MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 2

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #2 of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022


51) A____ is the force, which holds together two or more atoms of ions to forms large variety of compounds

a) Ionic bond

b) chemical bond

c) covalent bond

d) metallic bond

52) Which of the following best is not given by Aldehyde ?

a) Benedict best

b) Tollen’s test

c) Nitroprusside test

d) Fehling’s test

53) Catalytic activity of enzyme is enhanced by :

a) Activator b) Coenzyme

c) Co-factor d) Both A and B

54) The forces of attraction in Molecular solids

a) Strong b)Very Strong

c) Weak d) Moderate

55) Which of the following is a Unsaturated fatty acid?

a) Palmitic acid b) Stearic acid

c) Oleic acid d) Ethanoic acid

56) Electrolysis of s dilute solution of NaCl result at the anode

a) Sodium b) Hydrogen

c) Chlorine d) Oxygen

57) For 3rd order reactions the half-life is

a) inversely proportional to square of concentration

b) directly proportional to cube of concentration

c) inversely proportional to concentration

d) directly proportional to concentration

58) The formation of negative ion is a/an ____ process

a) exothermic b) endothermic

c) both A & B d) none of these

59) f at equilibrium state temperature is increased, it will favor

a) Exothermic Reactions

b) Endothermic Reactions

c) Reversible gaseous reactions

d) Irreversible reactions

60) Energy is _____ when an electron is added to the isolated gaseous atom

a) increased b) released

c) decreased d) absorbed

61) For the reaction; 1/2 H2 —> H, the change in enthalpy is called as ____?

a) Enthalpy of formation

b) Enthalpy of neutralization

c) Enthalpy of atomization

d) Enthalpy of Reaction

62) Bisulfite addition product when heated with mineral acid yield?

a) Carboxylic acid

b) Alpha hydroxy acid

c) Starting material from which it is formed

d) Alpha bets unsaturated compound

63) In CCI4, all C-CL bonds are ___ but molecule is ___ overall

a) polar , nonpolar

b) nonpolar. neutral

c) polar. Neutral

d) neutral, on polar

64) OH-is added when reaction is in

a) Acidic Medium

b) Basic tedium

c) Neutral solution

d) All of these

65) At high altitudes, the pilots feel uncomfortable breathe because the partial pressure of oxygen is lower than

a) 16 torr b) 159 torr

c) 158 torr d) 157 torr

66) Falling water of a waterfall is an example of

a) Reversible Reaction

b) Spontaneous Reactions

c) Endothermic Reactions

d) All of these

67) London force of interaction forms crystals

a) covalent crystals

b) tonic crystals

c) molecular crystals

d) metallic crystal

68) The slope determined by drawing a right angled triangle drawn with tangent as hypotenuse will be same

a) with different sizes of triangles drawn

b) at different point on curve

c) at the start and end of curve

d) All of these

69) In some cases during atomic orbital hybridization, ground state electrons promoted to excited states , as a result__ increases

a) number of shells

b) number of electrons

c) number of unpaired electrons

d) number of bonds

70) Which one of the following is the correct value for the enthalpy of formation of CO?

a) -110kJ/mol

b) -210kJ/mol

c) -111kJ/mol

d) None of these

71) Non-typical transition elements belong to?

a) 28 b) 38 c)2218   d) 18

72) Electrolysis is a

a) Spontaneous Reactions

b) Oxidation-education reaction

c) Reduction Reaction

d) Oxidation Reaction

73) Which of the following catalyst is used in the industrial preparation of methanol?

a) Zinc wade and alumina

b) Alumina and silica

c) Silica and Chromium oxide

d) Zinc ode and Chromium oxide

74) if in a solution of alkyl halide in a nonpolar solvent, base is added which of the following reaction takes place?

a) SN2 b) E1 c)SN1    d) E2

75) LDH-1 is raised in which disease

a) Rickets b) Anemia

c) Heart disorders d) stroke

76) What is the correct relation between AH and intermolecular forces ?

a) Higher ∆H weaker intermolecular forces

b) Higher ∆H, higher intermolecular forces

c) Lower ∆H , higher intermolecular forces

d) None of these

77) The electrical conductivity of metal sometimes decreases with the

a) increase in temperature

b) increase in temperature

c) decrease in temperature

d) decrease in pressure

78) Wave nature of He atom is similar to

a) alpha rays b) beta rays

c) gamma rays d) x-rays

79) A star moving away from earth shows:_.

a) green shift b) red shift

c) blue shift d) none of these

80) Oscillatory or vibratory motion can be defined as:

a) upward motion from mean position

b) right hand motion of the pendulum

c) to and fro motion about the mean position

d) random movement of gas particles

81) The efficiency of diesel engine is.

a) 10% to 20% b)20% to 35%

c) 3% to 40% d)40% to 50%

82) A body is travelling in a circle of radius at a speed v. Its centripetal acceleration will be

a) a=rᵔ2/v b) a=r/v

c) a=rᵔ2/r d) a=v/r

83) Kilowatt-hour(kWh) is a unit of?

a) Power b) Energy

c) current d) resistance

84) The process by which a heavy nucleus splits up into lighter nuclei ix known as

a) fission b) fusion

c)alpha-decay    d) a chain reaction

85) if an object moves with constant velocity then its acceleration is

a) zero b) nonzero

c) infinite d) none of these

86) The electric potential at infinite distance in

a) infinity b) zero

c) positive d) negative

87) Which of the following types of force can do no work on the particle upon which it acts

a) frictional force b) gravitational force

c) centripetal force d) elastic force

88) The current passing through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference applied across it a terminals, provided the temperature and other physical conditions of the conductor does not change

a) Gauss’s law b) Lenz law

c) Pascal’s law d) Ohm’s law

89) The radius of atom is of the order of

a) 10ᵔ10m b) 10ᵔ-10m

c) 10ᵔ-14m d) 10ᵔ14m

90)The length of a conductor is halved Its resistance will be :

a) halved b) doubled

c) unchanged d) quadrupled

91) Work done by a conservative force in a complete cycle is

a)zero                                   b) more than zero

c)less than zero                 d) none of these

92) Numbers of photon electrons emitted from metal depends upon:

a) Intensity of incident light

b) Energy of incident light

c) Wavelength of incident light

d) Frequency of incident light

93) F= e(vx8) is valid for

a) electron b)proton

c) neutron d) all

94) Number of atoms decaying in 5 particular period _____ to number of atoms present in the beginning is of the period

a) directly proportional

b) inversely proportional

c) equal

d) independent

95) Two copper conductors have equal length. The cross-sectional area of one conductor is four times that of the other. If the conductor having smaller cross-sectional area has a resistance of 40 ohms the resistance of other conductor will be

a) 160 ohm b) 80 ohm

c) 20 ohm d) 30 ohm

96) Which 1s not the result of special theory of relativity

a) Length contraction

b) Space – time transformation

c) Time dilation

d) Mass variation

97) Calculate the energy of a photon of wavelength 6600 angstroms.

a) O.3×10ᵔ.19J

b) 3×10ᵔ.19J

c) 30×10ᵔ-19J

d) 300 x 10ᵔ-19J

98) A 1.0 kW heater supplies energy to 5 liquid of maze 1 kg. The temperature of the liquid changes by BD Kin a time of 400 s. The specific heat capacity of the quid is 4.0 kJ /kg*K. What is the average power lost by the liquid?

a) 100 b) 200 c) 400    d) 800

99) Faraday’s law explains how electric field will interact with

a) electric field b) magnetic field

c) battery d) none of these

100) You have two identical capacitors. They can be connected in series or in parallel if you want the smallest equivalent capacitance for the combination, how should you connect them?

a) in parallel

b) In series

c) either way because both combinations have the same capacitance

d) we can not determine, because presence of resistance in the circuit determines capacitance


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