MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 11

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #11 (T3) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

151) if the supply frequency of a transformer increases, the secondary output voltage of the transformer

a) increases b) decreases

c) remains unchanged d) any of above

152) As a result of interference, energy

a) is transmitted and reflected b) is lost

c) remains unchanged as a whole but is redistributed d) is gained

153) Acceleration of rolling object is zero _________ at point of hill

a) highest b) lowest

c) middle d) none of these

154) Consider a drop of water of mass 1 gm falling from a height of 1 km. It hits the ground with a speed of 50 m/s, take g = 10 m/s^2., the work done by resistive force of air is

a) -8.25 J b) 8.75 J c) 8.75 J    d) 8.5 J

155) The convection process transfer heat faster than radiation

a) it depends on condition

b) not always c) TRUE d) FALSE

156) The source of gamma radiation is

a) outside nucleus b) inside nucleus

c) electron transition d) none of these

157) Copper wire is used as connecting wire because :

a) copper has high electrical resistivity

b) copper has high value of elasticity

c) copper has low electrical conductivity

d) copper has high value elasticity

158) Numbers of electrons emitted in photoelectric effect depends upon

a) wavelength of incident light

b) frequency of incident light

c) energy of incident light

d) intensity of incident light

159) The frequency of a wave is 60 Hz. How long does it take to pass 20 complete waves from a point?

a) 3sec b) 12 sec c) 3 sec    d) 1/3 sex

160) Which one is the correct statement about selenium?

a) selenium is a good conductor

b) selenium is a good insulator

c) selenium is an insulator in the dark and becomes conductor when exposed to light

d) selenium is an conductor in the dark and becomes insulator when exposed to light

161) Value of current in a short circuit is ______

a) infinite b) zero

c) minimum d) maximum

162) A variable force F = 2x is applied what will be the work done in moving the particle from X= 10 to 0

a) 100 J b) 50 J c) -50 J    d) -100 J

163) If 238U decay two gamma particles the new atomic number will be

a) 238 J b) 234 J c) 237 J    d) none of these

164) A steel hangs vertically from a fixed point, supporting a weight of 80 N at its lower end. The diameter of the wire is 0.50 mm and its length from the fixed point to the weight is 1.5 m. If density of steel wire = 7.8 x 10 ^3 kg/m3, then what is the fundamental frequency emitted from the wire.

a) 76 Hz b) 176 Hz c) 50 Hz    d) 150 Hz 165) A stationary wave is formed in a pipe which is open at both ends. If length of pipe is L, then what is the maximum possible wavelength of the wave.

a) 2 L b) 1/2L c) L d) 3L

166) Consider a car is travelling for one hour. Which of the following cases has the greatest average velocity in east-direction?

a) car travels 20 km due east

b) car travels 60 km due east, then turns

c) car travels 70 km due east

d) car travels 30 km due west, then turns around and travels 30 km due east

167) A reversible cannot engine converts 1/6th of heat into input work. When the temperature of sink is reduced by 62 degree C then efficiency is doubled then temperature of source and sink is

a) 80C, 37C b) 99C, 30C

c) 99C, 25C d) 99C, 37C

168) Where does the energy lost by fast moving electron goes:

a) Appears as photon

b) Appears as electron positron pair

c) Appears as its K.E. d) It vanishes

169) The image received of absorbed x rays is

a) inverted b) real c) any of a or b d) virtual

170) The centripetal force direction is positive when object rotates

a) anti-clockwise b) clockwise

c) upward d) none of these

171) Power transfer from primary to secondary is through flux linkage, so the primary and secondary coils should be wound in such a way that flux coupling between them is

a) min b) constant c) zero    d) max

172) Spring is ________ .  it will be warmer soon.

a) on the way b) to be coming

c) eventually d) prepared now

173) l am ______ tea now.

a) taking b) takes c) took    d) take

174) Aslam and his friends were making too much noise. Their father got really ______ at them.

a) afraid b) angry

c) kind d) strong

175)  Fetch chair and sit down.

a) a b) an c) the    d) no article

176) Aquatic arthropods respire through which of the following?

a) gills b) book lungs

c) spiracle d) both a and b

177) Choose the present indefinite tense form of the sentence. “He had been sleeping.”

a) He has been sleeping. b) He had slept.

c) He has slept. d) He sleeps.

178) Choose the correct sentence.

a) My friend Sally and i are reading “The Phantom Tollbooth”

b) My friend sally and I are reading “The Phantom Tollbooth”.

c) My friend Sally and I are reading “The Phantom Tollbooth”.

d) My friend Sally and I are reading the phantom tollbooth.

179) Our neighbors have _______ cat and _______ dog.

a) a… an b) a….a c) a….the    d) an ….. an

180) I would love (A)/ to be able to swim (B)/ if I am not afraid (C)/ of water (D)

a) I would love

b) to be able to swim

c) if am not afraid

d) of water.

181) The police ________ (leave) no stone unturned to trace the culprits.

a) left b) leave c) leaves    d) leaving

182) That night every one of the boat’s crew down with fever.

a) is b) are c) was d) were

183) would not

a) would’nt b) wouldn’t

c) woul’dnt d) wouldn’t’

184) Ninety rupees _______ too much for this bag.

a) is b) are c) be     d) were

185) Find the error?

a) They talked through the entire movie.

b) The plants in this garden does not require much water.

c) She always brings turkey sandwiches for lunch. d) No mistakes

186) Choose the correct spelling of the word

a) possesion b) possession

c) posesion d) posession

187) She _________ (work) in the factory for fifteen years by next year.

a) will work b) will be working

c) will have been working d) had worked

188) Over-speeding is a traffic offense which leads to _________ accidents.

a) troublesome b) final

c) great d) gruesome

189) Choose the correct sentence.

a) Mrs Sajjad: who was sitting behind the desk, gave me a big smile.

b) Mrs Sajjad who was sitting behind the desk gave me a big smile.

c) Mrs Sajjad, who was sitting behind the desk, gave me a big smile.

d) Mrs Sajjad, who was sitting behind the desk gave me a big smile?

190) Statement: Majority of the students in the college expressed their opinion against the college authority’s decision to break away from the university and become autonomous. The university authorities have expressed their inability to provide grants to its constituent colleges.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect

c) Both the statements I and II are independent causes

d) Both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause

191) The hotel is two blocks east of the drugstore. The market is one block west of the hotel. The drugstore is west of the market. If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

a) Ture b) FALSE c) maybe   d) unresolved

192) Look at this series 14, 28, 20, 40, 32, 64. What number should come next?

a) 52 b) 56 c) 96      d) 128

193) Statement The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased. I . To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality. II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

a) both of them follows

b) None of them follows

c) Only I follows d) Only II follows

194) Which of the following is classified as a main rock?

a) metamorphic b) sedimentary c) igneous d) Both A and B

195) What should come next to it infirmary

a) surgery b) disease

c) patient d) receptionist

196) FESCO stands for ______ 

a) Faizabad Electricity Supply Company

b) Frontier Electricity Supply Company

c) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company

d) Federal Electric Supply Company

197) Statements (I) Many people prefer to shop at the big retail chains than the local grocery stores. (II) Retail chains offer a discount of more than 25% as compared to

a)I is cause and II is effect

b) II is cause and I is effect

c) both are independent causes

d) both are effects of independent causes

198) Complete the series A25, B625,C15625 _____?

a) D390625 b) D364748

c) D) 390524 d) D390525

199) A reflex action involving two or more interneurons between sensory and motor motor neuron is called:

a) Monosynaptic reflex

b) Polysynaptic reflex

c) Hemi Synaptic reflex d) None of these

200) in stretched string the frequency of vibration is given by f=1/2L-VF/m. In this equation m has dimension

a) ML-2 b) ML-1 c) M     d) ML

201) Which of the following is evidence of a common ancestor?

a) Morphological similarities

b) Fossil record

c) Vestigial characteristics d) all of these

202) What types of viruses contain the enzyme lysozyme to aid in their infection?

a) bacteriophage b) animal viruses

c) plant viruses d) fungal viruses

203) Human body contains _____ kind of proteins?

a) 60000 b) almost 10000

c) 5000 d) 200

204) the value of quantity G in the law of gravitation

a) depend on mass of Earth only

b) depends on radius of Earth only

c) depends on both

d) it independent of mass and radius of Earth

205) The department of finance has levied more taxes. II The economic shortfall of the country has slashed.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.

c) Both statements I and II are independent causes

d) Both statements I and II are the effects of independent cause.

206) For a half-wave rectifier having diode voltage VD and supply input of V, the diode conducts for  – 2ϴ, where 6 is given by

a) tan^(-1)( VD/V) b) sin^(-1)( V/V)

c) cos^(-1){ VD/V) d) cot^(-1)( VD/V)

207) The half-life of radium is about 1600 years. Of 100 g of radium existing now, 25 g will remain unchanged after

a) 2400 years b) 3200 years

c) 6400 years d) 4800 years

208) They would not (A) have able to (B) plan the details of the trip (C) without your help. (D)

a) They would not

b) have able to

c) plan the details of the trip

d) without your help

209) I have already got a ____ at a hotel in Murree. We shall have no problems.

a) prescription b) property

c) reverse d) reservation

210) There is _______ institution for blind in this city.

a) a… an b) a… the c) an.. a      d) an … the

Now you can download the Updated MDCAT 2022 Syllabus

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Key Test (8+9+10+11)

       1.            A       2.            A       3.            D       4.            D
       5.            D       6.            B       7.            D       8.            A
       9.            D   10.            D   11.            D   12.            D
   13.            D   14.            B   15.            D   16.            D
   17.            B   18.            C   19.            A   20.            B
   21.            C   22.            B   23.            A   24.            B
   25.            D   26.            D   27.            A   28.            D
   29.            D   30.            C   31.            A   32.            C
   33.            D   34.            B   35.            C   36.            D
   37.            B   38.            B   39.            D   40.            B
   41.            B   42.            A   43.            B   44.            C
   45.            C   46.            D   47.            D   48.            B
   49.            B   50.            A   51.            C   52.            A
   53.            D   54.            D   55.            C   56.            C
   57.            C   58.            D   59.            A   60.            D
   61.            D   62.            B   63.            D   64.            D
   65.            C   66.            B   67.            C   68.            C
   69.            B   70.            C   71.            C   72.            D
   73.            B   74.            D   75.            D   76.            D
   77.            C   78.            B   79.            D   80.            A
   81.            C   82.            C   83.            C   84.            B
   85.            D   86.            B   87.            C   88.            C
   89.            C   90.            A   91.            C   92.            D
   93.            B   94.            B   95.            B   96.            B
   97.            A   98.   99.            B100.            C
101.            B102.            B103.            D104.            B
105.            D106.            B107.            D108.            C
109.            C110.            C111.            B112.
113.            B114.            D115.            C116.            A
117.            A118.            D119.            D120.            C
121.            D122.            B123.            B124.            B
125.            B126.            B127.            A128.            B
129.            D130.            C131.            A132.            A
133.134.            B135.            D136.            B
137.            A138.            C139.            C140.            C
141.            C142.            D143.            A144.            C
145.            A146.            B147.            D148.            A
149.            A150.            D151.            C152.            C
153.            A154.            B155.            D156.            B
157.            B158.            D159.            D160.            C
161.            A162.            D163.            A164.            A
165.            A166.            C167.            D168.            A
169.            A170.            A171.            D172.            A
173.            A174.            B175.            A176.            D
177.            D178.            C179.            B180.            C
181.            A182.            C183.            B184.            A
185.            B186.            B187.            C188.            D
189.            C190.            B191.            A192.            B
193.            B194.            C195.            C196.            C
197.            B198.            D199.            B200.            C
201.            D202.            A203.            B204.            D
205.            B206.            B207.            B208.            B
209.            D210.            D


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