MCQs included from those chapters in the test.

Multiple choice questions practice: Doesn’t depend on which MDCAT practice book are you using, the main requirement is you should learn which formula should be used in a specific question and how to apply different concepts and formulas that you have learned in your textbook. You’ll get a lot of knowledge from your textbook, but how to apply that knowledge to solve MCQues is something you can learn through the practice of MCQs.

Synopsis of formulas: Formulas should be on your fingertips because you don’t get enough time during the test, to think which formula you should apply. It is better that you have all the formulas relevant to MDCAT Chemistry, written with you on a sheet of paper so you can memorize them easily anytime.

Past paper questions: Past paper questions help to assess your preparation.

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