MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 15

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #15 (T4) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

151)Which of these is common is both lymph vessels and veins?

a) both have small bore b) both have valves

c) both have low blood pressure

d) both are communicated

152) What is the approximate diameter of the peroxisome?

a) 0.5 micrometer b) 1.5 micrometer

c) 2 micrometer d) 1 micrometer

153) Ascaris is characterized by which of the following?

a) Presence of true coelom and metamerism b) Presence of true coelom but the absence of metamerism

c) Absence of true coelom but the presence of metamerism

d) Absence of true coelom and metamerism

154) A huge micro organism Acanthurus named nigrofuscus discovered in intestine of brown suigeonfish

a) a bacterium b) a vrus

c) a parasite d) protozoa

155) The composition of the white matter of spinal cord is:

a) myelinated dendrite

b) non-myelinated dendrite

c) non-myelinated axon

d) myelinated axon

156) The oldest mineral discovered so far is which of the following, which dates back to 4.4 billion years.

a) iron b) zircon

c) diamond d) cadmium

157) The last common ancestor of humans is known to be which of the following?

a) Homo neanderthalensis

b) Lemuroidea c) Dromaeosaurus

d) Pan troglodytes

158) The follicle cells, after release of the egg, are modified to form a special structure called:

a) Endometrium b) Perimetrium

c) Corpus luteurn d) None of these

159) The viral DNA or RNA is protected by

a) shell of lipids b) shell of proteins

c) shell of carbohydrates

d) shell of amino acids

160) A type of joint found at the articulation between teeth and the sockets of the MAXILA

a) synesmois b) sutures

c) gomphosis d) none of these

61) Fertilization of human egg occurs in:

a) ovary b) uterus

c) oviduct (fallopian tube) d) cervix

162) Which of the following virus is enveloped?

a) adenovirus b) herpes virus

c) poliovirus d) none of these

163) She returned after _______ hour.

a) a b) an c) the    d) no article

164) Did I say anything to make you angry?

a) Declarative b) Imperative

c) interrogative d) Exclamatory

165) Let me _______ the candle from the cake.

a) switch off b) blow out
c) extinguish d) eliminate

166) Some of the books on the table _______ to me.

a) belong b) belonging

c) belongs c) was belong

167) Choose the correct spelling of the word

a) something b) somthing

c) sumthing d) sumthin

168) Choose the correct sentence.

a) Myra and her family are spending the summer at attabad lake.

b) Myra and her famity are spending the summer at attabad lake!

c) Myra and her family are spending the summer at Attabad lake.

d) Myra and her family are spending the summer at Attabad Lake.

169) Which one is future tense?

a) I will pay for you b) I am coming

c) They are going d) They were present

170) Sam _____ his homework at night.

a) do b) doing c) is doing  d) does

171) I have lost my way.

a) Declarative b) Imperative

c) Interrogative d) Exclamatory

172) Both of the dogs _______ collars

a) has b) have c) having d) are having

173) We _______ home before the rain starts. a) shall have reached      b) shall reach

c) shall have reaches d) shall have reaching

174) Many of the city’s narrow streets have been _______ .

a) distinguished b) widened

c) rehabilitated d) doubled

175) We are trying (A)/ to locate the (B) /historical city for(C) /the past two years. (D) a) We were trying             b) to locate the

c) historical city for d) the past two years

176) would not

a) would’nt b) wouldn’t

c) woul’dnt d) wouldnt’

177) Everything _______ fine when it’s done correctly.

a) work b) worked c) will work    d) works

178) If mountains are _________ of trees, rains will soon wash the fertile topsoil down the slope to end as useless silt below.

a) deforested b) afforested

c) stripped d) shortage

179) The students were (A)/ awaiting for (B)/ the arrival of (C)/ the chief guest. (D)

a) The students were b) awaiting for

c) the arrival of d) the chief guest

180) Statements (I) She topped in her collage (If) She is hard-working)

a) both statements are of some common cause

b) statement 1 is the cause then 2 is its effect c) statement 2 is the cause then 1 is its effect.

d) both of the statements are effect of independent causes

181) Which letter lies in the middle of word Quality?

a) L b) A c) U        d) Y

182) Fact 1 Some pens don’t write Fact 2 Only blue pens write Fact 3 some writing utensils are pens If the above three statements are facts than which of the following statement will also be a fact I. Some writing utensils don’t write II. Some writing utensils are blue Ill. Some blue writing utensils don’t write

Only Ill Only | and » Only Ill and I!

a) Only III b) Only I and II

c) Only I d) Only III and II

183) Balloons are filled with

a) nitrogen b) Helium

c) Oxygen d) Both A and B

184) Which of the following is a type of rectifier

a) half wave b) full wave

c) bridge d) all of these

185) Which source is associated with a line emission spectrum

a) electric signal b) neon street signal

c) red traffic light d) signal

186) The engine is supposed to work between 727 degree C and 227 degree C, then maximum possible efficiency is

a) 1/2 b) 1/4    c) 3/4    d) 1

187) Ripple factor of full wave rectifier is

a) 1.21 b) 0.6 c) 0.482     d) 0.9

188) Statement The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased. I. To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government Q should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality. II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

a) Both of them follows

b) None of them follows

c) Only follows d) Only II follow

189) The construction of dams has created an obstruction in migration of the animals. II The animals of Amazon have turned into ferocious beasts, that are damaging the property as well as a threat for the lives of people.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.

c) Both statements I and II are independent causes

d) None of these

190) Look at this series 5.2, 4.8, 4.4, 4. What number should come next

a) 3 b) 3.3 c) 3.5     d) 3.6

191) FESCO stands for ____

a) Faizabad Electricity Supply Company

b) Frontier Electricity Supply Company

c) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company

d) Federal Electric Supply Company

192) Children are in pursuit of a dog whose leash has broken. James is directly behind the dog. Ruby is behind James. Rachel is behind Ruby. Max is ahead of the dog walking down the street in the opposite direction. As the children and dog pass, Max turns around and joins the pursuit. He runs in behind Ruby. James runs faster and is alongside the dog on the left. Ruby runs faster and is alongside the dog on the right. Which child is directly behind the dog?

a) James b) Ruby c) Rachel   d) Max

192) Molecules of liquids are in constant state of motion, it causes

a) diffusion b) evaporation

c) melting d) both A & B

194) The electron affinity of fluorine is less than chlorine as we move down the group, this deviation in behavior is due to its

a) small size b) seven electron

c) thick electronic cloud d) all of these

195) Polychaeta have which of the following organs?

a) tentacles b) palps c) eyes   d) all of these

196) Which of the following answer options is not a function of the sarcolemma?

a) Controls the tonic state of myocytes

b) Creates an ion potential across the muscle surface

c) Controls the iron levels of cardiac tissue

197) In single slit diffraction, when wavelength ⋋ increases:

a) width of central maxima increases

b) width of central maxima does not change

c) central maxima becomes brighter

d) width of central maxima decreases

199) A resistance of 40 Ohms is attached to a circuit having current of 300 Amp, Find its voltage.

a) 12000 volts b) 15000 volt

c) 20000 volts d) 300 volts

199) The actual remains or traces of organisms that lived in ancient geological times are known as?

a) Vestigial organs b) fuel

c) fossils d) all of these

200) How is pyruvate produced in anaerobic conditions?

a) alcoholic fermentation

b) lactic acid fermentation

c) respiration d) both a and b

201) Have you _____ the examination?

a) take b) took c) taken d) taking

202) Which of the following alcohol does not converted into carboxylic acid when react with K2Cr2O7H2:SO4?

a) CH3C(CH3)2OH b) CH3CH(CH3)2OH

c) CH3OH d) C2H5OH

203) Which of the light is mainly absorbed by the plants?

a) Orange b) Red

c) Green d) Both A and B

204) I lived on______ Main Street

a) a b) an c) the    d) no article

205) Statement Should religion be banned? Arguments (I) Yes. It develops fanaticism in people. (II) No, Religion binds people together.

a) Only argument I is strong

b) Only argument II is strong

c) Either I or is strong

d) Neither I nor II is strong

206) Brass and bronze have one metal in common?

a) Zn b) Hg c) Cu      d) Fe

207) Incomplete dominance is also termed as which of the following?

a) half dominance b) codominance

c) pertial dominance d) none of these

208) Compound microscope was first used by

a) A.V Leeuwenhoek b) Pasteur

c) Janssen and hans d) None of these

209) These animals only left aortic arch in their circulatory system.

a) crocodile and mammals

b) birds and mammals

c) mammals only d) all of these

210) Aship (A)/ laden with mechandise (B)/ got drowned (C)/ in the Pacific Ocean. (D)

a) A ship b) laden with mechandise

c) got drowned d) n the Pacific Ocean.


Key Test No 12+13+14+15


       1.            C       2.            D       3.            B       4.            C 
       5.            B       6.            C       7.            C       8.            A 
       9.            C   10.            B   11.            C   12.            A 
   13.            A   14.            A   15.            B   16.            C 
   17.            A   18.            B   19.            A   20.            A 
   21.            A   22.            B   23.            C   24.            D 
   25.            A   26.            D   27.            C   28.            C 
   29.            D   30.            C   31.            B   32.            B 
   33.            B   34.            D   35.            B   36.            C 
   37.            B   38.            A   39.            C   40.            A 
   41.            C   42.            A   43.            B   44.            C 
   45.            C   46.            D   47.            D   48.            D 
   49.            A   50.            A   51.            C   52.            D 
   53.            B   54.            B   55.            B   56.            B 
   57.            B   58.            C   59.            A   60.            B 
   61.            C   62.            D   63.            B   64.            C 
   65.            A   66.            B   67.            S   68.            C 
   69.            D   70.            C   71.            A   72.            D 
   73.            D   74.            A   75.            D   76.            C 
   77.            B   78.            B   79.            C   80.            C 
   81.            C   82.            D   83.            D   84.            B 
   85.            B   86.            B   87.            D   88.            D 
   89.            B   90.            D   91.            C   92.            C 
   93.            B   94.            D   95.            B   96.            D 
   97.            D   98.            A   99.            A100.            D 
101.            C102.            C103.            D104.            B
105.            A106.            D107.            B108.            B
109.            D110.            D111.            D112.            A
113.            A114.            A115.            B116.            C
117.            C118.            D119.            A120.            A
121.            B122.            C123.            D124.            B
125.            B126.            A127.            C128.            D
129.            D130.            B131.            B132.            D
133.            D134.            A135.            A136.            A
137.            A138.            D139.            B140.            D
141.            D142.            C143.            D144.            A
145.            A146.            C147.            A148.            D
149.            D150.            C151.            B152.            A
153.            D154.            A155.            D156.            B
157.            D158.            C159.            B160.            C
161.            C162.            A163.            B164.            C
165.            B166.            A167.            A168.            D
169.            A170.            D171.            A172.            B
173.            A174.            B175.            A176.            B
177.            D178.            C179.            B180.            C
181.            A182.            B183.            B184.            D
185.            B186.            A187.            C188.            B
189.            D190.            D191.            C192.            D
193.            D194.            D195.            D196.            D
197.            A198.            A199.            C200.            D
201.            C202.            A203.            D204.            D
205.            C206.            A207.            C208.            A
209.            C210.            C 

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