MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 18

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NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #18 (T7) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

1) Work done by friction force is always

  1. a) Negative b) positive
  2. c) zero
  3. d) maybe positive, maybe negative

2) The maximum velocity of SHM is a0 the period of oscillation is

a 2πx0/a0            b) 2πx0/ x0

  1. c) 2πa0 x0 d) 2π/a0x0

3) Electric power is

a)rate of electric work done per unit time

  1. b) voltage per unit time
  2. c) electric charge per unit time
  3. d) current per unit time

4) The magnetic force is simply a

  1. a) reflecting force b) deflecting force
  2. c) restoring force d) gravitational force

5) Rate of change in displacement is known as:…

  1. a) speed b) velocity
  2. c) acceleration d) momentum

6) if a person is irradiated accidently by high radiation what immediate effects would be seen?

  1. a) skin burning b) high blood pressure
  2. c) fever d) any of these

7) According to First law of thermodynamics,

  1. a) dQ= dW-dU b) dQ=dU
  2. c) dQ= dU+dW d) dQ= dw

8) The speed of sound in air is approximately:

  1. a) 1500 m/s b) 5000 m/s
  2. c) 330 m/s d) 50 m/s

9) Which is not radioactive?

  1. a) ozone b) hydrogen
  2. c) sodium d) all of these

10) Internal energy is____ of path

  1. a) independent b) dependent
  2. c) Highly dependent
  3. d) Not enough information

11) Resistance of a material always decreases if

  1. a) Temperature of material is decreased
  2. b) Temperature of material is increased
  3. c) Number of free electrons available becomes more
  4. d) None of the above is correct

12) One proton beam enters in magnetic field of 104-4 T normally with specific charge 10ᵔ11 C/kg and velocity of 10ᵔ7 m/s. What will be the radius of circle?

  1. a) 0.1 m b) 1 m
  2. c) 10 m d) none of these

13) Radioactive material decays by simultaneous emission of two particles with respective half-lives 1620 and 810 years. What is the time, in years, after which one-fourth of the material remains?

  1. a) 2430 years b) 1080 years
  2. c) 3240 years d) 4260 years

14) A block of mass 60 kg just slides over a horizontal distance of 0.9 m. if the coefficient of friction between their surfaces is 0.15 then work done against friction will be:

  1. a) 79.4J b) 97.54J

c)105.25J              d) 81J

15) Michelson showed that the standard metre was equivalent to:.

  1. a) 1,553 wavelengths of red light
  2. b) 1,553 wavelengths of blue light
  3. c) 1,553,163.5 wavelengths of red light
  4. d) 1,553,163.5 wavelengths of blue light

16) if two bodies have same temperature the rate of heat transfer between them

  1. a) infinite
  2. b) zero
  3. c) double the temperature
  4. d) none of these

17) The cosmic radiations are energetic than gamma rays

  1. a) highly b)equally
  2. c) less d) none of these

18) Which of this is constant in isothermal process?

  1. a) total heat b) work done
  2. c) Entropy d) internal energy

19) The bridge rectifier is preferred to an ordinary two diode full wave rectifier because

  1. a) it needs much smaller transformer for the same output
  2. b) no center tap required
  3. c) less PIV rating per diode
  4. d) All of the above

20) The turns ratio of transformer ts 10, It means that;

  1. a) Is=10lp b) Ns=Np/10
  2. c) Ns=10Np d) Vs=Vp/10

21) in Young’s double slit experiment, fringe spacing increases if:

  1. a) red light is used as compared to blue light
  2. b) x-ray is used as compared to blue light
  3. c) violet light is used as compared to blue light
  4. d) ultraviolet light is used as compared to blue light

22) if we are moving with constant velocity frame then the inertial state is same as

  1. a) rest frame b) accelerating frame
  2. c) non-inertial frame d) All of these

23) Which radiation passes through black body

  1. a) alpha b)gamma
  2. c) beta d) white

24) Existence of photon was confirmed by

  1. a) Compton b) Dr’ broglie
  2. c) Einstein d) Max planck

25) Electric potential difference can be defined as…

  1. a) ∆V=∆U-q
  2. b) ∆V=∆U/q
  3. c) ∆V=∆U + q
  4. d) AV=AU* q

26) Step down transformer has turns in secondary coil

  1. a) more b) less c) equal d) zero

27) A motion with increasing velocity can be represented on displacement-time graph by:..

  1. a) a horizontal line
  2. b) a curve line with decreasing gradient
  3. c) a Straight line with constant gradient
  4. d) a curve line with increasing gradient

28)  Work done by the centripetal force on a body moving in circle is zero because

  1. a) the body moves parallel to F
  2. b) the body move opposite to F
  3. c) the body move right angle to F
  4. d) centripetal and centrifugal balance each other

29) Wave nature and particle nature of photon is linked by:

  1. a) Rest mass of photon
  2. b) Wavelength of photon
  3. c) Light speed
  4. d) Momentum of photon

30) if a half wave rectifier is used to convert 50Hz AC into DC, then the number of pulses present in rectifier voltage is

  1. a) 25 b) 50 c) 100    d) 75

31) The units of angular velocity are similar to

  1. a) angular displacement
  2. b) angular acceleration
  3. c) angular frequency
  4. d) none of these

32) The units of Wien‘s constant is ___

  1. a) m.k b) m/k c) k/m   d) none of these

33) For a parallel plate capacitor, the energy density is:….

  1. a) 1/2 ereo E b) 1/2 ereo Eᵔ2
  2. c) areo E d) reo Eᵔ2

34) Polarization explains light is

  1. a) electric in nature
  2. b) magnetic in nature
  3. c) both a &B
  4. d) none of these

35) When the nucleus of an unstable atom emits only gamma radiation, the nucleus must

  1. a) gain energy b) lose energy
  2. c) lose protons d) gain protons

36) EMF stands for

  1. a) Electromotive force
  2. b) Electrical momentum force
  3. c) Electric Magnetic force
  4. d) None of them

37) Work done in a isobaric process is given by

  1. a) PdT b) PdV
  2. c) VdP d) Pᵔ2dV

38) A monochromatic light is incident on two slits and interference pattern is produced on screen at the distance L. Now one slit is covered, no light coming from it. What is the change in pattern on the screen?

  1. a) the width of central maximum is decreased
  2. b) the width of outer maximum is decreased
  3. c) the intensity of central maximum will increase
  4. d) less number of fringes will be observed

39) A radioactive decay rate of 3.7 x 10ᵔ10 disintegrations per second defines the unit of measurement known as the

  1. a) Curle b) rutherford
  2. c) rontgen d) Rad

40) Find the magnetic flux through a 1000 turn solenoid of radius 10 cm and length equal to 30 cm and a current 3 A pass through it

  1. a) 0.4*10ᵔ-3 Wb b) 4000 Wb
  2. c) 0.4Wb d) 4 Wb

41) A first harmonic stationary sound wave is produced in the air of the cylinder, which is half filled with water. More water is added to the cylinder, now first harmonic stationary wave is produced with a different frequency. What is the change in frequency and the nature of displacement in air at the water surface?

  1. a) nature of displacement = antinode change in frequency = decrease
  2. b) nature of displacement = antinode change in frequency = increase
  3. c) nature of displacement = node change in frequency = increase
  4. d) nature of displacement = node change in frequency = decrease

42) if two particles collide with one anti particle the resultant will give

  1. a) one particle, one anti particle
  2. b) total annihilation
  3. c) one antiparticle only
  4. d) none of these

43) Areal transformer does not change

  1. a) voltage level b) current level
  2. c) power level d) frequency level

44) A galvanometer acting as a voltmeter will have a coil with

  1. a) a high resistance in parallel
  2. b) a high resistance in series
  3. c) a low resistance in parallel
  4. d) a low resistance in series

45) 4000 Coulomb changes were passing from the wire for about 12 seconds. Estimate the current during this process?

  1. a) 333.3 ampere b) 333.33 volts
  2. c) 666.67 ampere d) None of them

46) The ratio of mass of electron to neutron is

  1. a) 1 b) 1200
  2. c) 1300 d) none of these

47) A block of mass 50 kg slide over a horizontal distance of 1 m., if the coefficient between the surfaces is 0.2 then work done against friction is

  1. a) 98 J b) 72 J c) 56 J    d) 34J

48) if the velocity of particle is varying linearly with time then shape of d-t curve would be

  1. a) linear b) quadratic
  2. c) cubic d) decreasing linearly

49) The angular speed for the daily rotation of Earth in rad sᵔ-1 is?

  1. a) 2π b) π c) 4π      d) 7.3 x 10ᵔ-5 rad sᵔ-1

50) Negative of potential gradient is equal to:…

  1. a) electricity intensity b) magnetic intensity
  2. c) magnetic intensity d) magnetic intensity

51) in addition to active site, allosteric enzymes contain?

  1. a) inhibitors
  2. b) substrate
  3. c) allosteric site
  4. d) polypeptide chains

52) The lock and key model of enzyme action was proposed by:

  1. a) Louis Pasteur b) Emil Fischer
  2. c) Daniel Koshland d) Urey Miller

53) Smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and organs are regulated by which of the following?

  1. a) Central nervous system
  2. b) Parasympathetic nervous system
  3. c) Sympathetic nervous system
  4. d) Autonomic system

54) The outermost layer in a typical plant cell would be

  1. a) Primary cell wail
  2. b) Secondary cell wall
  3. c) Middle lamellac
  4. d) Cell surface membrane

55) Cellular organelles that interact with hydrogen peroxide are called?

  1. a) Glyoxysomes b) Lysosomes
  2. c) Ribosomes d) Peroxisomes

56) The first group of invertebrates to have a closed circulatory system:

  1. a) Nematodes b) Platyhelminthes
  2. c) Echinodermata d) None of the above.

57) First Actions spectrum was obtained by using?

  1. a) Algae b) Fungi
  2. c) Bacteria d) Spirogyra

58) The function of lymph node is to fitter —

  1. a) Blood b) Lymph
  2. c) Semen d) Amniotic fluid

59) Peak voltage in the output of half wave rectifier is 10V so dc component of output voltage is

  1. a) 10√2 b) 10/√2
  2. c) 10/π d) 10π

60) For a half-wave rectifier having diode voltage VD and supply input of V, the diode conducts for π – 2θ, where θ is given by

  1. a) tanᵔ(-1)( VD/V)
  2. b) sinᵔ(-1)( VD/V)
  3. c) cosᵔ(-1)(VD/V)
  4. d) cotᵔ(-1)( VD/V)

61) The shaft of a motor rotates at a constant angular speed of 360rev/min. Angie turned through in 1 sec in radian is?

  1. a) π b) 3π c) 6π      d)12π

62) Spinal cord is the part of the:

  1. a) Peripheral nervous system
  2. b) Central nervous system
  3. c) Autonomic nervous system
  4. d) None of these

63) ABO blood group system was discovered in:

  1. a) 1811 b) 1801
  2. c) 1911 d) 1901

64)  Mumps and Measles are caused by which virus?

  1. a) adenovirus b) Pox virus
  2. c) influenza Virus d) paramyxoviruses

65) in parthenocarpy which levels are high in ovaries?

  1. a) gibberellins b) Cytokinins
  2. c) auxins d) all of these

66) Population growth is checked by which of the following?

  1. a) no competition b) no polymorphism
  2. c) polymorphism d) competition

67) Which of the following has a chain-tike arrangement?

  1. a) Streptobacillus b) Streptococci
  2. c) both a and b d) none of these

68) The pleural membranes cover which organ?

  1. a) Kidney b) Heart
  2. c) Brain d) Lungs

69) The mobility of integral proteins can be measured by physical state of which of the following?

  1. a) amino acids b) external phospholipids
  2. c) membrane phospholipids
  3. d) membrane appendages

70) A group of interbreeding individuals belonging to a particular species and sharing a common geopraphic area is called?

  1. a) community b) family
  2. c) race d) population

71) Humans regulate their internal body temperature within a very narrow range. This is an example of?

  1. a) homeostasis b) evolution
  2. c) genetics d) metabolism

72) Study of fossils is called

  1. a) mammalogy b) Palaeontology
  2. c) herpetology d) ornithology

73) Which tissue attaches the embryo to the wall of uterus?

  1. a) Graafian follicle b) Corpus luteum
  2. c) Placenta d) None of these

74)  Fluid secreted by sertoli cells provides sperms with which of the following?

  1. a) liquid medium b) protection
  2. c) nourishment d) all of these

75)  Which of the following scientists developed the vaccine for anthrax?

  1. a) Edward Jenner b) Leeuwenhoek
  2. c) Alexander Fleming d) Louis Pasteur

76)  Animal cells are interconnected by which of the following?

  1. a) plasma membrane b) cell wall
  2. c) desmosomes d) plasmodesmata

77) What do the two peaks in the action spectrum represent?

  1. a) absorption of light
  2. b) carbon dioxide consumption
  3. c) emission of light
  4. d) both a and b

78) The phage that causes the lytic cycle is called?

  1. a) virulent phage b) lytic phage
  2. c) temperate phage d) both a and b

79) When a muscle fibre shortens, the following also shortens:

  1. a) actin filament
  2. b) sarcomere
  3. c) Both A and B are correct
  4. d) myosin

80) Where does the detoxification of harmful drugs occur?

  1. a) RER b) SER c) Golgi d) both a and d

81) Dark bands of skeletal muscles are:

  1. a) Z-band b) A band
  2. c) I band d) H zone

82) Out of 31 pairs of spinal nerves, how many pairs of thoracic nerves are there?

  1. a) 8 b) 10 c) 12       d) 15

83) Reptiles are different from amphibians because:

  1. a) They do not have an amniotic sac in their lungs.
  2. b) They breathe through their lungs only. They are cold-blooded.
  3. c) They are cold-blooded.
  4. d) They have a four-chambered heart.

84) if all members of a population are homozygous for the same allele, that allele is said to be?

  1. a) Mobile in gene pool
  2. b) Random in gene pool
  3. c) Stationary in gene pool
  4. d) Fixed in gene pool

85) inner membrane convultions of the mitochondria is called?

  1. a) grana b) intergrana
  2. c) thylakoid membrane
  3. d) cristae

86) What enzyme is found m the thylakoid membrane that facilitates chermosmosis?

  1. a) ATP ligase b) ATP kinase
  2. c) ATP synthase d) ATP dehydrogenase

87) Sensory areas that receive impulses from the skin are contained by which of the following?

  1. a) frontal lobe b) parietal lobe
  2. c) occipital lobe d) temporal lobe

88) During inspiration, the diaphragm:

  1. a) contracts b) relaxes
  2. c) contracts and relaxes
  3. d) None of these

89) Mild wheezing, Fever, chills, and shortness of breath; all are symptoms of

  1. a) emphysema b) asthma
  2. c) pneumonia d) bronchitis

90) When HIV becomes AIDS?

  1. a) when it attacks the T cells
  2. b) when it replicates at maximum level
  3. c) when it destroys the body cells
  4. d) all of these

91) A botanist sees that when he breeds a plants with blue flowers with a plant with red flowers, the resulting generation are plants that all have a 1: 1 ratio of blue: red flowers. He knows that the two parents are homozygous for the trait of color. What phenomenon most likely explains the 1: 1 ratio in the filial generation?

  1. a) incomplete dominance
  2. b) independent assortment
  3. c) Penetrance
  4. d) Codominance

92) Which type of reflex arc affects muscles?

  1. a) autonomic reflex arc
  2. b) somatic reflex arc
  3. c) Both A and B
  4. d) None of these

93) Excessive increase in temperature of medium causes the enzyme molecule to have which of the following

  1. a) activate b) unaffected
  2. c) denature d) all of these

94) The cells that secrete testosterone

  1. a) Nerve cells b) fat cells
  2. c) muscle cells d) interstitial cells

95) Which of the following organisms have the greatest problem with photorespiration?

  1. a) C4 plants b) heterotrophs
  2. c) C3 plants d) CAM plants

96) White matter is primarily composed of:

  1. a) axons b) synapse
  2. c) neuron somas d) None of these

97) What type of viruses are the polioviruses?

  1. a) DNA enveloped virus
  2. b) RNA enveloped virus
  3. c) dna naked virus
  4. d) rna naked virus

98) in the nucleus the ssDNA virus genome is converted to dsDNA by

  1. a) DNA polymerase
  2. b) RNA polymerase
  3. c) Cell enzymes
  4. d) viral proteins

99) Recombination frequency between two linked genes can be calculated by which of the following?

  1. a) test cross b) normal cross
  2. c) f1 cross d) back cross

100) The scrotum is responsible for which of the following in the male reproductive system?

  1. a) Synthesis of sperm b) Lubrication
  2. c) Nourishment of sperm
  3. d) Temperature regulation

101) All of the following are inflammatory arthritis except:

  1. a) Rheumatoid Arthritis
  2. b) Osteoarthritis
  3. c) Gouty arthritis
  4. d) Osteomyelitis

102) A difference between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells is in having which of the following?

  1. a) ribosomes b) cell wall
  2. c) nuclear membrane
  3. d) all of these

103) in mammals, which type of phenotypic expression will show recessive traits more frequently in males than females?

  1. a) incomplete dominance
  2. b) Complete dominance
  3. c) codominance
  4. d) X-linked

104) Which one the following fatty acid is more soluble in an organic solvent and has higher melting point?

  1. a) acetic acid b) oleic acid
  2. c) palmitic acid d) all of these

105) Periplaneta belongs to which phylum?

  1. a) Mollusca b) Annelida
  2. c) Echinodermata d) Arthropoda

106) During lytic cycle how many phages are released from infected host cell?

  1. a) 100-300 b) 100-500
  2. c) 100-200 d) 100-400

107) Fertilization of human egg occurs in:

  1. a) ovary b) uterus
  2. c) oviduct (fallopian tube) d) cervix

108) Which brain part is responsible for our basic and primitive emotions?

  1. a) Limbic system b) Thalamus
  2. c) hypothalamus d) cerebrum

109) A researcher has designed a new type of inhibitor that binds at the active site of an enzyme. What type of inhibition does this molecule display?

a)Uncompetitive inhibition

  1. b) Noncompetitive inhibition
  2. c) Competitive inhibition d) all of these 110) Phosphofructokinases enzyme converts fructose-6-phosphate into__
  3. a) fructose-1,4-phosphate
  4. b) fructose-1,6-bisphosphate
  5. c) bisphosphate d) fructose

111) Who proposed starch sugar hypothesis?

  1. a) Sager b) Dixon
  2. c) Mohi d) Drebs

112) The process that does not occur during expiration is:

  1. a) intercostal muscles are relaxed
  2. b) ribs are relaxed
  3. c) muscles of diaphragm are relaxed
  4. d) Lungs are relaxed

113) The phage components begin to assemble into mature phages only after the synthesis of?

  1. a) structural protein b) nucleic acid
  2. c) both a and b d) amino acids

114) The end product of an enzymatic reaction inhibits formation of product in an earlier step. This type of enzymatic regulation is known as?

  1. a) allosteric regulation b) negative regulation
  2. c) metabolic pathway loop
  3. d) feedback inhibition

115) Which of the following properties does not belong to Gases?

  1. a) Indefinite volume b) Indefinite shape
  2. c) Low density d) Strong interactions

116) The temperature at which vapor pressure of a liquid becomes equal to external pressure or atmospheric pressure is called as?

  1. a) Melting point b) Boiling point
  2. c) Freezing point d) Sublimation point

117) Which of the following element can form interstitial alloy with transition elements?

  1. a) Zn b) Mg c) H    d) All of these

118) In Ion Electron Method of Balancing, equations are

  1. a) Written with Oxidation numbers of Constituents
  2. b) Split into two half reactions
  3. c) only oxidation part is written
  4. a) Only Reducing part is written

119) How many pi bonds are present in ethene?

  1. A) 3 b) 2 c) 1         d) 0

120) Empirical formula and molecular formula of covalent molecule is

  1. a) different b) same
  2. c) variable d) equal

121) In the rate equation R=k[A]^a [B]^b, a and b as exponents decides

  1. a) Direction of reaction a) Extent of Reaction
  2. b) Order of Reaction
  3. c) Temperature of Reaction

122) A_bond may be polar or nonpolar

  1. a) tonic bond b) covalent bond
  2. c) metallic bond d) co-ordinate bond

123) SN1 reactions are favored by which of the following reactions?

  1. a) Water b) Benzene
  2. c) Carbon Tetrachloride d) Carbon disulphide

124) Ethanol is used as

  1. a) a drink b) a fuel
  2. a) preservative d) all of above

125) SN1 reactions have which of the following specie formed and consumed in the reaction?

  1. a) Transition state b) Intermediate
  2. c) Carbanion d) Carbene

126) Which of the following conditions must be possessed by a compound to have geometrical isomerism?

  1. a) Double bond
  2. b) Different groups attach to same carbon of double bond and a double bond
  3. c) Terminal double bond
  4. d) Same groups attach to carbon atom of double bond

127) The half-life of Uranium

  1. a) 700 Million years b) 706 Million years
  2. c) 69 days d) 710 million year

128) During benedict’s solution test Brick red precipitates are formed due to formation of___?

a)CuO                                    b) RCOONa

  1. c) Cu2O d) Cu(OH)2

129) CuSO4.5H20 is an example of crystal system

  1. a) triclinic b) tetragonal
  2. c) cubic d) rhombohedral

130) The existence of matter in our surrounding in different states is due to the difference of

  1. a) repulsive force b) interacting force
  2. c) creative force d) none of these

131) On heating egg albumin___?

  1. a) Solubilize b) Decompose
  2. c) Over cook d) Coagulate

132) Which of the following forces are developed only for few moments?

  1. a) Dipole dipole forces b) Debye forces
  2. c) London dispersion forces d) H-bonding

133) Ionic Salts of Group 1 elements can conduct Electricity when they are in__?

  1. a) Solid form b) Molten form
  2. c) Aqueous form d) Both b and c

134) The correct electronic configuration of

Cr is

  1. a) [Ar]4s23d4 b) [Ar] 4s23d4
  2. c) [Ar]4s3d5 d) [Ar]4s13d5

135) Homocyclic compounds are also called as______?  

  1. a) Heterocyclic compounds
  2. b) Alicyclic Compounds
  3. c) Aliphatic compounds
  4. d) Carbocyclic compounds

136) in a voltaic cell two half cells actually separates

  1. a) Two electrolytes b) Anode and Cathode
  2. c) Oxidation Half cell and Reduction half Cell
  3. d) All of these

137) When an atom shares more than one electrons, the bond formed is

  1. a) single bond b) double bond
  2. c) triple bond d) both B & C

138) Ke and Kp have the same value when reactants and products have same number of a) Atoms                          b) Molecules

  1. c) Ions d) Moles

139) Which inert gas is mixed with oxygen gas by deep sea divers to adjust the partial pressure of oxygen gas

  1. a) Neon b) Helium
  2. c) Argon d) Krypton

140) in which of the following body part protein is not present?

  1. a) Skin b) Hair c) Nails    d) Bones

141) In Lucas test, tertiary alcohols form oily layer of alkyl halid___?

  1. a) On heating b) immediately
  2. c) After 5-10 minutes d) After 20 minutes

142) Which of the following is most soluble in water?

  1. a) Ethanoic acid b) Pentanoic acid
  2. c) Hexanoic acid d) Butanoic acid

143) Which one of the following is a strong electrophile on which benzene electrons attack fastly?

  1. a) FeBr3 b) FeCI4 c) CI+      d) CI

144) The species which donate two electron pairs in a coordination compound is called

  1. a) Ligand b) Monodentate ligand
  2. c) Polydentate ligand d) Bidentate ligand

145) The decrease in atomic radii is very prominent in

  1. a) second group a) second period
  2. c) higher groups d) higher periods

146) Reduction of ketones produce _____ ?

  1. a) Aldehydes b) Methanol
  2. c) Primary alcohols d) Secondary alcohols

147) Nitrogen N2 has __ number of electrons, protons and neutrons

  1. a) 7,8,9 b) 7,7,7 c) 14,14,14    d) 14,14,15

148) Glucose is converted into ethanol by the ____ enzyme present in yeast.

  1. a) invertase b) Urease
  2. c) Gtyeolysis d) Zymase

149) Greater the mass of gas taken, greater will be slope of straight line. Because greater the ___  greater will be volume occupied

  1. a) pressure b) temperature
  2. c) number of moles d) all of these

150) What is the value of C-C bond length in benzene?

  1. a) 154 pm b) 120 pm
  2. c) 134 pm d) 139 pm

151) Change in Pressure will only affect the substances which are in

  1. a) Liquid state b) Solid State
  2. c) Plasma state d) Gaseous State

152) The second ionization energy value of magnesium ion after the removal of second electron is

  1. a) 135 KJ/mol b) 145 KJ/mol
  2. c) 155 KJ/mol d) 773 KJ/mol

153) During the nomenclature of Alkyl halides, halogens are named as ____ ?

  1. a) Substituents b) Parent name
  2. c) Ligand d) Ligand chain

154) What is the correct equation to find Heat of neutralization using glass calorimeter?

  1. a) q=ms ΔT b) E=q m ΔT
  2. c) E=m s ΔT d) q=mc ΔT

155) Number of Electrons added on both sides of oxidation and reduction half reactions are balanced

  1. a) At the start of procedure
  2. b) Somewhere in the middle of balancing
  3. c) After Adding two Half reactions
  4. d) Before Adding two Half reactions

156) Hydrolysis of Tertiary Butyl bromide gives

  1. a) Carboxylic Acid b) Alcohol
  2. c) Aldehyde d) Ketone

157) ______ conducts nerve impulse in brain

  1. a) serotonin b) aspartame
  2. c) ascorbic acid d) hydrazine

158) Diamond is a bad conductor because of a) high density                        b) no free electron

  1. c) tight structure d) transparent to light

159) Those elements in which d or f orbitals are in the process of completion are called

  1. a) Transition elements
  2. b) Typical transition elements
  3. c) Outer transition elements
  4. d) Inner transition elements

160) Formation of Grignard reagent from alkyl halide and Mg metal takes place in___?

  1. a) Water b) Alcohol
  2. c) Anhydrous ether d) Carbon tetrachloride

161) During oxidation of unsymmetrical ketones which atom is oxidized?

  1. a) Carbonyl carbon
  2. b) Carbon attach to smaller number of hydrogen atom
  3. c) Carbon attach to larger number of Hydrogen atoms
  4. d) Hydrogen

162) Dehydrogenase is example of which class of enzyme.

  1. a) Oxidoreductase b) Hydrolases
  2. c) Ligases d) Transferases

163) Quantum number values for 2p orbitals


  1. a) n = 2,I = 1 b) n = 1, 1 = 2
  2. c) n = 1,I = d) n = 2,I =

164) Dalton’s law of partial pressure is used to derive the relation between Kc and

  1. a) Temperature b) Universal Gas constant
  2. c) Δn d) Kp

165) At Mount Everest what would be the boiling point of water?

  1. a) 100°C b) 69°C c) 98°C    d) 102°C

166) Which organic compound will form yellow crystals during iodoform test

  1. a) phenols b) acetone
  2. c) ethanol d) methanol

167) The two pi bonds in ethyne molecule are:

  1. a) Parallel to the sigma bond
  2. b) At 19.5° to the sigma bond
  3. c) At 45° to the sigma bond
  4. d) Perpendicular to the sigma bond

168) The elephant is of ______ the biggest land mammals.

  1. a) amongst b) single
  2. c) lone d) one

169) I borrowed _____ pencil from your pile of pencils and pens.

  1. a) a b) an c) the     d) no article

170) Choose the correct sentence.

  1. a) Samar bought an apple, an orange and an pest.
  2. b) Samar bought an apple a orange and a pear.
  3. c) Samar bought an apple, an orange and a peer.
  4. d) Samar bought a apple, an orange and a peer.

171) When the dentist came in (A), my tooth was stopped aching (B)/ out of fear (C) that | might loose my tooth. (D)

  1. a) When the dentist came in
  2. b) my tooth was stopped aching
  3. c) out of fear d) that i might loose my tooth.

172) What is your name?

  1. a) Declarative b) Imperative
  2. c) Interrogative d) Exclamatory

173) Tweezers ___ always useful to handle small objects.

  1. a) is b) are c) will     d) may

174) Please give me __ cake that is on the counter.

  1. a) a b an c) the     d) no article

175) Most of the milk__ gone bad. Six gallons of milk_ still in the refrigerator.

  1. a) has… are b) have… is
  2. c) has… is d) have … are

176) yearned wished dreamed spurned rejected

  1. a) wished b) dreamed
  2. c) spurned d) rejected

177) Cats and dogs ____not get along,

  1. a) does b) do c) did     d) are

187) The strong earthquake ________ (shake) the city causing lots of damage.

  1. a) shake b) shook
  2. c) shaking d) will shake

178) binnial

  1. a) plant that blooms twice a year
  2. b) Occurring twice a year
  3. c) composed or created by two people
  4. d) occurring once every two years

180) Choose the correct sentence.

  1. a) I completed the homework for, English, History, Math and Science only in the span of an hour.
  2. b) I completed the homework for English History, Math, and Science only in the span of an hour!
  3. c) I completed the homework for english, history, math, and science only in the span of an hour.
  4. d) I completed the homework for English History Math and Science only in the span of an hour.

181) Choose the correct spelling of the word a) developement b) devalopment

davalopment                     d) development

182) The students cleaned up after they finished the experiment.

  1. a) complex b) simple
  2. c) compound d) None

183) advised her __ drink it.

  1. a) don’t b) not to
  2. c) to not d) to don’t

184) Choose the correct spelling of the word a) aniversary                           b) anniversery

  1. c) anniversary d) aniversry

185) Seartn is most,

  1. a) A b) An c) The    d) No article

186) Choose the present indefinite tense form of the sentence. “He had been sleeping.”

  1. a) He has been sleeping. b) He had slept
  2. c) He has stept d) He sleeps

187) There _____ many difficulties regarding the situation.

  1. a) should b) was c) were     d) is

188) Fact 1: Most stuff toys are stuffed with beans Fact 2: There are stuffed bears and stuffed tigers Fact 3: Some chairs are stuffed with beans If the above three statements are facts than which of the following statement will also be a fact I. Only childrens chair’s are stuffed with Beans II. All stuffed tigers are stuffed with beans III. Stuffed monkeys are not stuffed with beans

  1. a) I only b) II only
  2. c) III only d) None of them is a fact

189) Statements : All fish are tortoise. No tortoise is a crocodile. Conclusions: I. No crocodile is a fish. II. No fish is a crocodile.

  1. a) Only conclusion II follows
  2. b) Either I or II follows
  3. c) Neither I nor fl follows
  4. d) Both I and II follow

190) Statement: Large number of people living in the low-lying areas has been evacuated during the last few days to safer places. The government has rushed in relief supplies to the people living in the affected areas.

  1. a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.
  2. b) Statement II is the cause and statement l is its effect
  3. c) Both the statements I and II are independent causes
  4. d) Both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause

191) Statement The Management of School M has decided to give free breakfast from next academic year to all the students in its primary section through its canteen even though they will not get any government grant. Courses of Action (I) The school will have to admit many poor students who will seek admission for the next academic year. (II) The canteen facilities and utensils have to be checked and new purchases to be made to equip it properly. (III) Funds will have to be raised to support the scheme for years to come.

  1. a) Only II and III follows
  2. b) Only III and I follow
  3. c) Only I and II follow d) Only I follows

192) The yard is to inch as quart is to

  1. a) Gallon b) Bounce
  2. c) Milk d) Liquid

193) Statement Should admission to the professional degrees in Pakistan be given only on merit without any concession to any particular group of students? Arguments (I) Yes. This will improve the quality of the

professional institutes and degrees as they will be able to complete the degree successfully. (II) No. This will keep a large number of socially and economically backward students out of the reach of professional institutes and degrees.

  1. a) If argument I is strong
  2. b) If only argument II is strong
  3. c) If both I and II are strong.
  4. d) If neither I nor II is strong

194) Statement The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased. I. To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality. II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

  1. a) Both of them follows
  2. b) None of them follows
  3. c) Only | follows d) Only II follows

195) Four friends in the fifth grade were sharing a pizza. They decided that the oldest friend would get the extra piece. Zara is two months older than Mohib, who is three months younger than kiran. Minal is one month older than Mohib. Who should get the extra piece of pizza?

  1. a) Zara b) Mohib
  2. c) Kiran d) Minal

196) Statement: There is increase in water level of all the water tanks supplying drinking water to the city during the last fortnight. Most of the trains were cancelled last week due to water logging on the tracks.

  1. a) Statement I is the cause and statement Il is its effect.
  2. b) Statement II is the cause and statement | is its effect
  3. c) Both the statements I and II are independent causes
  4. d) Both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause

197) Look at this series 5.2, 4.8, 4.4, 4. What number should come next

  1. a) 3 b) 3.3 c) 3.5     d) 3.6

198) An ideal gas of N molecules are enclosed in a container at a constant pressure p. The graph between volume of gas and its absolute temperature is a straight line. What is the gradient of the graph?

  1. a) NR——p b) NRP
  2. c) Nk——p d) Nkp

199) A gardener move a lawn roller through a distance of 50 m. Applied force is 50 N inclined at 60 degree of direction of motion what will be the work done by the gardener

  1. a) 1250 J b) 2500 J
  2. c) -1250 J d) -2500 J

200) Gum swells up in the water because of: a) Plasmolysis                         a) Imbibitions

  1. b) Turgidity c) Endosmosis

201) Choose the wrong statement from the following: For accurate measurements, a potentiometer wire _____ 

  1. a) must have a uniform cross section
  2. b) must have a high temperature coefficient of resistance
  3. c) high specific resistance
  4. d) homogeneity

202) The number of models that represent enzyme-substrate model is?

  1. a) 1 b) 2 c) 3         d) 4

203) Glycogen is how glucose is stored in the human body. Where is it most abundantly found?

  1. a) Liver b) Muscles
  2. c) kidneys d) both a and b

204) Which of the following does NOT occur during skeletal muscle contraction:

  1. a) ATP is hydrolyzed
  2. b) Calcium binds to myosin heads
  3. c) Both A and B d) None of these

205) Which lytic enzyme released by the sperm?

  1. a) trypsin b) helicase
  2. c) testosterone d) Hyaluronidase

206) What would be the resolving power of the objective length in a microscope if the eyepiece is 10X and total magnification is 40X?

  1. a) 4 b) 10 c) 40      d) 400

207) Each Kreb’s cycle forms how many molecules of NADH?

  1. a) 3 b) 2 c) 4 d) 1

208) f two substituents are present at 1,4 positions then the isomer is called as___?

  1. a) Ortho b) Meta
  2. c) Para d) None of these

209) In secondary alkyl halides how many H atoms are attached to Carbon atom which is attached with halogen?

  1. a) 2 b) 1 c) 3         d) 4

210) Which of the following method is used to prepare alcohols from alkenes?

  1. a) Reaction of alkenes with X2/water
  2. b) Reaction of alkene with water
  3. c) Reaction of alkene with H2SO4/water
  4. d) Reaction of alkene with Ni
       1.            D       2.            D       3.            A       4.            B
       5.            B       6.            D       7.            C       8.            C
       9.            D   10.            A   11.            C   12.            B
   13.            B   14.            D   15.            C   16.            B
   17.            A   18.            D   19.            D   20.            C
   21.            A   22.            A   23.            B   24.            A
   25.            B   26.            B   27.            D   28.            C
   29.            D   30.            B   31.            C   32.            A
   33.            B   34.            C   35.            B   36.            A
   37.            B   38.            D   39.            A   40.            C
   41.            C   42.            D   43.            C   44.            B
   45.            A   46.            D   47.            A   48.            A
   49.            D   50.            A   51.            C   52.            B
   53.            D   54.            C   55.            D   56.            D
   57.            D   58.            B   59.            C   60.            B
   61.            D   62.            B   63.            D   64.            D
   65.            C   66.            D   67.            C   68.            D
   69.            C   70.            D   71.            A   72.            B
   73.            C   74.            D   75.            D   76.            C
   77.            D   78.            D   79.            B   80.            B
   81.            B   82.            C   83.            B   84.            D
   85.            D   86.            C   87.            B   88.            A
   89.            D   90.            D   91.            D   92.            B
   93.            C   94.            D   95.            C   96.            A
   97.            B   98.            A   99.            D100.            D
101.            B102.            C103.            D104.            C
105.            D106.            A107.            C108.            A
109.            C110.            B111.            A112.            D
113.            C114.            D115.            D116.            B
117.            C118.            B119.            C120.            B
121.            C122.            B123.            A124.            D
125.            B126.            B127.            D128.            C
129.            A130.            B131.            D132.            C
133.            D134.            D135.            D136.            D
137.            D138.            D139.            B140.            D
141.            B142.            A143.            C144.            D
145.            B146.            D147.            C148.            D
149.            C150.            D151.            D152.            D
153.            A154.            A155.            D156.            B
157.            A158.            B159.            A160.            C
161.            B162.            A163.            A164.            D
165.            B166.            C167.            D168.            D
169.            A170.            C171.            B172.            C
173.            B174.            C175.            A176.            A
177.            B178.            B179.            D180.            A
181.            D182.            A183.            B184.            C
185.            D186.            D187.            C188.            D
189.            D190.            D191.            A192.            A
193.            C194.            B195.            C196.            D
197.            D198.            C199.            A200.            B
201.            B202.            B203.            D204.            B
205.            D206.            A207.            A208.            C
209.            B210.            C 


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