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Hello students it is crucial to know that the team which is called as “Expert MDCAT” is working day and night to reduce the problems of students and to provide quality material to enhance the possibility of better future. Expert MDCAT has its social media page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to deliver its services. Expert MDCAT is growing in popularity and the hard work of the team is reflected in its development. It is our constant effort to help our students and, therefore, provide them with a number of options regarding career course. Most students get a feeling of sadness when they expect to fail; this results to the student developing depression and this makes them stressed up and easily gets annoyed. Time is depicted as slow and more often than not, things do not turn out as expected. Therefore, we should also teach and invest time in our children and make sure they are aware of the existing circumstances. Therefore, I am glad to note that the objective of Expert MDCAT is noble and commendable. The aim of this platform is to provide a one stop solution for our students and to help them in choosing a career. It can be seen that many a student who has passed through the intermediate/FSC/A level system of education is often in a very ambiguous position concerning the path he or she should follow in the future. Furthermore, most of the pre-medical students who have intentions of joining the medical profession have the understanding that studying for an MBBS is the only viable option. Besides, the acquisition of an MBBS degree, there are several other specializations that one can take in order to enhance his/her career and to ensure a brighter future. In any case, hard work will produce results and one will be able to accomplish the intended goal. However, in the present society, effort and thinking have to go hand in hand in order to succeed in whatever one is doing. In Pakistan, even those students who secure more than 90% marks in metric/SSC/O level and intermediate/HSSC/A level examinations are made to appear for a test called MDCAT, which is a common entrance test that the students have to clear in order to get admission in medical colleges spread throughout the country. Due to the limited number of Medical student slots at every university, the students who wrote the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) were only a few in number. It will not be wrong to say that out of the entire student strength, half of the students were only offered a seat in the MBBS program. Nevertheless, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of the effects on the other students. Have you ever pondered on this issue? Absolutely, what you said is one hundred percent correct. The students choose to improve their grades by enrolling in the FSC programme fully or partially and then write the MDCAT exam in order to get admission in the medical and dental colleges. Hence, this process continues every year and results in an expansion of the number of people participating in the process of improvement. To increase their chances of success, students are encouraged to develop better and less random strategies for working on their assignments. What activities are they implementing at the moment? Yes! It is advised that people should choose a genuine website that offers counselling services to the individuals and a large number of job vacancies. Due to the increased use of the internet, the simplification of the access to different resources through the use of devices such as the smart phones has been boosted. Because of the COVID 19 outbreak, learning activities have been shifted to the online platform. Given the fact that Pakistan is still a developing country, many issues arise which limit students’ capability of fully participating in the educational process.


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You can download matric all board gazettes of 2024 from the following link..

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