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NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are chosen from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #17 (T6) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

PMC Test 6

1) Canal rays are produced in the discharge tube from

a) Anode b) Cathode

c) Gas molecules in the tube

d) None of these

2) Which enzyme is used for diagnosis of Jaundice ?

a) LDH-2 b) Protease

c) Alkaline phosphatase

d) None of these

3) An involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus is called:

a) Reflex b) reflex arc

c) Neuron d) Synapse

4) A condition is known to be X-linked dominant. An affected man and unaffected woman have a son. What is the likelihood that the son will be affected?

a) There is a one in four chance the son will be affected

b) There is a three in four chance that the son will be affected

c) There is a one in two chance that the son will be affected

d) The son cannot be affected

5) The current passing through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference applied its terminals, provided the temperature and other physical conditions of the conductor does not change

a) Gauss’s law b) Pascal’s law

c) Pascal’s d) Ohm’s law

6) This is 8 reduced compound

a) CO2 b) 02 c) NADH               d) NAD+

7) What is not true about human lungs?

a) They are opened sacs

b) They are closed sacs

c) They are spongy in nature

d) They are placed in chest cavity

8) The composition of brain stem is:

a) Spinal cord, axon, vertebra

b) cerebrum, cerebellum, pons

c) medula, pons, midbrain

d) thalamus, midbrain, pons

9) What will happen in a time of 7 hours, if a radioactive substance has an average life of 7 hours?

a) Half of the active nuclei decay

b) less half of the active nuclei decay

c) more than half of the active nuclei decay

d) total nuclei decay

10) The solids which does not possess the regular arrangement of atoms are called as__?

a) Amorphous solids b) Crystalline solids

c) Polymorphic solids d) lsomorphic solids

11) _____ is a macromolecule found in blood

a) Hemoglobin b) Plasma

c) creatinine d) plasmids

12) Activator of carbonic anhydrase enzyme is .

a) Mn2+ b) Mg2+ c) Zn2+ d) None of these

13) The severe reduction in population size is due to which of the following?

a) genetic drift b) outbreeding

c)inbreeding      d) bottleneck

14) Transition elements for complexes because

a) They have empty d orbitals

b) They show variable oxidation states

c) Both a and b

d) They have strong bonding

15) Which functional group does amino acid contains:

a) carbonyl group b) ester and alkyl halide

c) carboxylic acid

d) carboxylic acid and amine functionality

16) Which of the following reactions are not given by benzene?

a) Elimination b) Addition

c) Substitution d) Dehydration

17) Iodine has greater heat of sublimation then its family members due to presence of stronger?

a) H-bonding

b) London dispersion forces

c) Dipole-dipole force

d) Chemical bonding

18) As reaction starts instantaneous rate is

a) Higher than Average rate

b) Lower Than average rate

c) equal to average rate

d) None of these

19) cathode is used in discharge tube experiment for discovery of protons

a) flat b) round

c) perforated d) oval

20) Hess law is known as

a) Law of heat summation

b) Law of constant heat capacity

c) Law of mass action

d) Law of conservation of mass

21) The carbonyl compound which is attached with at least one H atom at one side is called as ____?

a) Ketones b) Aldehydes

c) Ethers d) Alkyl halides

22) Conversion of Electrical energy into chemical energy is

a) Mechanical Energy

b) Electromechanical Energy

c) Electrochemistry

d) Chemical Energy

23) Suppression of ionization means

a) Decreasing lonization

b) Increasing lonizaton

c) Maintaining lonization

d) None of these

24) Which one is natron?

a) Na2CO3 b) Na2C03.1 H20

c) Na2CO3.H2O d) NaHCO3
25) when sudden expansion of gases takes place, cooling occurs. This is called

a) freezing effect b) Joule Thomson effect

c) Boyles effect d) J.Perrin effect

26) By which reaction benzene is prepared from cycloheane?

a) Hydrogenation b) Dehydrogenation

c) Dehydration d) None of these

27) Effusion is the movement of a gas through extremely small opening of molecular size into region of _ pressure

a) high b) low c) moderate       d) same

28) The activation energy for forward and reverse reaction can be lowered by

a) Lowering temperature

b) decreasing pressure

c) Catalyst

d) All of these

29) The alcohols in which the carbon which is attach to the OH group is further attach with two carbon atoms is called as?

a) Primary alcohols

b) Secondary alcohols

c) Tertiary alcohols

d) None of these

30) The elements of which group show abnormally very low values of electron affinity in every period of periodic table

a) group 2A b) group 5A

c) both A&B d) none of these

31) The increase in atomic radii in _—–is due to increase in the number of shells and the a) screening effect

a) groups b) periods

c) both A & B d) none of these

32) What will be density of CH4 at C and 1 atm

a) 7138 g/cmᵔ3 b) 0.7138g/dmᵔ3

c) 0.7138g/cmᵔ3 d) 71.38g/dmᵔ3

33)On which of the following factors rate of enzyme action is directly proportional 7

a) Concentration of products

b) Time

c) Concentration of substrate

d) Concentration of solvent

34) Which one of the following is not a organic compound?

a) Uea b) Methane

c) Carbon dioxide d) Coal

35)The total energy of products in a chemical reaction is

a) equal to reactants b) More than reactants

c) always zero d) Less Than Reactants

36) The positive sign in the rate expression for products depicts

a) Decrease in concentration

b) increase in concentration

c) Increase in yield

d) decrease in temperature

37) Thermal conductivity of graphite is greater when mobile electron are moving _to its layers

a) perpendicular b) right angle

c) parallel d) all of these

38) Which of the following is true about the kinetics of bimolecular elimination reactions?

a) 1st order reaction b) 2nd order reaction

c) Zero order reaction d) 3rd order reaction

39) lsoenzymes comes from. ?

a) Same sources

b) Different organisms

c) Same organisms

d) None of these

40) Which of the following reaction takes place when alkyl halide react with KOH in water ?

a) Substitution reaction b) Elimination reaction

c) Addition reaction d) None of these

41) Which one of the following is a state function that describe both the internal energy and product of pressure and volume ?

a) Entropy b) Heat

c) Enthalpy d) Temperature

42) The E.m.f of a Cell is equals to

a) Emi(oxidation) – Emf (Reduction}

b) Emf (oxidation) + Emf (Reduction)

c) Emf(oxidation) x Emf(Reduction)

d) None of these

43) NaOH is named as caustic soda because

a) it corrodes the organic tissues

b) it is used in soda water

c) It reacts with chlorine gas

d) it reacts with fats to form soap

44) Conversion of water into steam is a

a) Spontaneous Reactions

b) Exothermic Reaction

c) Reversible Reaction

d) Combustion Reaction

45) Which at following can be prepared by the reaction of Grignard reagent with aldehydes

a) Ketones b) hydrocarbons

c) alcohols d) ethers

46) The region where probability of finding the electron is negligible is called as

a) Nucleus b) Atom

c) Orbital d) Nodal plane

47) A full stop may have atoms present in it

a) one millions b) two millions

c) one billion d) two billions

48) I we are given with the mass of a substance ,we can calculate of a balanced chemical equation. of other substance with the help

a) mass b) volume

c) moles d) all of these

49) Boiling point of halogens down the group?

a) Increases b) Decreases

c) Remain same d) Shows abnormal behaviour

50) Platinum Foal is coated with finely divided platinum black in SHE to give larger

a) Mass b) Volume c) Surface Area

d) Temperature difference

51) if anyone of the products concentration is plotted against time instead of reactants the curve obtained will be

a) Parabolic b) Rising c) Falling d) Elliptical

52) What is the value of enthalpy of neutralization when one mole of base reacts with one mole of acid?

a) – 60.5 kJ/mol

b) -46.5kJ/mol

c) -70.5 kJ/mol

d) -57.4kJS/mol

53) The transition temperature of ail allotropic forms of an element are always less than its

a) freezing point b) melting point

c) boiling point d) none of these

54) Which of the following would not mix with each other easily ?

a) Water, ethanol b) Water ,acetone

c) Water, pentane d) Water ,chloroform

55) it is not possible for us to measure exact position and exact momentum of electron simultaneously is the statement of

a) de-Broglie b) Mosley

c) Heisenberg d) Neil Bohr

56) Benzene molecule contains:

a) Three triple bonds

b) Two double bonds

c) Three double bonds

d) No multiband

57) in some cases during atomic orbital hybridization, ground state electrons promoted to excited states , as a result __increases

a) number of shells

b) number of electrons

c) number of unpaired electrons

d) number of bonds

58) The oxidation number of Nickel n [Ni(CO)4] is

a) 2 b) 8 c) 6         d) 4

59) The sum of mole fraction of the gases m a mixture of gases is

a) always greater than 1

b) always smaller than 1

c) may be equal or less than 1

d) always 1

60) The catalyst used for ether formation by dehydration of alcohols

a) Cons HN3 at 14C

b) Cons H2S04 at 14C

c) Hot H3P04 at 18 C

d) ZnCI2 at 45 C

61) Which of the following bond has highest bond energy value ?

a) C-I b) C-H c) C-CI   d) C-F

62) The _study of composition of pure substance in 17th century clearly shows that few elements are components of many substances

a) qualitative b) quantitative

c) both A&B d) extensive

63) What is the purpose of calcium in the muscles?

a) it helps move the myosin head into a high-energy position

b) it allows tropomyosin to be pulled away from the actin filament

c) both a and b

d) none of these

64) in bacterial categories the bacteria smaller in number are which of the following?

a) Gram negative bacteria

b) Gram positive bacteria

c) Eubacteria

d) Ancient bacteria

65) The animals in which coelom is formed due to splitting of mesoderm are known as which of the following?

a) Pseudocoelom b) Enterocoelous

c) Amphicoelous d) Schizocoelous

66) Which element has function in opening and closing of stomata?

a) K b) Mg c) Cu      d) Fe

67) What is the name of the tube that carries the sperm from the testes to the urethra?

a) Penis b) seminal vesicles

c) Prostate gland d) sperm duct

68)  in competitive inhibition, the two things that binds to enzyme active site are?

a) substrate b) inhibitors

c) catalyst d) both A and B

69) A complex substance which on hydrolysis yields polyhydroxy aldehyde or ketone subunits is called?

a) Lipid b) Carbohydrate

c) Protein d) All of these

70) Which reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme RuBisCO?

a) carboxylation of ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP)

b) conversion of triose phosphate (TP) to ribulose phosphate (RuP)

c) oxidation of gtycerate-3-phosphate (GP)

d) reduction of glycerate-3-phosphate (GP)

71) The outermost layer in a typical plant cell would be

a) Primary cell wall

b) Secondary cell wall

c) Middle lamellae

d) Cell surface membrane

72) Mating with non-relatives is known as?

a) inbreeding b) outbreeding

c) breeding d) none of these

73) Where does the bacteriophage replicate?

a) Human b) Animal

c) Bacteria d) Horse

74) Which of the following is not a component of HIV?

a) RNA b) protein

c) Ribosomes d) reverse transcriptase

75) The term that should be last in the reflex sequence is:

a) Receptor b) Effector

c) Sensory neuron d) Motor neuron

76) The reaction of carbon dioxide and RUBP is catalyzed by?

a) ATP synthase b) Globulin

c) Rubisco

d) NADH dehydrogenase

77) in Prokaryotes, respiration enzymes are present on

a) Mesosomes and cell membrane

b) cell membrane and ribosome

c) mososomeses and ribosomes

d) all of Above

78) The most important function of the cytoplasm is to acts as a?

a) activity site b) storehouse

c) wastes d) none of these

79) What specialized enzymes do the AIDs retrovirus consist of?

a) DNA polymerase b) Ligase

c) Reverse transcriptase

d) helicase

80) Sub-kingdom parazoa includes:

a) Annelida b) Cnidaria

c) Porifera d) Protozoa

81) if we consider Hardy-Weinberg law, then following is incorrect in its sense?

a) Mutations cause changes in genetic frequency

b) Migration changes allele frequency

c) There should not be selection

d) Non-random mating will reduce chances of evolution

82) Which of the following light is least absorbed by the plants?

a) Orange blue b) red c) blue  d) green

83) Transmethylases helps in transfer of which of the following?

a) methyl group b) ethyl group

c) amino group d) acetyl group

84) in the human body, the group formed by neurons enclosed in the membrane at certain body parts is called?

a) benign b) malign

c) ganglion d) neuroglial

85) How many amino acids are constituents of proteins in the human body only?

a) 20 b) 24 c) 23       d) 25

86) Homology means

a) similiary in characteristics resulting from common ancestors

b) similarity in function from acquired characterists

c) study of similar organs but with different functions

d) study of similar organs but with different functions

87) The rate of reaction is directly proportional to the concentration of an enzyme which statement is incorrect in this respect?

a) if the concentration is doubled the rate will become one fold

b) if the concentration is doubled the rate will become two fold

c) This relation is for unlimited time period with unlimited enzyme concentration

d) all of these

88) How is the HIV virus transmitted?

a) Sexual contact b) Blood

c) Breast feeding d) all of the above

89) The bacteriophage incorporates in the viral genome in which phase?

a)lysogenic cyde               b) lytic cycle

c) both d) none

90) Reflex arc is comprises of:

a) Motor nerve b) sensory nerve

c) Both A and B d) Mixed nerve

91) When did experimental administration of the HIN virus begin?

a) 200 b) 2001 c) 2005 d) 1999

92) The thick and thin filaments of myofibrils are arranged in units called:

a) Z-line b) actin c) sacromere d)sarcolemma

93) A disc-like protein that is centrally found in sarcomeres is:

a) H line b) Z line

c) M line d) l line

94) The active site of an enzyme is?

a) never changes

b) Forms no chemical bond with substrate

c) They are non specific in their actin

d) Determined by structure and the specificity of the enzyme

95) 2nd meiotic division in oocyte is completed during?

a) When ovum is discharged from the ovary

b) Just before fertilization

c) Before the onset of menstruation

d) When oocyte is fertilized by sperm

96) The path of electrons through the two photosystems is called?

a) S scheme b) X scheme

c) Z scheme d) Y scheme

97) Peptides are intermediate in the formation of __

a) lipids b) DNA c) RNA d) protein

98) Flagella might have arisen through the ingestion of which of the following?

a) Cyanobacteria b) Chlamydomons

c) Paramecium d) Spirochetes

99) Prokaron means before nuclous in

a) Dutch b) Greek

c) Roman d) Spanish

100) How many autosomes does a human primary spermatocyte have?

a) 43 b) 44 c) 45       d) 46

101)  in the plants, there are 50 or more thylakoids piled upon each other to form?

a) granum b) centrosome

c) stroma d) multinucleate

102) The cells that secrete testosterone

a) Nerve cells b) fat cells

c) muscle cells d) interstitial cells

103) Umbilical cord contains which of the following?

a) Pluripotent stem cells

b) Blood stem cells

c) Cord blood stem cells

d) both a and b

106) which of the following best describes the prosthetic group?

a) Loosely bonded non-proteins part of an enzyme

b) cofactor consists of metal ions

c) Covalently bonded non-protein part of an enzyme

d) none of these

107) To form a female zygote, the sperm cell must contribute which chromosome?

a) X b) 2X c) Y         d) XY

108) Mendel’s laws are explained by:

a) Chromosomes behaviour in mitosis

b) Cytokinesis in mitosis and meiosis

c) Chromosomes behaviour in meiosis

d) Mendel’s aw have not been explained

109) How do competitive inhibitors affect enzyme efficiency?

a) Raise the maximum rate of the enzymatic reaction

b) Lower the maximum rate of the enzymatic reaction

c) Lower the Michaelis constant

d) Raise the Michaelis constant

110) What is the approximate diameter of the peroxisome?

a) 0.5 micrometer b) 5 micrometer

c) 2 micrometer d) 1 micrometer

111) Which of these joints allow little or no movement?

a) Synovial Joints b) Ball and Socket Joint

c) Cartilaginous Joints d) Cartilaginous Joints

112) For every 3 molecules of carbon dioxide in Calvin cycle how much G3P is produced?

a) 6 b) 2 c) 4         d) 8

113) What is the chemical characteristic of auxins?

a) Indole propionic acid

b) Indole carboxylic acid.

c) Indole acetaldehyde d) Indole acetic acid.

114) Porcupine is a mammal because:

a) The scales on its body are modified as spines for protection against predators.

b) It lays eggs and has mammary glands.

c) The fur on its body is modified as spines and it is warm-blooded.

d) None of the above.

115) Louis Pasteur made many discoveries in field of

a) Microbiology and Genetics

b) Genetics and Medicines

c) Microbiology and Medicines

d) Pashology and Genetics

116) Primordial soup is a set of hypothetical conditions on ancient earth first proposed by?

a) Dmitri lvanovsky b) Dmitry Anuchin

c) Nikolay Shatsky d) Alexander Oparin

117) Which of the following is synthesized by free floating ribosomes of cytoplasm in humans?

a) DNA polymerase b) salivary amylase

c) pancreatic amylase d) DNA helicase

118) The number of calories required to raise the temperature of 1g of water from 15 to 16 C is called?

a) Specific Heat of Vaporization

b) Specific heat capacity

c) caloric heat d) both a and b

119) Which of these is common is both lymph vessels and veins?

a) Both have small bore

b) both have valves

c) both have low blood pressure

d) both are communicated

120) Fatty acids release considerable amount of energy in oxidation and __

a) calvin cycle b) Kreb’s cycle

dark reaction                     d) light reactions

121) Which of the following is not a true characteristic of gametocytes?

a) Male gametocytes are called spermatocytes

b) Gametocytes can divide by mitosis into other gametocytes

c) Female gametocytes are called oocytes

d) They are eukaryotic somatic cells

122) Which rays have highest charge

a) alpha b) beta

c) gamma d) none of these

123) Resistivity of a substance is defined as the resistance of a _____ of that substance.

a) meter b) meter square

c) meter cube d) centimeter

124) One radian is equal to:

a) 57.3 degrees b) 47.3 degrees

c) 67.5 degrees d) 59.5 degrees

125) In an A.C. generator, increase in number of turns in the coil

a) increases emf b) decreases emf

c) makes the emf zero

d) maintains the emf at a constant value

126) In stretched string the frequency of vibration is given by f=1/2LF/m. In this equation m has dimension

a) ML-2 b) ML-1 c) M    D) ML


127) What is the SI unit of work

a) joule b) newton

c) watt d) none of these

128) The value for Ɛr for air is:

a) 1.6 b) 1.06 c) 1.006    d) 1.0006

129) Two objects, with different sizes, masses, and temperatures, are placed in thermal contact. In which direction does the energy travel?

a) energy travels from the larger object to the smaller object

b) energy travels from the object with more mass to the one with less mass

c) energy travels from the object at higher temperature to the object at lower temperature

d) energy does not travel

130) The direction of the restoring force is always towards:

a) right hand b) up ward

c) rest or mean position d) extreme position

131) When north pole of bar magnet move towards a conducting loop, induced current flows in

a) Clockwise sense b) anticlockwise sense

c) not generates d) not enough information

132) Half wave rectifier has ____ diodes

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3         d) 4

133) The speed of sound in a metal is approximately:

a) 1500 m/s b) 5000 m/s

c) 330 m/s d) 50 m/s

134) A succession of events which bring the system back to its initial condition is called:

a) oscillation b) vibration

c) cycle d) circle

135) Acceleration in the Simple pendulum is always _____ to displacement

a) inversely proportional

b) directly proportional

c) acting negative d) independent

136) A simple pendulum has mass M, length L and time period T. What is the period of oscillation of the pendulum with mass 4M and length 0.361?

a) 0.6T b) T c) 2T d) 3T

137) A surface around a point source of light, on which all the points have the same phase of vibration is known as:

a) equipotential b) surface of sphere

c) wavefront d) ellipsoid

138) A uniform chain of length 2 m is kept on a table such that a length of 60 cm hangs freely from the edge of the table. The total mass of the chain is 4 kg. What is the work done in pulling the entire chain on the table?

a) 72 J b) 365 c) 120J    d) 1200 J

139) UV radiation is formed by bombarding gas molecules with

a) electron b) protons

c) alpha rays d) any of these

140) Magnetic flux is the dot product of magnetic induction and

a) area b) vector area

c) unit area d) none of these

141) The net force acting in an inertial frame is

a) positive b) negative

c) zero d) none of these

142) When a body moves in a circle, the angle between its linear velocity and angular velocity is always?

a) 180 b) 0 c) 90     d) 45

143) A reversible engine works between two temperatures whose difference is 100°C. If it absorbs 746 J of heat from the source and rejects 546 J to the sink, calculate the temperature of the source and the sink.

a) 100°C, 20°C b) 100°C, 0°C

c) 80°C, 0°C d) 80°C, 20°C

144) Isotopes means the elements have same

a) atomic number b) proton number

c) different mass number d) all of these

145) What is the half-time of a radioactive sample (in minutes), if its mean life is 200 s? a) 0.69 min                        b) 2 min

c) 2.57 min d) 2.31 min

146) Nucleus absorbs

a) x rays b) beta rays

c) gamma rays s d) all of these

147) Electric intensity and electric potential are related as.

a) electric field intensity is equal to the negative of the gradient of electric potential b) electric field intensity is equal to the gradient of electric potential

c) electric field intensity is equal to the square of the gradient of electric potential

d) electric field intensity is equal to the twice of the gradient of electric potential

148) Acceleration of rolling object is zero ____ at point of hill highest

a) highest b) lowest

c) middle d) none of these

149) Mutual inductance has a practical role in performance of

a) AC generator b) radio choke

c) DC generator d) Transformer

150) If two bodies have same temperature the rate of heat transfer between them is

a) infinite b) zero

c) double the temperature d) none of these

151) A gas expands 0.25 m^3 at constant pressure 10^3 N/m^2 then work done is

a) 0.25 ergs b) 25ergs

c) 250 joules d) 250W

152) For constant linear acceleration, angular acceleration and radius are equal

a) equally b) inversely related

c) directly related d) no relation

153) A wheel whose radius is 50 cm rotates at an angular velocity of 6 rad/sec. The linear velocity of the rim of the wheel is closest to

a) 1.5 m/s b) 4.5 m/s

c) 3.0 m/s d) 7.5 m/s

154) Mathematical form of ohm’s law is

a) I=VR b) R-VI c) I=R/V     d) I=V/R

155) emf =-N(Δɸ/Δt) is according to

a) Ampere’s Law b) Faraday’s Law

c) Lenz’s Law d) none of these

156) For static electric field

a) x E=0 b) .E=0

c) (xE)xE=0 d) V.|E|^2=0

157) Work has the dimension as that of

a) torque b) momentum

c) power d) angular momentum

158) For a coil self inductance L and current I then flux passing through it is 

a) LI b) LI^2 c) L^2I d) (LI)^2

159) in a cyclotron, a charged particle

a) undergoes acceleration all the time.

b) speeds up between the dees because of the magnetic field.

c) speeds up in a dee.

d) slows down within a dee and speeds up between dees

160) An ideal gas of n moles is enclosed in a container at a constant pressure p. The graph between volume of gas and its absolute temperature is a straight line. What is the gradient of the graph?

a) nR——-p b) n R P

c) n—RP d) n p—–R

161) Which of the following cases (if any) requires the greatest amount of heat? In each case the material is the same.

a) 1.5 kg of the material is to be heated by 7.0


b) 3.0 kg of the material is to be heated by 3.5 C°

c) 0.50 kg of the material is to be heated by 21 C°

d) The amount of heat required is the same in each of the three previous cases

162) A pipe is open at both ends. A stationary wave is formed in the air of the pipe. Which statement is true:

a) there is always a central antinode

b) there is always a central node

c) the sum of number of nodes and the number of antinodes is always an even number

d) the sum of number of nodes and the number of antinodes is always an odd number

163) Half wave voltage multiplier can provide any degree of voltage multiplication by cascading diodes and capacitors.

a) any doubler b) any tripler

c) any multiplication d) none of them

164) A particle radioisotope has a half life of 5 days. In 15 days the probability of decay in percentage will be

a) 67% b) 875% c) 82.5%   d) 77%

165) A resistance of 40 Ohms is attached to a circuit having current of 300 Amp, Find its voltage.

a) 12000 volts b) 15000 volts

c) 20000 volts d) 300 volts

166) Resistivity of a wire is__ ohm-m if 0.75 A current flows through it by applying 15 V potential difference, take length and cross section as 5m and 2.5 x 10^-7 m^.

a) 1×10^-7 b) 2.63 x 10^-8

c) 19×10^-8 d) 7.85 x 10-8

167) Vector is quantity which

a) has direction b) has magnitude

c) follow rules of vector addition

d) both direction and magnitude

168) Which one of the following is most reactive?

a) Benzene b) Ethane

c) Ethene d) Ethyne

169) What is the wavelength of the wave if the phase angle between two points of the medium is 3pi/4 and they are separated through a distance of 3 cm?

a) 8 cm b) 9 cm c) 1 cm   d) 12 cm

170) The activity of a certain nuclei decreases to 15 % of its original value in 10 days. Find its half life? 2 days

a) 2 days b) 2.days

c) 3.65 days d) 4 days

171) gamma rays are attracted towards

a) negative plate b) positive plate

c) no deflection d) pass through the medium

172) A220V main supply is connected to a resistance of 100 k ohms. The effective current is

a) 2.2 mA b) 22/2 mA

c) 2.22 mA d) none of the above

173) She thanked me for what I___.

a) have done b) has done

c) have been done d) did

174) Measles _________ a contagious childhood disease

a) is b) are c) were                 d) be

175) We will need umbrella today.

a) a b) an c) the d) no article

176) The robbers fell amongst themselves over the sharing of the loot.

a) out b) through c) across    d) off

177) A girl _____ (ride) an elephant around the ring.

a) ride b) was riding

c) rode d) will ride

178) Give me three minutes and I’II _____.

a) return you call b) call you in back

c) get back to you d) be phoned back

179) What is the tense of this question? Did you go to the chemist’s on your way home?

a) Present b) past

c) future d) none of these

180) We are trying (A)/ to locate the (B) /historical city for (C) /the past two years. (D) a) We were trying             b) to locate the

c) historical city for d) the past two years

181) You again _______ again? What’s the problem.

a) crying b) crys

c) are crying d) is crying

182) lam going for _____ walk in park

a) a…a b) a… an c) a …. the    d) an…an

183) Glistening

a) sweating and shining

b) polishing and shining

c) reflecting or sparkling

d) sparkling or shining

184) Father must _________ set his briefcase at the office.

a) of b) had c) have  d) opt

185) Choose the correct sentence.

a) The air was crisp and clear it was a lovely day.

b) The air was crisp and clear, it was a lovely day.

c) The air was crisp and clear; it was a Lovely Day.

d) The air was crisp and clear; it was a lovely day.

186) The students accompanied by their teacher _____ gone on a picnic.

a) has b) have c) are      d) was

187) Choose the correct sentence.

a) The colors in the curtains are; yellow orange beige and tan.

b) The colors in the curtains are yellow, orange, beige and tan.

c) The colors in the Curtains are yellow, orange, beige and tan.

d) The colors in the curtains are yellow orange beige and tan.

188) ______ ozone layer will disappear if we don’t find way to save it.

a) The…the b) The…an

c) The..a d)  ..a

189) Our car broke down; so we came last.

a) complex b) simple

c) compound d)compound-complex

190) The police will ______ out crimes for years.

a) has been wiping b) have been wiping c) wipes d) wiped

191) ______ (sit) down with a pen and paper, I began to make a list of the ingredients I needed.

a) sat b) stitting c) sits     d) sit

192) Everyone who was injured (A)/ in the accident (B)/ was taken (C)/ to the hospital (D).

a) Everyone who was injured

b) in the accident

c) was taken d) to the hospital

193) Find the different one

a) Mother c) Sister c) Maid   d) Aunt

194) Fact1: All drink mixes are beverages Fact 2: All beverages are drinkable Fact 3: All beverages are red If the above three statements are facts than which of the following statement will also be a fact I. Some drink mixes are red. All beverages are drink mixes. III. All red drink mixes are drinkable

a) I only b) II only

c) III only d) none of these

195) Statement The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased. I. To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality. II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

a) both of them follows

b) None of them follows

c) Only I follows d) Only Il follows

196) I. The social initiative for women has enable them to transform their lives. II. The campaign “Rights for women” was initiated by university students.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.

c) Both statements I and II are independent causes

d) Both statements | and II are the effects of independent cause.

197) Which country do not have army?

a) Palestine b) China

c) Mauritius d) Hong Kong

198) Statement The Management of School M has decided to give free breakfast from next academic year to all the students in its primary section through its canteen even though they will not get any government grant. Courses of Action (I) The school will have to admit many poor students who will seek admission for the next academic year. (II) The canteen facilities and utensils have to be checked and new purchases to be made to equip it property. (III) Funds will have to be raised to support the scheme for years to come.

a) Only II and III follows

b) Only Ill and | follow

c) Only I and II follow d) Only I follows

199) Find the odd man out. 24,36,52,72,96

a) 72 b) 52 c) 36    d) Both A and B

200) Statements Pakistan is a multilingual country. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. Conclusions (I) All Pakistanis should learn many languages. (II)To be an Indian one needs to learn Urdu.

a) Only conclusion (I) follows

b) Only conclusion (II) follows

c) Both conclusions follow

d) Both of them do not follow

201) Complete the series. F16, H32, J48,_

a) K66 b) L64 c) M68 d) N90

202) Statement Should admission to the professional degrees in Pakistan be given only on merit without any concession to any particular group of students? Arguments (I) Yes. This will improve the quality of the professional institutes and degrees as they will be able to complete the degree successfully. (II) No. This will keep a large number of socially and economically backward students out of the reach of professional institutes and degrees.

a) if argument I is strong

b) if only argument Il is strong

c) if both I and II are strong.

d) if neither I nor II is strong

203) Which of the following compound is a Alcohol?

a) CH5-0-CH3 b) CH-OH


204) Fatty acids move through the plasma membrane by which transport method?

a) Passive transport b) Active transport

c) Facilitated transport

d) Non-facilitated transport

205) A person with dark skin will feel

a) more heat b) more cold

c) both a and b d)heat doesn’t depend on skin color

206) What is true about skeletal muscle cell? a) it has light and dark band

b) it has only one nucleus

c) it is under involuntary control

d) None of these

207) A circuit that adds positive or negative dc voltage to an input sine wave is called

a) Clamper b) clipper

c) diode clamp d) limiter

208) Average dc Voltage across the load in terms of Vmax is

a) 0.532 Vmax b) 0.637Vmax

c) 0.759Vmax d) 0.437Vmax

209) Which of the following strategies of enzymatic inhibition is used by noncompetitive inhibitors?

a) Bind to substrate so that it cannot bind to the active site

b) Target the enzyme for destruction using a protease

c) Bind to the active site and prevent substrate from binding

d) Bind to an allosteric site to cause a conformational shift in the enzyme

210) Which one of the following process is irreversible?

a) Slow compressions of an elastic spring

b) Slow evaporation of a substance in an isolated vessel

c) Slow compression of a gas

d) a chemical explosion

       1.            C       2.            C       3.            A       4.            D
       5.            D       6.            C       7.            A       8.            C
       9.            C   10.            A   11.            A   12.            C
   13.            D   14.            C   15.            D   16.            B
   17.            B   18.            A   19.            C   20.            A
   21.            B   22.            C   23.            A   24.            C
   25.            B   26.            B   27.            B   28.            C
   29.            B   30.            C   31.            A   32.            C
   33.            C   34.            C   35.            D   36.            B
   37.            C   38.            B   39.            C   40.            A
   41.            C   42.            B   43.            A   44.            A
   45.            C   46.            D   47.            B   48.            D
   49.            A   50.            C   51.            B   52.            D
   53.            B   54.            C   55.            C   56.            C
   57.            C   58.            D   59.            D   60.            B
   61.            D   62.            B   63.            B   64.            D
   65.            D   66.            A   67.            D   68.            D
   69.            B   70.            A   71.            C   72.            B
   73.            C   74.            C   75.            B   76.            C
   77.            A   78.            B   79.            C   80.            C
   81.            D   82.            D   83.            A   84.            C
   85.            A   86.            A   87.            C   88.            D
   89.            A   90.            C   91.            B   92.            C
   93.            C   94.            D   95.            D   96.            C
   97.            D   98.            D   99.            B100.            B
101.            A102.            D103.            C104.            A
105.            B106.            C107.            A108.            B
109.            D110.            A111.            C112.            A
113.            D114.            D115.            C116.            D
117.            D118.            B119.            B120.            B
121.            D122.            A123.            C124.            A
125.            A126.            C127.            A128.            D
129.            C130.            C131.            A132.            A
133.            B134.            C135.            C136.            A
137.            C138.            B139.            A140.            B
141.            C142.            C143.            B144.            D
145.            D146.            D147.            A148.            A
149.            D150.            B151.            C152.            B
153.            C154.            D155.            B156.            A
157.            A158.            A159.            A160.            A
161.            D162.            D163.            C164.            B
165.            A166.            A167.            C168.            A
169.            A170.            C171.            D172.            A
173.            D174.            A175.            B176.            A
177.            C178.            C179.            B180.            A
181.            C182.            C183.            D184.            C
185.            D186.            B187.            B188.            C
189.            C190.            B191.            B192.            C
193.            C194.            C195.            B196.            A
197.            C198.            A199.            B200.            D
201.            B202.            C203.            B204.            D
205.            C206.            A207.            A208.            B
209.            D210.            D 

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