MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 14

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #14 (T4) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

101) During preparation of Acetaldehyde from ethanol in laboratory, why acetaldehyde is distilled off quickly after formation?

a) To avoid decomposition of product

b) To avoid reduction

c) To avoid further oxidation to acetic acid

d) None of these

102) Critical temperature of ammonia is ­­__—C

a) 31.14 b) 13.24

c) 132.44 d) 1.11

103) The severe reduction in population size is due to which of the following?

a) genetic drift b) outbreeding

c) inbreeding d) bottleneck

104) Spinal cord is the part of the:

a) Peripheral nervous system

b) Central nervous system

c) Autonomic nervous system

d) None of these

105) Gametes in animals are produced by which of the following?

a) mitosis b) meiosis

c) fission d) all of these

106) Lymphoid masses are present in the walls of:

a) digestive tract b) mucosa

c) submucosa

d) all of these are correct

107) When two or more clearly different phenotypes exists in same population of species, the phenomenon is called?

a) replication b) polymorphism

c) gene linkage d) gene expression

108) The substrate binds to specific region of enzyme called?

a) key b) active site

c) hyperactive site d) none of these

109) Which one is not the characteristic of Kingdom Animalia?

a) All animals are ingestive heterotrophs

b) All animals are eukaryotes

c) It is largest kingdom

d) All animals develop from the dissimilar gametes

110) What is a sarcomere?

a) The fibers that make up skeletal muscles

b) The smallest unit of a smooth muscle

c) A myosin fibril

d) The contractile unit of a muscle cell

111) What are Autophagosomes?

a) Those lysosomes which eat parts of their own cells to generate energy.

b) Those lysosomes which eat old and worn out cellular organelles.

c) Lysosomes which help in extracellular digestion

d) both a and b

112) Which of these transports sperm from the testis to the penis?

a) sperm duct b) scrotum

c) urethra d) gamete

113) Who discovered the bacteria causing tuberculosis and also developed various techniques of media preparation and maintenance of pure culture?

a) Robert Koch b) Louis Pasteur

c) Alexander Fleming d) Leeuwenhoek

114) Which element has function in opening and closing of stomata?

a) K b) Mg c) Cu      d) Fe

115) The darker, outer portion of the brain is called:

a) white matter b) gray matter

c) reflex arc d) medulla

116) Which two reactions occur during photophosphorylation

a) ATP is hydrolysed and NADP is reduced.

b) ATP is hydrolysed and NADPH is oxidised. c) ATP is synthesised and NADP is reduced.

d) ATP is synthesised and NADPH is oxidised

117) The transmission of genes to an organism’s offspring is the basis of the inheritance of?

a) genotypic traits b) physical traits

c) phenotypic traits d) none of these

118) Lock and Key model was proposed by which of the following?

a) Koshland b) Robin Williams

b) Rudolph Virchow d) Emil Fischer

119) Which one of the following does not occur at puberty in girls?

a) voice deepens b) public hair grow

c) hips broaden d) menstrual cycle starts

120) What type of virus is the smallpox virus?

a) DNA enveloped virus

b) RNA enveloped virus

c) DNA virus D) RNA naked virus

121) From beginning of the 3rd month of pregnancy the human embryo is referred to as the?

a) zygote b) foetus

c) embryo d) all of these

122) Which is an organelle that helps the sperm to penetrate the ovum?

a) megalis b) zona pellucida

c) acrosome d) both a and b

123) Essential fatty acids show all the characters ______

a) lipotropism b) blood cloting factors

c) used for energy production

d) none of these

124) What molecule would you not expect to find in a retrovirus?

a) adenine b) thymine

c) uracil d) guanine

125) Carbon dioxide is fixed in

a) light reaction dark reaction

b) dark reaction

c) aerobic respiration

d) anaerobic respiration

126) in which year was the AlDs virus named? a) 1986    b) 1980    c) 1992    d) 1970 

127) Coenzyme Q is oxidised by which coenzyme in the ETC?

a) coenzyme c b) coenzyme q

c) coenzyme b d) coenzyme a

128) In a certain species of feline, all males are much larger than females. Members of either sex that are of intermediate size struggle to find mates. What principle best describes this phenomenon?

a) Bottleneck affect

b) Directional selection

c) Genetic drift d) Disruptive selection

129)The stretch reflex is also known as:

a) stretch reflex b) spinal reflex

c) golgi tendon reflex d) myotatic reflex

130) The functional parts of forebrain are:

a) thalamus and limbic system

b) cerebrum, limbic system and thalamus

c) thalamus and cerebrum

d) cerebrum and limbic system

131) Pancreas produces secretory granules that help in digestion. These granules after passing through endoplasmic reticulum are pinched off from ____ surface of Golgi apparatus?

a) forming phase b) maturing phase

c) any of these d) none of these

132) Which statement is incorrect?

a) Homologous organs are functionally different but structurally alike

b) Examples of homologous structures are arms of man, forelimb of cat, flipper of whale

c) Examples of analogous structures are wings of bats, birds and insects

d) Analogous organs are functionally different but structurally alike

133) Pinworm is a common name used for which of the following?

a) Rahbditis b) Ancylostoma duodenale

c) Taenia solium d) Enterobius vermicularis

134) These animals have three germinal layers but no coelom.

a) Flat worms b) Round worms

c) Cnidarians d) Chordata

135) ATP molecules are consumed during which process?

a) Glycolysis b) Krebs cycle

c) light dependent phase d) none

136) Striated skeletal muscle cells are under: a) voluntary control       b) involuntary control

c) Both A and B d) None of these

137) Which of the following components of an animal cell would NOT also be observed in a bacterial cell?

a) A nucleus b) cell membrane

c) ribosomes d) DNA

138) Sex pili is formed in which of the following processes?

a) sexual reproduction b) binary fission

c) mitosis d) conjugation

139) Which of these acts as a relay centre connecting hindbrain with the forebrain

a) Forebrain b) Midbrain

c) Hindbrain d) Limbic system

140) Which of the following is an oample of deep reflexes?

a) ankle jerk b) knee jerk

c) abdominal reflex d) Both A and B

141) What is the breathing rate in humans during exercise?

a) 15-20 times per minute

b) 10-20 times per minute

c) 20 times per minute

d) 30 times per minute

142) The oviduct generally called:

a) fallopian tube b) uterine tube

c) Both A and B d) uterus

143) What is correct about myogtobin?

a) It is iron containing protein pigment

b) It occurs in muscle fibers

c) It also stores some oxygen

d) All A,B and C are correct

144) Which one gives blue colour when subjected to an iodine test?

a) starch b) glycogen

c) cellulose d) none of these

145) Exoskeleton of coelenterates is made up of which of the following material?

a) Calcium b) Silica c) Chitin    D) Lignin

146) Approximately how many species of bacteria are known to cause diseases in humans?

a) 100 b) 150 c) 200    d) 250

147) What is not a part of protoplasm?

a) Capsule of bacteria b) Nucleus

c) Cell membrane d) Mitochondria

148) Modifications of proteins and lipids as glycoproteins and lipoproteins occur in which of the following structures?

a) Ribosome b) SER

c) ER d) golgi apparatus

149) Which of the following is not present in mitochondria?

a) enzymes b) coenzymes

c) ribosomes d) thylakoid

150) The pay-off phase of glycolysis conserved the

a) molecules of glucose

b) molecules of fructose

c) ATP d) water

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