MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 10

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #10 (T3) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

101) SN1 reactions have which of the following specie formed and consumed in the reaction ?

a) Transition state b) intermediate

c) Carbanion d) Carbene

102) The minimum amount of energy required to remove an electron from its gaseous atom to form an ion is known as

a) electron affinity

b) ionization energy

c) electronegativity

d) potential energy

103) Number of Valence Electrons in CI-Ion are

a) 18 b) 10 c) 17       d) 8

104) Atomicity is determined by number of __ present in a molecule

a) dots b) atoms

c) sub particles d) electrons

105) The ionization energy of group __ shows abnormal trend

a) 3A & 4A b) 5A& 6A

c) 6A& 4A d) 3A & 6A

105) The ionization energy of group __ shows abnormal tend

a) 3A & 4A  b) 5A & 6A

c) 6A & 4A d) 3A & 6A

106) Protein is a polymer of ______?

a) Nitrogen atoms b) Amino acids

c) Glucose d) Nitrogenous base

107) When the central atom of coordination compound is sp3d2 hybridization the expected geometry will be

a) Tetrahedral b) Square planar

c) Trigonal bipyramidal d) Octahedral

108) which of the following solids is isotropic

a) ionic solids b) molecular solids

c) amorphous solids d) metallic solids

109) Which of the following is formed when phenol reacts with acetyl chloride?

A) alcohol B) carboxylic acids

C) ester D) amines

110) Which of the following does not react with bases?

A) carboxylic acids b) phenol

c) ethanol d) HCI

111) The rate of reaction

a) increase as the reaction proceeds

b) decreases as the reaction proceeds

c) remains uncharged

d) None of these

113) In Electrochemical Cell Positive Ions are migrated towards

a) anode b) cathode

c) toward the bottom of the cell

d) towards the walls of the cell

114) H6O+ ions acts as 

a) base b) catalyst c) buffer    d) acid

114) Toward the bottom of the cell ] Towards the walls of the cell

115) The Addition of Hydrogen cyanide in Formaldehydes give which product?

a) 2-hydroxypropoic b) 2-methylproapnitril

c) hydroxyacetonitril

d) 2-hydroxypropanenitril

116) What is the correct equation to find Heat of neutralization using glass calorimeter?


a) q=msΔT b) E=q mΔT

c) E=msΔT d) q=umcΔT

117) f-block elements are called?

a) inner transition b) outer transition

c) both d) none

118) Which of the following reactions have first step similar with each other?

a) Es1,S2 b) E2,S c) E2,S2   d) E1,S1

119) Pentene has how many isomers?

a) 2 b) 1 c) 5      d) 3

120) Which one of the following H-bond is strong?

a) OH b) N-H c) F-H     d) CI-H

121) Spectrum is the visual display or _________ of component of white light when it is passed through prism

a) rarefaction b) radiation

c) collection d) dispersion

122) Proteases enzyme are example of:

a) lyases b) hydrolases

c) ligases d) transferases

123) SI Unit of voltage is?

a) coulomb b) volts

c) amperes d) newton’s meter

124) Current carrying loop behaves like a

a) monopole b) dipole

c) quadrupole d) octopole

125) Which of the following is the same for isotopes?

a) neutrons b) protons

c) electrons d) all of them

126) The particle that possesses half integral spin has

a) pion b) proton c) k-meson    d) photon

127) When temperature of the system does not change, it is called:

a) isothermal b) adiabatic c) isovolumemetric d) isobaric

128) If peak Voltage across a full wave rectifier is 20V then Vrms is

a) 7.07 b) 14.14 v c) 16.8V      d) 12V

B 14.14v

129) The value of acceleration due to gravity on moon is __________ of earth

a) 1/4th b) 1/10th c) 2/3rd     d) 1/6

130) Laser light is

a) multi directional b) bi-directional

c) uni-directional d) none of these

131) Which of the following is not a conservative force

a) friction b) electric

c) magnetic d) gravitational

131) Which of the following is not a conservative force

a) friction b) electric

c) magnetic d) gravitational

132) Force acting on a negative charge is always

a) in the direction opposite to electric field

b) in the direction of electric field

c) in the direction perpendicular to electric field

d) in the direction perpendicular to the velocity of charge

134) Bright Lines in pattern shows

a) absorption b) emission

c) release  d) free particle

135) Electric field lines provide information about

a) Field strength b) direction

c) Nature of charge d) All of these

136) The concept of work function was given by

a) bohr b) Einstein

c) Rutherford d) none of these

137) What will be the decay constant of 1 Curie sample of radioactive substance of mass 214, its half life is 26.8 min?

a) 431*10^4 b) 431*10^5

c) 431*10^5 d) 0.431

138) For currents changing with time will produce___ field

a) electrostatic b) magnetostatic

c) electromagnetic d) none of these

139) In full wave rectifier with input frequency 50 Hz the ripple in the output is mainly of frequency

a) 25 Hz b) 50 Hz c) 100Hz    d) zero

140) Instantaneous velocity is defined at

a) particular displacement

b) instant acceleration

c) instant time d) average time

141) Peak voltage in the output of full wave rectifier is 10V so dc component of output voltage is

a) 10 2 b) 20 c) 20/     d) 20

142) The attraction capacity of electromagnet will increase if the

a) Core length increases

b) Core area increases

c) Flux density increases

d) Flux density increases

143) Two spherical nuclei have mass number 216 and 64 with radius R1 and R2 respectively. The ratio of R2/R1 is

a) 1.5 b) 2 c)2.5      d) 3

144) What is the magnitude of the magnetic field B= (0.3i + 0.4j) T?

a) 5T b) 2.5 T c) 0.5 T    d) 2 T

145) if crops are grown under greenhouse radiation the crops will

a) grow faster b) grow slowly

c) burn immediately

d) none of these will happen

146) Half wave rectifier passes only

a) lower half cycle b) upper half cycle

c) both cycles d) none of them

147) Which of the following statements is correct? The electric field at a point is

a) continuous if there is a charge at that point

b) always continues

c) discontinuous only if there is a negative charge at that point

d) discontinuous if there is a charge at that point

148) A metal rod of length 4 m , velocity 5m/s and magnetic field 0.5 T induced emf is

a) 10 V b) 20 V C) 30 V     d) 4 V

149) When electron series terminates on 4th _________  orbit series is obtained

a) Balmer b) Pfund

c) Paschen d) none of these

none of these

150) A body moving along the circumference of a circle completes two revolutions. If the radius of the circular path is R, the total angular displacement covered is?

a) b) 2 c) zero      d) 4

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