MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 1

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #1 of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

1) Function of Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (SER) is ______.

a) Synthesis of intracellular proteins.

b) Synthesis of extracellular proteins.

c) Synthesis of extracellular enzymes.

d) Synthesis of lipids.

2) With the passage of time rate of reaction always

a) Increases

b) Remains constant

c) Decreases

d) Increases exponentially

3) The bond formed b/w NH3 and BF3 is co-ordinate bond because NHS ____ due to presence of one lone pair 

a) acceptor b) donor

c) neutral d) negatively charged

4) Glacial acetic acid is ?

a) Pure liquid ascetic acid at 17°C

b) Pure solid acetic acid at 17°C

c) Pure solid acetic acid at 118°C

d) Pure solid acetic acid at -20 °C

5) The principle behind the working of cathode nay oscilloscope is

a) oscillation

b) half wave rectification

c) full wave rectification

c) none of these

6) Equilibrium constant for Ideal gases in terms of partial pressure in denoted by

a) Kc b) K c) Kp      d) None of these

7) What is the radius of circular path, if particle has mass m and charge q

a) r= qb/m

b) r= mv/B

c) r=mv/qB

d) r = mvr/qB

8) Ethane is obtained by electrolyzing _______

a) Potassium formate

b) Potassium succinate

c) Potassium acetate

d) Potassium fumarate

9) The idea that opposed the idea of a biogenesis was proposed by?

a) Robert Hooke

b) Robert brown

c) rudolph varchow

d) lorenz oken

10) Which one of the following is least likely to occur in s boy during puberty?

a) His voice deepens

b) Hair grows on the chest and under the arms

c) Sperm starts to be produced

d) His hair turns grey

11) During transport of carbon dioxide, blood does not become acidic due to

a) Blood buffer

b) Neutralization of H2CO3 by Na2CO3

c) Absorption by leukocytes

d) Non-accumulation

12) Reduction of ethanoic acid with LiAIH4 produces _____

a) Propanol b)Ethanal

c) Ethanol d) Ethane

13) The e/m value is maximum for ____ gas because of ____ value of “m” for positive rays obtained from it

a) Oxygen gas, lowest

b) hydrogen gas, highest

c) hydrogen gas lowest

d) helium gas highest

14) If Water is present on a cup placed on a table, what will be the system in this case?

a) Water

b) Water in cup

c) Whole table

d) All of these

15) What is the order of SN reactions?

a) 1st order

b) zero order

c) 2nd order

d) 3rd order

16) Angles in a Unit Cell are denoted by

a) x,y,z b) a,b,c

c) a, B, Y’ d) i,j,k

17) The compounds in which similar groups are present on the same aide of double bond are called as_____ ?

a) Trans isomers

b) Positional isomers

c) C is isomers

d) None of these

18) Which of the uranium isotope have larger mass.

a) 6.22 x 123 atoms of U – 235

b) G. 22 x 1 23 atoms of U – 238

c) 6. 22 x 123 atoms of U – 234

d)all of these

19) Salt Bridge is used for the purpose of

a) Producing Electrons

b) circuit completion

c) Increasing speed of electrons

d) All of these

20) In nature fatty acids occur as ______ of glycerol?

a) Acid halides

b) Binary compounds

c) Esters

d) Alkanes

21) Voltaic Cell can be converted into a Reverse galvanic Cell by

a) Changing positions of electrodes

b) Replacing Salt Bridge with a Wire

c) Providing an External Source of electricity

d) All of these

22) 80% of the coal is used in____?

a) lime kiln

b) Domestic purposes

c) Fuel

d) Motor bikes

23) Which of the following is true about the kinetics of bimolecular elimination reactions?

a) 1st order reaction

b) 2nd order reaction

c) Zero order reaction

d) 3rd order reaction

24) 2 moles of octane (C8H18) burns with 25 moles of oxygen (02) and produced moles of carbon dioxide along with 15 moles of water

a) 14 b) 16 c) 18       d) 2

25) Which of the following is a strong acid?

a) Ethane b) Ethyl

c) Ethanol d) Phenol

26) If the conductor resistance is 50 ohm and the current passing through it 25 A. What is the value of potential difference?

a) 150V b) 250V

c) 50V d) 15V

27) The number of autosomes in human sperm is:

a) 11 b) 22 c) 44       d) 45

28) First law of thermodynamics is a special case of

a) Newton’s law

b) Charles’s law

c) Conservation of energy

d) Conservation of entropy

29) A half wave rectifier is equivalent to

a) Clamper b) Clipper

c) Clamper circuit with negative bias

d) Clamper circuit with positive bias

30) One radian equals to degree

a) 30 b)60 d) 90      d)none of these

31) The reason that white light is not harmful radiation is that

a) its speed is less than other radiations

b) it is composed of different lights

c) it is originated from non radioactive element

d) none of these

32)if more oxygen is present, the rubisco starts:

a) Respiration


c) Carboxylase

d) None of these

33) The isolation of different cellular components to determine their chemical composition can be achieved by?

a) cell differentiation b)chromatography

c) cell fractionation d) all of these

34) The offspring of mating between two pure stains are called:

a) Hybrid

b) The P generation

c) Mutants

d) The F2 generation

35) Which gas among them shows maximum ideal behavior

a) Ammonia b)Hydrogen

c) Helium d) Radon

36) Coherent source of light means

a) multiple wavelength

b) double wavelength

c) single wavelength

d) coherent photons

37) The energy is when oppositely charged ions brought close to each other

a) released b) absorbed

c) remain same d) constant

38) A structural component that is found in all viruses is?

a) envelope b) DNA

c) Capsid d) Tail Fibers

39) A four person crew from Classic Colors is painting Mr. Zohaib’s house. Ahmed is painting the front of the house. Maira is in the alley behind the house panting the back. Ayesha is painting the window frames on the north aide, Hamza is on the south. If Zohaib switches places with Ayesha, and Ayesha then switches places with Hamza, where is Hamza?

a) in the alley behind the house

b) on the north side of the house

c) in front of the house

d) on the south side of the house

40) The general name of ore CaSO4. H2O is

a) Gypsum b) Dolomite

d) Calcite d) Plaster of Paris

41) Electron and proton both with same momentum enter perpendicularly in uniform field

a) path of proton will be more curved

b) path of electron wall be more curved

c) both have same curved path

d) path of both will straight line

42) A sample of F-18 is used internally as a  medical diagnostic tool to Look for the effect of the positron decay (T1/2= 110 min). How long does it take for 99 % of the F-18 to decay?

a) 10.2 h b) 11.2h

c) 14.2h d) 12.2 h

43) Viroids lacks

a)RNA                                                   b)enzyme

c) protective protein coat d) all of these

44) Deficiency of which element causes yellowing m plants?

a) Magnesium b)Iron

c) Chlorine d) Oxygen

45) Sumaira was surprised when her boss didn’t _____the dinner they had at the restaurant.

a)buy                    b) pay

c) pay for d) spend

46) Which phenol is most acidic in nature 

a) salicylic acid b) picnic acid

c) cresol d) O-nitrophenol

47) soap and detergents show cleansing section because of the presence of molecules

a) opposite poles b) polar part

c) non polar part d) positive end

48) To avoid long reaction time and to get equilibrium mixture quickly we add

a) More reactants

b) catalyst

c) inhibitors

d) enzymes

49) Protein component of enzyme is called _____.

a) Coenzyme b) Cofactor

c) Apo-enzyme d) Prosthetic group

50) Who attributed the deviation of real gases from ideal behavior

a) Boyle’s law b)Charles’s Law

c) Avogadro’s Law            d) Vander Waals



       1.            D       2.            C       3.            B       4.            B
       5.            B       6.            C       7.            C       8.            B
       9.            C    10.            D    11.            B    12.            C
    13.            C    14.            A    15.            C    16.            C
    17.            C    18.            B    19.            B    20.            C
    21.            C    22.            A    23.            B    24.            B
    25.            D    26.            B    27.            C    28.            C
    29.            B    30.            D    31.            A    32.            B
    33.            C    34.            A    35.            B    36.            C
    37.            A    38.            C    39.            C    40.            A
    41.            C    42.            D    43.            C    44.            A
    45.            C    46.            B    47.            B    48.            B


50. d


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