MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 16

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NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are chosen from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #16 (T5) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

1) A monatomic gas at pressure P and Volume V expands isothermally to volume 2V and then adiabatically to volume 16V. The final pressure is

a) 16P b) 64P c)32P     d) P/64

2) How acetic acid is commercially synthesized;

a) from acetylene hydrogenation

b) from oxidation of ethyl alcohol

c) from oxidation of benzaldehyde

d) all of these

3) Dipole forces has direct relation with the

a) Chemical properties of a substance

b) Kinetic properties of substance

c) Thermodynamic properties of substance

d) Nature of substance

4) The plants in the absence of water.

a) dies b) died

c) had died d) had been died

5) exhaust

a) ooze b) exhaust

c) absorb d) contain

6) What is true for pili and flagella like structures of bacteria

a) both are same in size

b) both help in movement

c) both are composed of proteins

d) All of Above

7) The lighter, inner section of the brain is called:

a) white matter b) Gray matter

c) Reflex arc d) Medulla

8) Centrioles are composed of how many triplets of microtubules?

a) 6 b) 9 c) 12       d) 15

9) Which method is of asexual reproduction?

a) sporulation b) fission

c) apomixis d) all of these

10) Haemophilia B is caused in the absence of:

a) Factor XI b) Factor IX

c) Factor VIII d) Factor VII

11) Adaptation of traits to better fill a niche is known as which of the following?

a) polymorphism

b) gene linkage

c) specialization

d) replication

12) Cellular organelles that interact with hydrogen peroxide are called?

a) Glyoxysomes b) Lysosomes

c) Ribosomes d) Peroxisomes

13) In uncompetitive inhibition, the inhibitor binds with

a) enzyme

b) substrate

c) ES-complex

d)all of these

14) Inbreeding increases the frequency of which of the following?

a) heterozygous b) genetic diversity

c) genetic linkage d) homozygous

15) Which of the following carbohydrate cannot be hydrolysed?

a) Monosaccharides

b) Oligosaccharides

c) Oligosaccharides

d) polysaccharides

16) One of the actions of the parasympathetic nervous system is?

a) Inhibits peristalsis b) Dilates Bronchioles

c) Constriction of Pupils d) Sweat secretion

17) The function of spleen is to filter —

a) Blood b) Lymph

c) semen d) Amniotic fluid

18) Cellular respiration is essentially what type of process?

a) Oxidation b) Reduction

c) Redox d) None of the above

19) The function of lymph node is to filter —

a) Blood b) Lymph

c) Semen d) Amniotic fluid

20) Both radial and bilateral symmetry is found in which of the following phylum?

a) Protozoa b) Porifera

c) Echinodermata d) all of these

21) Which two reactions occur during photophosphorylation

a) ATP is hydrolysed and NADP is reduced.

b) ATP is hydrolysed and NADPH is oxidised.

c) ATP is synthesised and NADP is reduced.

d) ATP is synthesised and NADPH is oxidised

22) This is true about pyruvate hydrogenase enzyme

a) it converts pyruvate to oxaloacetate

b) it catalyzed the oxidative decarboxylation reaction

c) it is present in cytosol of eukaryotic cell

d) its requires NADH

23) Which of the following is the key function of pleural cavity?

a) Reduces friction between membranes

b) Slide easily on one another

c) allows membrane to adhere on one another

d) all of these are correct

24) which of these reflexes, a skeletal muscle contraction causes the agonist muscle to simultaneously lengthen and relax?

a) spinal reflex b) spinal reflex

c) golgi tendon reflex

d) Crossed Extensor Reflex

25) Which of the following is an ovoviviparous organism?

a) reptiles b) mammals

c) frog d) Duckbill platypus

26) Cancer is. a malignant tumour that can:

a) control the other cells

b) spread in all the body

c) remains in specific place

d) all of these are correct

27) Movement of the material across the cell membrane which does not requiring expenditure of metabolic energy is called?

a) active transport b) passive transport

c) diffusion d) both b and c

28) Water soluble vitamins contain high proportion of which of the following?

a) electronegative oxygen

b) nitrogen atoms

c) sulfur

d) both a and b

29) tropical plants such as sugarcane show high efficiency of CO2 fixation because of

a) calvin cycle b) hatch-slack

c)TCA-cycle         d) all of these

30) All of the following are true about bacilli bacteria except

a) All bacilli are gram positive

b) All bacilli are aerobic

c) All bacilli are rod-shaped

d) both a and b

31) The 23rd pair of chromosomes in man is:

a) Polymorphic b)Heteromorpic

c) Homomorphic d) Automorphic

32) The main transmitter for synapses that lie outside the central nervous system is?

a) adrenaline b) serotonin

c) dopamine d) acetylcholine

33) Neo-Darwinism has integrated discoveries and ideas from which of the following fields of study?

a) genetics b) paleontology

c) taxonomy d) all of these

34) Enzymes do not change which of the following?

a) conc. Of reactants b) conc. Of products

c) Keq d) both a and b

35) in humans gill pouches have evolved into which of the following organs?

a) nose b) ear c) pharynx

d) eustachian tubes

36) Which of the following is an example of a tetrapod ?

a) Flesh fly b) Blue-ringed octopus

c) Tarantula d) Hummingbird

37)  If the 1 amino acid is joined together by peptide bonds, it becomes

a) protein b) globular protein

c) functional protein d) secretive protein

38) Example of convergent evolution is

a) forelimbs of man and bat

b) wings of birds and insects

c) Darwin’s finches

d) all of above

39)  The sperms are what in origin?

a) Ectodermal b) Mesodermal

c) Endodermal d) none of these

40) Which one is not found in fatty acids in acylglycerols ?

a) C26 b) C25

c) C30 d) C28

41) These give rise to nematocysts in Cnidaria.

a) Cnidocytes b) Gastrozoids

c) Hydrozoids d) Mesoglea

42)The embryonic hindbrain gives rise to which structures in brain?

a) Diencephalon b) Midbrain

c) Cerebrum and basal ganglia

d) cerebellum, pons and medulla oblongata

43) Tropomyosin binds to — and prevents the myosin from sliding up the actin filament.

a) myosin b) actin

c) Myosin filament

d) Both B and C

44) inter costal muscles are found in Ribs

a)Ribs                    b)  Pharyrnx

c) Lungs d) Both Band C

45) The types of gametes produced by two pairs of chromosomes can be?

a) 2 b) 4 c) 6         d) 8

46) The optimal pH in which the enzyme kinase functions is?

a) 15 b) 35 c) 55      d) 7.5

47) The genetically engineered virus is available for which of the following hepatitis virus? HBV

a) HBV b) HAV c) HCV d) A and B

48) What is the most common electron transport chain?

a) non-cyclic electron flow

b) cyclic electron flow

c) Circular electron flow

d) both b and c

49) All of the following descriptions concerning viral multiplication and nucleic acids are true EXCEPT that:

a) viruses contain DNA or RNA, not both.

b) viruses replicate only in living cells

c) viruses use the cell’s biosynthetic machinery to synthesize copies of themselves.

d) viral mRNA, viral ERNA, and viral ribosomes are used in viral replication.

50) The Urey-Miller experiment determined which of the following results?

a) DNA replicates by semmiconservative replication

b) Cyanobacteria were responsible for the oxygenation of the atmosphere

c) The early atmosphere was composed of ammonia and methane

d) Organic molecules can arise from inorganic precursors

51)Two populations of the same species over time grow distant from one another. At what point will these two populations be considered different species?

a) When the populations begin to eat different foods

b) When there is a physical barrier, such as a river, between the two populations

c) When the two populations have not been in contact with one another for two hundred years

d) When they are no longer able to interbreed

52)What is the phenotypic ratio for a cross between a plant with blue flowers BB and a plant with white flowers bb?

a) 25% blue, 75% white

b) 75% blue, 25% white

c) All white

d) All blue

53) Which of the following virus is enveloped? a) adenovirus      b) herpes virus

c) poliovirus d) none of these

54)The optimum pH for the functioning of pancreatic lipase is?

a) 8 b) 9

c) 7 d) 6

55) What would be the resolving power of the objective length in a microscope if the eyepiece is 10X and total magnification is 40X?

a) 4 b) 10 c) 40      d) 400

56) From one pyruvate passing through Krebs cycle, how many NADH are formed?

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3         d) 4

57) A scientist who first reported about microbes is

a) Antonie Van Lecuwenhoek

b) Robert koch

c) Louis Pasteur

d) Twort

58) The nodules of lymphoid tissue found in the wall of the intestinal tract are termed as:

a) Grave’s region b) Hashimoto’s nodes

c) Peyer’s patches d) DiGeorge’s nodes

59) What is a key difference between spermatogenesis and oogenesis?

a) Spermatogenesis results in only 1 sperm; oogenesis results in 4 eggs.

b) Spermatogenesis results in 2 sperm; oogenesis results in only 1 egg.

c) Spermatogenesis results in 8 sperm; oogenesis results in only 4 eggs.

d) Spermatogenesis results in 4 sperm; oogenesis results in only 1 egg.

60) Under microscopic examination, which cellular structure would differentiate a plant cell from an animal cell?

a) nucleus b) cell membrane

c) cytoplasm d) cell vacuole

61) The autonomic nervous system functions to

a) act on external environment

b) regulate the internal environment

c) transmit motor information to brain

d) none of these

62) Which of the following is NOT a bony fish?

a) Perch b) Plaice

c) Catfish d) Dogfish

63) The canal system in sponges develops due to which of the following?

a) Porous walls b) Gastrovascular system

c) Reproduction d) Folding of inner walls

64) Which of these is common is both lymph vessels and veins?

a) Both have small bore

b) both have valves

c) both have low blood pressure

d) both are communicated

65) Principle of transformer is

a) mutual inductance

b) self induction

c) motional emf

d) none of these

66) Resistivity of a substance is defined as the resistance of a of that substance.

a) meter b) meter square

c) meter cube d) centimeter

67) What will be the product of beta decay of C-14?

a) C-14 b) N-14 c) 0-14 d) Be-14

68) Coulomb force is a

a) Short range force

b) Long range force

c) Medium range force

d) None of these

69) Which of the following is the same for isotopes?

a) neutrons b) protons

c) electrons d) all of them

70) The Si Unit of electric charge is?

a) Coulomb b) Ampere

c) Hertz d) Volt

71) An oscillation is called simple harmonic motion when:

a) acceleration is directly proportional to -x

b) acceleration is directly proportional to x

c) acceleration is directly proportional to v

d) acceleration is inversionally proportional to -x

72) The ratio of period of excitation in ordinary and metastable state is

a) 4:10-8 b) 1:10-8

c) 1:105 d) All of these

73) Rate of change of displacement with respect to time is

a) acceleration b) velocity

c) speed d) power

74) Angular displacement is a:

a) vector quantity b) scalar quantity

c) neither scalar nor vector quantity

d) none of these

75) Can we see magnetic flux lines?

a) Yes b) No

c) Depends on strength of field

d) Only when the field is large

76) internal energy of the system depends on:….

a) initial and final states of the system and the path from initial to final state

b) initial and final states of the system only

c) initial state of the system and the path from initial to final state

d) the path from initial to final state

77) Electric field lines due to a negative charge are:…

a) always horizontal b) always vertical

c) radially towards the charge

d) radially away from the charge

78) A transformer has negative voltage regulation when its load power factor is

a) Lagging b) Leading

c) Unity d) any of above

79) The H atom cannot produce

a) alpha rays b) beta rays

c) x-rays d) none of these

80)What is an optically active medium?

a) which absorbs light

b) which absorbs polarized light

c) which rotates plane of polarization

d) which refract polarized light

81) The resistance of a superconductor is

a) Finite b) Infinite

c) Zero

d) Changes with every conductor

82) A sinusoidal current has rms value of 10A. What is the peak value of current?

a) 144.4A b) 1.4A

c) 0.1414A d) 4A

83) The source of x rays generation is

a) Cu b) H c) Na      d)Al

84) In compton’s cattering process , wavelength of scattered X-rays :

a) Remains same b) Increases

c) Decreases d) None of these

85)  A transverse wave on a string has an amplitude A. A tiny spot on the string is colored red. As one cycle of the wave passes by, what is the total distance traveled by the red spot?

a) A b) 2A c) A/2    d) 4A

86) The angular acceleration is similar to

a) centripetal acceleration

b) centrifugal acceleration

c) both a or b

d) none of these

87) A spring having spring constant of 10 N/m2 is stretched to 5 m ,what will be the work done

a) 250 J b) 50 J

c) -250 J d) 125 J

88) If a Charge of 2C is travelling parallel to a magnetic field of 4T with 20 m/s Calculate the net force on it

a) 160N b)120N

c) 0N d) 100N

89) A radioactive sample with a half life of 1 month has the label : “Activity=2 micro curies on 1.8.1991.” What will be its activity two months later?

a) 0.5 micro curies

b) 8 micro curies

c) 1 micro curies

d) 2 micro curies

90) x-rays are produced in tube

a) Ar filled b) He filled

c) H filled d) Vacuum

91) in full wave rectifier with input frequency 50 Hz the ripple in the output is mainly of frequency

a) 25 Hz b) 5OHz

c) 100Hz d) zero

92) The heat sensitive device whose resistivity changes very rapidly with change of temperature is called a:

a) 25 Hz b)50 Hz

c) 100 Hz d) zero

93) Acceleration is always for a freely falling body

a) Positive b) negative

c) zero d) none of these

94) Which one of the following is a disadvantage of a potentiometer over a voltmeter ?

a) it can measure the internal resistance of a cell

b) it can measure the e.m.f. of a cell

c) it is heavy and not portable

d) it can measure accurately very small PD. of the ord of few microvolt

94) Which one of the following is a disadvantage of a potentiometer over a voltmeter ?

a) it can measure the internal resistance of a cell

b) it can measure the e.m.f. of a cell

c) it is heavy and not portable

d) it can measure accurately very small PD. of the ord of few microvolt

95) What is the SI Unit of Potential difference?

a) Volts b) Coulomb

c) Meter d) newton’s

96) An air pipe opens at both ends. A stationary wave is produced in second harmonic mode. What is the phase difference between the motion of the particles at the end of the pipe and at the centre of the pipe.

a) O deg b) 90 deg

c) 180 deg d) 270 deg

97) Lamination of the transformer core is made of

a) cast iron b) silicon steel

c) Aluminium d) cast steel

99) Work done in an adiabatic process of gas from T1 to T2 is

a) nR/(y-1)(T1-T2)

b) nR/(y-1)(T2-T1)

c) nR(T2-T1)

d) R(T2-T0)

100) What happens to the flux if applied magnetic field is doubled on the same surface

a) becomes half b) becomes twice

c) becomes infinite d) becomes 4 times

101) For anti-clockwise rotations direction of angular velocity is

a) positive b) negative

c) zero d) infinite

102) The body move 10 m along the straight line under the force 5 N, what is the angle between force and displacement

a) 0 degree b) 30 degree

c) 45 degree d) 60 degree

103) C14 decays with a half life of about 5800 years. In a sample of bone the ratio of Cᵔ14 to Cᵔ12 is found to be 1/4th of what it is in free air. This bone may belong to a period about X centuries ago, where X is nearest to:

a) 2*58 b) 58 c) 58/2 d) 3*58

104) Three objects are brought close to one another, two at a time. When objects A and B are brought together, they attract. When objects B and C are brought together, they repel. Which of the following are necessarily true?

a) objects A and C possess charges of the same sign

b) objects A and C possess charges of opposite sign

c) all three objects possess charges of the same sign

d) additional experiments must be performed to determine information about the charges on the objects

105) An object is displaced from position vector r1 = (2i + 3j)m to r2 = (4j + 6k)m under a force F= (3xᵔ2 i+ 2y j) N. Find the work done by this force

a) 55 J b) 83 J c) 0         d) -83 J

105) An object is displaced from position vector r1 = (2i + 3j)m to 12 = (4j + 6k)m under a force F= (3x^2 i+ 2y j) N. Find the work done by this force

a) 55 J b) 83) J     c) 0      d) -83 J

106) Internal resistance of a battery is ______ ohm, if, E=10V , Vi=9V, I= 1A

a) 1 b) 0.1 c) 0.01      d) none of these

107) One of the major reasons for heat loss in transformer is

a) radiation loss b) convection loss

c) eddy current loss d) none of these

108) A galvanometer acting as a voltmeter will have a coil with

a) a high resistance in parallel

b) a high resistance in series

c) a low resistance in parallel

d) a low resistance in series

109) A stationary wave is formed in a pipe which is open at one end. If length of pipe is 5 cm, then what is the maximum possible wavelength of the wave?

a) 5 cm b) 10 cm c) 15 cm    d) 20 cm

110) A reversible carnot engine converts 1/6th of heat into input work. When the temperature of sink is reduced by 62 degree C then efficiency is doubled then temperature of source and sink is

a) 80 C,37C b) 99 C,30C

c) 99C, 25C d) 99C, 37C

111) The fast moving electrons stopped by a heavy metallic target in an evacuated glass tube, give rise to the production of:

a) a-particles b) X-rays

c) Laser d) β-particles

112) Radon-222 has 136 neutrons, how many neutrons are there in Radon-220

a) 131 b) 134 c) 136    d) none of these

113) Addition of second Electron to a uni-negative ion always _____?

a) An endothermic process

b) An exothermic process

c) Neutral process d) Energy wasted

114) Specific Rate constant changes its value with

a) Time Constant b) Change in Temperature

c) Change in Concentration

d) Change in Pressure

115) The alcohols having one hydroxyl group attached to the alkyl group are called as ___? a) Monohydric alcohols    b) Dihydric alcohols

c) Trihydric alcohols d) Polyhydric alcohols

116) If energy of reactants is less than that of products then ______ during the reaction?

a) Heat is gained b) Heat is lost

c) Heat is absorbed

d) No heat gain or lose takes place

117) The separation of components of liquid on the basis of their boiling points is called as?

a) Destructive distillation

b) Fractional distillation

c) Vacuum distillation d) Partial distillation

118) Which enzyme causes the hydrolysis of fats

a) Urease b) Lipase

c) Maltase d) Protease

119) The elements having partially filled d and f orbitals are called as ______?

a) Transition elements b) d-Block elements

c) f-block elements d) All of these

120) The concept of ______ of gases helps to relate solids and liquids in a quantitative manner.

a) density b) molar volume

c) pressure d) temperature

121) Ethyl alcohol is a non polar solvent but can dissolve in water because of formation of _____

a) polar bond b) non-polar bond

c) H-bond d) all of these

122) The reaction in which one of the group of a compound is replaced by another group of atoms is called as?

a) Substitution b) Elimination

c) Addition d) Condensation

124) The densities of liquids are much ______ than gases but _____ to solids

a) smaller, closer b) greater, closer

c) smaller, far away d) greater, far away

124) SN1 reactions are favored by which of the following reactions?

a) Water b) Benzene

c) Carbon

d) Tetrachloride Carbon disulphide

125) Which one of the following is correct value of resonance energy of benzene? 

a) 155.5kJ/mol b) 150.5k)/mol

c) 170 kJ/mol d) 140.5kJ/mol

126) Alkynes are soluble in ____?

a) water b) benzene

c) toluene d) both b and c

127) A structural formula shows ____ ?

a) Arrangement of atoms in the compound

b) Arrangement of electrons in the compound

c) Arrangement of Orbitals that involved in bonding

d) Lewis structure of compounds

128) Heat of a solution for the substance whose solubility decrease with increase in temperature is

a) Positive b) Zero c) High    d) Negative

129) Two cotton plugs soaked in HCl and NHS solutions are introduced in the open ends of glass tube ,1 cm 7 long, Which gas travels fast

a) HCI b) NH3 c) equally    d) both

130) Which one of the following has more unpaired electrons?

a) Mn b) Cr c) Cu    d) Zn

131) A crystal is made up of

a) atoms b) ions molecules

c) molecules d) all of these

132) The most electropositive element among the following is:

a) Li b) Ca c) Cs       d) Ca

133) There is one lone pair present in H3O it cannot act as ____? 

a) Electrophile b) Lewis acid

c) Nucleophile d) Strong acid

134) All are aliphatic carboxylic acid except? a) Benzoic acid                       b) Methanoic acid

c) Ethanoic acid d) Acetic acid

135) Albumin is water ______ ?

a) Soluble b) Insoluble

c) Slightly soluble d) Highly insoluble

136) It is amorphous

a) wax b) plastic c) glass     d) all of these

137) which element is required for making Chlorophyll in Leaf?

a) Si b) Be c) Mg c) Ca

138) What is the sum of all the energies present in a reaction mixture or system called as?

a) Thermal energy b) Total heat content

c) Internal energy d) Enthalpy

139) What is the emf of Zn-Cu cell?

a) 1.01V b) 1.23V

c) 1.1V d) 1.44V

140) Which one of the following is neutral to litmus?

a) Phenol b) Ethanol

c) Carboxylic acid d) NaOH

141) Masses of atoms ranges from

a) 1×10^28 kg to 1×10^22 kg

b) 1×10^26 kg to 1×10^23 kg

c) 1×10^27 kg to 1×10^24 kg

d) 1.6373×10^27 kg to 1×10^25 kg

142) Ionization energies of atoms depends upon the factors

a) atomic radius of atoms b) nature of orbital

c) shielding effect of inner electrons

d) all of these

143) Quantum numbers are set of numerical values which give solution to the equation

a) planks b) Heisenberg

c) Schrodinger d) all of these

144) When light is exposed to transition element then electrons jump from lower orbital’s to higher orbitals in

a) Orbitals of f-subshell

b) Orbital’s of d-sub shell

c) Orbitals of p-subshell d) Both A & B

145) Which of the following is Bayer’s reagent?

a) Br2/H2O b) Dilute alkaline

c) ZnCI2/HCI d) Br2CCI

146) Carboxylic acids form dimer dur to__?

a) small sizes b) Polarity of C-O bond

c) H-bonding d) Dipole-Dipole interactions

147) Which of the following is an example of Nucleophile?

a) Br+ b) CH3+ c) NH3     d) CH4

148) Which of the following is not a component of HIV?

a) RNA b) protein c) ribosomes

d) reverse transcriptase

149) Coelom is lined by which of the following?

a) Parietal mesoderm b) Visceral mesoderm

c) Mesoderm d) both a and b

150) Which one of the following is most likely to occur in a boy during puberty?

a) He produces eggs b) His shoulders

c) The colour of his eyes changes

d) None of these

151) This jelly like substance inside the plasma membrane in which all cell organelles are floating is?

a) cytoplasm b) tonoplasm

c) karyoplasm d) cell sap

152) The female gametes are most commonly referred as?

a) eggs b) ova c) ovum     d) all of these

153) Gases are ideal at high _ and become non ideal at high ____ and become non ideal at high ____

a) pressure, volume

b) pressure, temperature

c) temperature, pressure

d) volume, pressure

154) Rate determining step is also called

a) Critical step b) Rate Limiting step

c) Final Step d) None of these

155) Which of the these reactions occur at a moderate rate

a) Rusting of Iron b) Fermentation of sugar

c) Hydrolysis of Ester

d) Chemical weathering of stone work by acid.

156) Which of the following alkyl halide is most reactive towards Mg atom?

a) Alkyl bromide b) Alkyl fluoride

c) Alkyl chloride d) Alkyl iodide

157) Which metal is paramagnetc?

a) Cr b) Mn c) Fe    d) All of these

158) A double bond consist of

a) one sigma one pie b) 2 sigma

c) 2 pie d) half pie half sigma

159) Phenol is liquid?

a) Dense b) Hard

c) Deliquescent d) Intermittent

160) The _study of composition of pure substance in 17th century clearly shows that few elements are components of many substances

a) qualitative b) quantitative

c) both A & B d) extensive

161) LDH-1 is raised in which disease:

a) rickets b) anemia

c) heart disorders d) stroke

162) Isoelectronic species have same

a) electronic configuration b) Ionic size

c) Reactivity d) PH

163) Which color of precipitates are formed when carbonyl compounds react with 1,2-dinitrophenylhydrazine?

a) Yellow or red b) Orange or blue

c) Green or red d) Yellow or orange

164) H3O+ ions act as

a) Base b) Catalyst c) Buffer   d) Acid

165) The rate of diffusion of a gas having molar mass 32 as compared to H2 gas will be a) 6 times                            b) 4 times

c) one fourth d) one eighth

166) When two carboxylic acids are strongly heated in the presence of P2O5, which product is formed ?

a) Acid halides b) Dimer

c) Acid anhydride d) None of these

167) What are the basic particles of ice crystals atoms

a) atoms b) anions c) cations   d) molecules

168) Some of the books on the table ____ to me

a) belong b) belonging

c) belongs d) was belong

169) My watch is five minutes _____ . behind

a) before b) before c) slow    d) early

170) He was ____ in the rain then.

a) enjoys b) enjoying

c) enjoy d) will enjoy

171) Which of the sentences is correct?

a) Next week I am going to the cinema.

b) Next week I will going to the cinema.

c) Next week I is going to the cinema.

d) Next week I went to the cinema.

172) Choose the correct sentence.

a) You’re going to lose your slice of cake if you do not eat it quickly!

b) Your’e going to lose your slice of cake if you do not eat it quickly.

c) You’re going to lose your slice of cake if you do not eat it quickly.

d) Youre going to lose your slice of cake if you do not eat it quickly.

173) There’s ______ little rice left.

a) a b) an c) the    d) no article

174) Can you pass me ____ salt?

a) a b) an c) the    d) no article

175) tumultuous

a) tranquil b) frightened

c) turbulent d) despairing

176) When I reached the station, the train (leave) ______ .

a) leave b) leaving c) left   d) had left

177) Children must be taught to between right and wrong.

a) compare b) contrast

c) agree d) differentiate

178) Choose the correct spelling of the word a) prettiest                               b) prettiyest

c) pretiest d) preetiest

179) Choose the correct sentence.

a) Qamar is going to college in September, he plans to study Sociology.

b) Qamar is going to college in september, he plans to study sociology.

c) Qamar is going to college in September he plans to study Sociology.

d) Qamar is going to college in september he plans to study Sociology?

180) The quality of food here _____ gone down.

a) have b) has c) is    d) are

181) I ________ (write)s new book. I ______ (hope) to finish it by the end of this month.

a) write, hoping b) am writing, hope

c) wrote, am hopeful d) writing, hope

182) ______ knows that Dallas is not the capital of Texas.

a) Anyone b) Many persons

c) Not everyone d) Somebody

183) Statement: The police authority has recently caught a group of house breakers. The citizens group in the locality have started night vigil in the area.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect

c) Both the statements I and II are independent causes

d) Both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause

184) 23rd letter of English alphabets is

a) X b) W c) Z      d) Y

185) Statement There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of requests for seats in most of the long distance trains during the current holiday season. I. The Statement There is an unprecedented increase in migration of villagers to urban areas as repeated crop failure has put them into precarious financial situation. Courses of Action I. The villagers should be provided with alternate source of income in their villages which will make them stay put. II. The migrated villagers should be provided with jobs in the urban areas to help them survive. authority should immediately increase the capacity in each of these trains by attaching additional coaches. II. The people seeking accommodation should be advised to make their travel plan after the holiday.

a) both of them follows

b) none of them follows

c) only I follows d) only II follows

186) Some kings are powerful. All powerful are formidable. Conclusions: I. All kings are powerful. II. All powerful are formidable.

a) Only conclusion II follows

b) Only I conclusion II follows

c) Either I or II follows

d) Neither I nor II follows

187) Statement The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased. I. To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality. II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

a) both of them follows

b) None of them follows

c) Only | follows d) Only II follows

188) Complete the series ACD, AGD, AJD, __? A) ABD    b) ATD    c) AND    d) AMD

189) What should come next to save, secure, protect,

a) Guard b) Lock

c) Conserve d) Humble

190) Statement The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased. I. To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality. II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

a) Both of them follows

b) None of them follows

c) Only I follows d) Only Il follows

191) Look at this series 5.2, 4.8, 4.4, 4. What number should come next

a) 3 b) 3.3 c) 3.5    d) 3.6

192) Two point charges attract each other with an electric force of magnitude F. If the charge on one of the particles is reduced to one-half its original value and the distance between the particles is doubled, what is the resulting magnitude of the electric force between them?

a) F b) F/2 c) F/4      d) F/8

193) A full wave rectifier is operating from 50 Hz mains. Fundamental frequency of ripple will be

a) 100 Hz b) 25Hz c) 50 Hz    d) 200 Hz

194) _______ are among smallest known virus

a) picronavirus b) pervowiruses

c) ) herpes virus d) rotavirus

195) The size of viruses as compared to bacteria is

a) much smaller b) almost equal in size

c) much larger d) all of Above

196) The distance between two consecutive crests of a travelling wave is 10 cm. if the speed of the wave 50 cm/s, then its frequency would be.

a) 40 Hz b) 1/5 Hz c) 5 Hz    d) 500 Hz

197) What is the chemical characteristic of auxins?

a) Indole propionic acid

b) Indole carboxylic acid.

c) Indole acetaldehyde

d) Indole acetic acid.

198) For angular acceleration anti-clockwise rotations means torque is positive

a) positive b) negative

c) zero d) infinite coenzyme

199) Non protein part which is conjugated with protein is called _____.                              

a) coenzyme b) co-factor

c) prosthetic group d) none

200) Which term refers to the formation of egg cells that begins in the developing ovaries of a female fetus?

a) meiosis b) fertilization

c) ovulation d) oogenisis

201) Which of the following is not a type of rectifier?

a) Phase wave rectifier b) Full wave

c) half wave d) none of them

202) Which of the given motion is a type of 2D motion

a) Greular b) Pendulum motion

c) Projectile motion d) All of these

203) the transfer of electron from an atom ______ of ____ E.A to other atom with __E.A is called ionic bond by Lewis

a) high, low b) low, low

c) low, high d) high, high

204) joule / coulomb is unit of ‘.

a) electric potential difference

b) electric field strength

c) magnetic field strength d) energy

205) Aldole consist of which functional group?

A) Aldehyde b) Alcohol

c) Both a and b d) Ketone

206) Choose the correct spelling of the word a) probaly                                b) probably

c) probebly d) probly

207) What tense is the verb in this sentence? ‘I got home from work at 6.30pm_.’

a) Present b) past

c) future d) none of these

208) ______ ink in my pen is red.

a) A b) An c) The    d) No article

209) if any two sub shells have same (nt) values, the sub shells of ____ value will placed first

a) higher b) smaller

c) equal d) moderate

210) Statement: Rural and semi urban areas in the country have been suffering due to load shedding for quite some time. If the government is not able to overcome the power crisis, load shedding will be extended even to the urban areas.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect

c) Both the statements I and II are independent causes

d) Both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause

       1.            D       2.            B       3.            C       4.            B
       5.            A       6.            A       7.            A       8.            B
       9.            D   10.            B   11.            C   12.            D
   13.            C   14.            D   15.            A   16.            C
   17.            A   18.            A   19.            B   20.            C
   21.            C   22.            B   23.            D   24.            C
   25.            D   26.            B   27.            D   28.            D
   29.            B   30.            D   31.            B   32.            D
   33.            D   34.            C   35.            D   36.            D
   37.            A   38.            B   39.            B   40.            B
   41.            A   42.            D   43.            B   44.            A
   45.            A   46.            C   47.            D   48.            A
   49.            D   50.            D   51.            D   52.            D
   53.            A   54.            B   55.            A   56.            C
   57.            B   58.            C   59.            D   60.            D
   61.            B   62.            D   63.            D   64.            B
   65.            A   66.            D   67.            B   68.            B
   69.            B   70.            A   71.            A   72.            C
   73.            B   74.            A   75.            B   76.            D
   77.            C   78.            B   79.            A   80.            C
   81.            C   82.            D   83.            A   84.            B
   85.            D   86.            D   87.            D   88.            C
   89.            B   90.            D   91.            C   92.            D
   93.            A   94.            C   95.            C   96.            A
   97.            C   98.            B   99.            A100.            B
101.            A102.            D103.            A104.            D
105.            B106.            A107.            C108.            B
109.            D110.            D111.            B112.            C
113.            A114.            B115.            A116.            A
117.            B118.            B119.            D120.            B
121.            C122.            A123.            B124.            A
125.            B126.            D127.            A128.            D
129.            B130.            B131.            D132.            C
133.            C134.            A135.            A136.            D
137.            C138.            C139.            A140.            B
141.            D142.            D143.            C144.            D
145.            B146.            C147.            C148.            C
149.            D150.            B151.            A152.            D
153.            C154.            B155.            C156.            D
157.            A158.            A159.            C160.            B
161.            C162.            A163.            A164.            D
165.            C166.            C167.            D168.            A
169.            A170.            B171.            A172.            C
173.            A174.            C175.            C176.            D
177.            D178.            A179.            A180.            B
181.            B182.            C183.            D184.            B
185.            C186.            C187.            B188.            C
189.            A190.            B191.            D192.            D
193.            A194.            B195.            A196.            C
197.            D198.            A199.            C200.            D
201.            A202.            D203.            C204.            A
205.            C206.            B207.            B208.            C
209.            B210.            D 


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