MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 6

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #6 (T2) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

101) A cell without a cell wall is termed as?

a) tonoplast b) protoplast

C) symplast d) epiblast

102) The Induced fit model was introduced by Koshland in which of the following year?

a) 1960 b) 1961 c) 1959 d) 1966

103) Which of the following scientists hypothesized that organisms can pass down traits acquired during their lifetimes?

a) Lamark b) Darwin

c) Mendel d) Linnaeus

104) Which of the following statements correctly describes the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)?

a) RNA virus b) DNA Virus

c) Bacteriophage d) DSDNA Virus

105) Which structure of protein gives information about number and sequence of amino acids in it?

a) primary structure b) secondary structure

c) tertiary structure d) quaternary structure

106) What is the Tobacco mosaic virus successfully crystallized?

A) 1935 B) 1930 C) 1932    D) 1920

107)  Which of the following molecule facilitate the entry of HIV in human body?

A) Glycoprotein B) Liposomes

C) Polysaccharides D) Lipolysaccharides

108) What is the most common fuel of energy for cells?

A) Protein B) Lipid

C) Carbohydrate D) None of these

109) Myosin filaments are close to how many times thick as actin filament?

A) 3 times B) 6 times C) 4 times   D) 8 times

110) In human only one ovum is usually discharged from the ovary at one time this phenomenon is called?

A) Ovulation B) Menstruation

C) Oestrous D) All of these

111) The ultimate source of all the charge is?

A) Migration B) Mutation

C) Genetic drift D) Selection

112) The oldest discovered so far is which of the following, which dates back to 4.4 billion years.

A) Iron B) Zircon

C) Diamond D) Cadmium

113) Which of the following is not a true characteristic of gametocytes?

A) Male gametocytes are called spermatocytes

B) Gametocytes can divide by mitosis into other gametocytes

C) Female gametocytes are called oocytes

D) They are eukaryotic somatic cells

114) Porphyromonas gingivalis is a Gram-negative bacterium, found in the oral cavity, is negatively affected by the presence of oxygen. What term best describes this bacteria?

A) Facultative anaerobe

B) Aerotolerant anaerobe

C) Obligate aerobe D) Obligate anaerobe

115) The process of inspiration occurs as:

A) Lungs pull air inside

B) Passive transport of air takes place air

C) Passive expansion of air takes place

D) Air is pushed inside

116) When a female ovulates, in what phase of division is the oocyte?

A) Anaphase I B) Prophase I

C) Metaphase I D) Metaphase II

117) The replication of the HV virus nucleic acid depends on?

A) Replicase B) Reverse transcriptase

C) Transcriptase D) Reverse replicase

118) The optimum pH for the functioning of pancreatic lipase is?

A) 8 B) 9 C) 7      D) 6

119) The haploid number of chromosomes in the human eggs and sperms are?

A) 22 B) 23 C) 21     D) 24

120) Which brain part is responsible for the formation of long term memory?

A) Medulla A) Thalamus

B) Hippocampus C) Corpus callosum

121) The bronchitis is of types?

A) 2 B) 3 C) 4        D) 5

122) Photosynthesis is process in which ________ compounds of carbon and hydrogen are reduced to carbohydrate like (glucose) using light energy.

A) Organic B) Energy rich

C) Rich D) Reduced

123) Abscisic acid promotes flowering in short day plants and inhibits in long day plants, which of the following is antagonistic to abscisic acid in terms of flowering?

A) Gibberllins B) Cytokinins

C) Auxins D) Ethene

124) Which of the following is synthesized by free floating ribosomes of cytoplasm in humans?

A) DNA polymerase B) Salivary amylase

C) Pancreatic amylase D) DNA amylase

125) Walt-hour measures

A) Current B) Electric energy

C) Power D) Voltage

126) Non-inverting amplifier circuits have

A) A very high input impedance

B) A very low input impedance

C) A low output impedance

D) None of the above

127) An object is travelling in a circle at constant speed. Its angular velocity is

A) Changing B) The same

C) Increasing D) Decreasing

128) Isotopes means addition of additional ________ in same proton number

A) Protons B) Electrons

C) Neutrons D) All of them

129) Specific heat of water is

A) 1J/K.g A) 4.18J/kg.K

C) 4180J/kg.K D) 2090J/kg.K

C) D)

130) The phenomenon of polarization of light reveals that light waves are:

A) Transverse waves B) Longitudinal waves

C) Mechanics waves D) None of these

none of these

131) lf the direction of the field and area vector is opposite then field

A) Positive B) Zero

C) Negative D) None of these

none of these

132) When total done on a particle is positive then

A) KE remain constant

B) Momentum increases

C) KE decreases D) All of these

133) 1 rutherford is equal to

A) 10^4 Bq B) 10^6 Bq

C) 10^7 Bq D) 10^5 Bq

134) _________ relationship exists between current and voltage in terms of Ohm’s law

A) Non linear B) Varying

C) Linear D) None of them

135) For a 1 efficient step down transformer

A) Voltage in primary and secondary are equal

B) Current in primary and secondary are equal

C) Input power is same as the output power

D) Output power is zero

136) A horizontal line in displacement-time graph represents:

A) Uniform accelerated motion

B) Motion with constant velocity

C) Motion with constant speed

D) Body at rest

137) What does the constant n represent in the equation of state for an ideal gas PV=nRT?

A) Number of atoms in the gas

B) Number of moles of the gas

C) Number of nucleons

D) Number of molecules of gas

138) The oscillating object overshoots the rest position due to:

A) Resorting force B) Inertia

C) Gravitational potential energy

D) Elastic potential energy

139) Which among the following phenomenon shows particle nature of light?

A) Polarization effect B) Interference

C) Polarization D) Matter waves

140)  The phenomenon of radioactivity is

A) Nuclear process does not depend on external factors

B) Increased on applied pressure

C) Exothermic change which increase and decrease with temperature

D) None of these

141) When the amount of work done 33 cal and internal energy is 167 cal then heat supplied is

A) 167 cal B) 175 cal

C) 500 cal D) 600 cal

142) A transformer steps down from 200V to 50 V. It has secondary winding = 40 turns, then windings in primary coil are

A) 150 B) 160 C) 170   D) 200

143) Some ice, at its melting point, is added to m kg of water at initial temperature 290 K. If c is the specific heat capacity of water and L is latent heat of fusion of ice. Ice melts completely. Final temperature of the water is 273 K. What is the minimum mass of ice that is required?

A) 17mc———L B) L——–17mc

C) 17m——Lc D) 290m——–Lc

144) Which of the following statement is correct about infrared radiation and X-rays?

A) Radio waves has frequency larger than X-rays but less than infrared waves

B) Infrared radiation travels faster than X-rays in vacuum

C) Infrared radiation has lower frequency than X-rays

D) Infrared waves can not be diffracted like X-rays

145) A constant force of 10 N is applied on a body which causes displacement of 12 cm what will be the work done

A) 120J B) 12 J C) 1.2 J    D) 18 J

146) Self inductance varies number of tums in coil as

A) N B) N^3 C) N^2   D) 1/N

147) The magnetic field is parallel to a surface, then the magnetic flux through the surface is

A) Zero B) small but not zero infinite

C) Infinite D) Large but not infinite

148) Polarization explains light is

A) Electric in nature B) Magnetic in nature

C) Both a & B D) None of these

149) A thermodynamic system undergoes a process in which its internal energy decreases by 300 J. if at the same time 120 J of work is done on the system, find the heat lost by the system

A) -420 J B) 420 J C) 80 J      D) -80 J

150) Which radiation passes through black body

A) Alpha B) Gamma C) Beta    D) White


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