MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 7

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #7(T2) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

151) When a wave comes across the boundary of two media, a part of it is reflected back. Which statement is true about reflected wave:

A) I its wavelength changes depending on the nature of the boundary

B) Its frequency changes depending on the nature of the boundary

C) Its amplitude increases depending on the nature of the boundary

D) Its phase may changes depending on the nature of the boundary

152) What is the FPS unit of displacement

A) Kilometer B) Meter

C) Foot D) Pound

153) Which isotope has highest momentum when moving with same velocity

A) Protium B) Deuterium C) Tritium

D) All of these have same momentum

154) Work is done by the applying force when

A) Applied force variable

B) Applied force is perpendicular to the motion

C) Applied force generated motion

is variable

D) Applied force is constant

155) A steel ball of mass 5 g is thrown downward with velocity 10 m/s from height 19.5m. It penetrates sand by 50 cm. The change in mechanical energy will be: (g= 10 m/s2

A) 1J B) 1.25J C) 1.5J   D) 1.75J

156) Electrical power of a battery is defined as the rate of

A) Electrical energy consumed by the battery

B) Electrical energy transferred by the battery

C) Both D) None of these

157) Farad is defined as:

A) Newton / volt B) Coulomb / volt

C) Coulomb / joule D) Coulomb / newton

158) Centre tape rectifier circuit consists of______ diode

A) 1 B) 2009% C) 3009%    D) 4009%

159) Radian is equal _____ to degree approximately

A) 300 B) 400 C) 500    D) None of these

160) Newton’s first law applicable only in

A) Accelerating frames B) Inertial frame

C) Both a) and b) D) Non-inertial frames

161) Mean life of a radioactive element is 1 year. Then its half life (in years) is.

A) 8.0 B) 1 C) 0.693    D) 0.5

162) Which of the following rectifier uses wheatstone bridge to rectify signal

A) Half wave B) Full wave

C) Bridge D) All of the above

163) For ideal polyatomic gas molar specific heat is equal to

A) 24.9 J/mol.K B) 12.9 J/mol.K

C) 15 J/mol.K D) 16 J/mol.K

164) If 238Pu94 decay an alpha particle the new atomic number and mass number are

A) 234,90 B) 234,92

C) 231,97 D) None of these

none of these

165) Areal transformer does not change

A) Voltage level B) Current level

C) Power level D) Frequency level

166) What is the power of a bulb if it is operated at 220V and the current in the circuit is 1.5 Amp

A) 330 watt B) 430 watt

C) 530 watt D) 500 watt

167) The charge on gamma rays is

A) 1+ B) 1- C) 0    D) None of these

none of these

168) Instantaneous velocity for a displacement function d(t)=2-2t at any time is given by

A) -2t B) 2t C) 2    D) -2

169) A container is filled with oxygen and helium at the same temperature. The molar mass of oxygen is 32 g/mol and that of helium is 4 g/mol. What is the ratio: average speed of oxygen molecules ——————— average speed of helium molecules

A) 1—— 8 B) C) 1——-8   D) 8

170) A monoenergetic electron beam with an electron speed of 5.20 x 10^6 m/s is subject to a magnetic field of 1.30 x 10^4 T normal to the beam velocity. What is the radius of the circle traced by the beam, given e/m for electron equals 1.76 x 10^11 C/kg

A) 22.7 cm B) 21.3 cm

C) 20 m D)

71) A cyclist come to skidding stop in 10 m, the force on the cycle due to the road is 200 N and opposite to the motion. How much work does the cycle do on the road

A) 2000 B) -2000 J C) 0     D) 200 J

172) A stationary wave is formed in a pipe which is open at both ends. If length of pipe is 10 cm, then what is the maximum possible wavelength of the wave.

A) 20 cm B) 5 cm C) 10 cm    D) 30 cm

173) It is the duty of every citizen

A) It is the duty of every citizen

B) To do his utmost

C) To defend the hardly won

D) Freedom of the country

174) Choose the correct sentence.

A) Why can’t speak to Ms. Parvin today

B) Why can’t I speak to Ms. Parvin today?

C) Why cant I speak to Ms. Parvin today?

D) Why can’t i speak to Ms. Parvin today?

175) Did you this pen?

A) Break B) Broke C) Broken    D) Broking

176) How we ________ to ageing is a choice we must male wisely. 000

A) Respond B) Absolve

C) Discharge D) Overlook

177) I borrowed ______ pencil from your pile of pencils and pens.

A) A B) An C) The   D) No article

179)  Your hands and feet ______nearly half the bones in your body.

A) Contained B) Contains

C) Contain D) Containing

180) You will find more information in the _______

A) Affected to file B) Attached file

C) Attachment file

D) File what is attached

181) Choose the correct sentence.

A) Charles Dickens wrote ‘A Tale of Two Cities, ‘Little Dorrit, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Bleak House’ amongst others.

B) Charles dickens wrote ‘A Tale of Two Cities; ‘Little Dorrit’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and “Bleak House” amongst others.

C) Charles Dickens wrote ‘A Tale of two cities; ‘Little dorrit’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Bleak House’ amongst others.

D) Charles Dickens wrote ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ ‘Little Dorrit’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Bleak House’ amongst others.

182) My friend has been living ______Karachi for two years.

A) On B) At C) In    D) Across

183) Choose the correct spelling of the word

A) Nite B) Nigt     C) Nighte      D) night

184) He could not sleep because he was ______(bit) by mosquitoes. 

A) Bit B) Bite C) Bitten D) Biting

185) Choose the correct sentence. © Our head teacher is called

A) Our head teacher is called mrs Amjad

B) Our head teacher is called Mrs. Amjad.

C) Our head teacher is called Mrs Amjad

D) Our head teacher is called Mrs. Amjad!

186) How much does she make on her job? – That’s none of your _____!

A) Business B) Decision

C) Information D) Role

187) _______ is a macromolecule found in blood

A) Hemoglobin B) Plasmids

C) Creatinine D) Plamids

188) As Reaction proceeds the concentration of reactants

A) Decreases B) Remain unchanged

C) Increase D) Cannot be predicted

189) The gas is at 3 atm, what will be the pressure of a gas if it expands three times

A) 1 atm B) 3 atm C) 6 atm    d) 9 atm

190) The method which is used on industrial scale of production of alcohol from alkene?

A) Hydrohalogenetaion of alkenes

B) Dehydration of alkenes

C) Hydration of alkenes

D) Hydroxylation of alkenes

191) instantaneous rate of reaction is the rate at any

A) At Equilibrium B) One instant

C) Given Temperature D) Given Pressure

192) Which catalyst is used when ethanol react with ammonia to produce ethyl amine?

A) ZnCI2 B) C6H5 C) AI2O    D) ThO2

193) What is the most important structure between body and brain?

A) Neck B) Spinal cord

C) Blood vessels D) Skeleton

194) Which statement correctly describes the alimentary canal of hydra?

A) The alimentary canal is formed from the endodermal cells

B) The alimentary canal has a single opening

C) The alimentary canal is sac-like

D) All of these

195) Out of the 6 molecules of G3P, how many molecules are used to make glucose?

A) 1 B) 2 C) 3     D) 6

196) A compound produced as a result of a chemical reaction of an alcohol with an acid in which water molecule is released is called?

A) Monosaccharides B) Fatty acid

C) Nucleic acid D) Neutral lipid

197) If muscle contracts upon stimulation, calcium ions bind to _________ for the myosin cross-bridges to attach to.

A) Actin B) Myosin

C) Troponin D) Sacromere

198) If two point charges of charge qi and q2 are placed at distance d. The force between them is proportional to.

A) D B) D^2 C) 1———D    D) 1——- D^2

199) A car accelerates from 0 to 72 km/h in 5 seconds. If it has wheels of diameter 50 cm. the angular acceleration of its wheels

A) 16 rad/s^2 B) 8 rad/s^2

C) 16 rad/s^2 D) 160 rad/s^2

200) Specific latent heat of fusion of ice is 334 J/g. How much energy is needed to melt 100 g of ice at 0C.

A) 33.4J B) 33.4J C) 3.34 J   D) 3.34 kJ


Key complete (test 4+5+6+7)


       1.            D       2.            C       3.            D       4.            B
       5.            D       6.            D       7.            C       8.            A
       9.            C    10.            B    11.            A    12.            B
    13.            B    14.            B    15.            B    16.            B
    17.            C    18.            C    19.            B    20.            D
    21.            C    22.            C    23.            B    24.            D
    25.            C    26.            A    27.            A    28.            B
    29.            B    30.            D    31.            D    32.            B
    33.            B    34.            C    35.            C    36.            D
    37.            D    38.            A    39.            A    40.            C
    41.            D    42.            B    43.            C    44.            C
    45.            B    46.            C    47.            C    48.            A
    49.            A    50.            A    51.            A    52.            A
    53.            D    54.            A    55.            C    56.            B
    57.            A    58.            B    59.            C    60.            D
    61.            D    62.            B    63.            B    64.            B
    65.            B    66.            A    67.            B    68.            A
    69.            B    70.            C    71.            B    72.            C
    73.            D    74.            B    75.            D    76.            B
    77.            D    78.            A    79.            B    80.            C
    81.            B    82.            A    83.            D    84.            B
    85.            B    86.            D    87.            A    88.            D
    89.            D    90.            D    91.            D    92.            A
    93.            D    94.            C    95.            B    96.            A
    97.            D    98.            D    99.            D100.            A
101.            B102.            C103.            A104.            A
105.            A106.            A107.            A108.            C
109.            A110.            A111.            B112.            B
113.            D114.            D115.            C116.            D
117.            B118.            B119.            B120.            C
121.            A122.            B123.            A124.            D
125.            B126.            A127.            B128.            C
129.            C130.            A131.            C132.            B
133.            B134.            C135.            C136.            D
137.            B138.            B139.            A140.            A
141.            C142.            B143.            A144.            C
145.            B146.            C147.            B148.            C
149.            A150.            B151.            D152.            C
153.            C154.            C155.            B156.            C
157.            B158.            B159.            B160.            B
161.            C162.            C163.            A164.            B
165.            C166.            A167.            D168.            D
169.            A170.            A171.            C172.            D
173.            C174.            B175.            A176.            A
177.            A178.179.            C180.            B
181.            A182.            C183.            D184.            C
185.            B186.            A187.            A188.            A
189.            A190.            C191.            B192.            D
193.            B194.            D195.            A196.            D
197.            C198.            D199.            C200.            B

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