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How To Prepare MDCAT

Here are the tips for the preparation of MDCAT. Students should not be confused.


1. Physics

Dear students, the MCQs of physics in the paper are both easy and difficult. There are a total of 44 MCQs. Out of them, about 25-30 mcqs are quite easy and can be said as book lines. However, remaining mcqs are not as such from the book. These mcqs are always world known and conceptual, not too difficult but quite interesting. In order not to lose 50 marks, which literally DECIDE YOUR MERIT, you have to be keen about those 8 mcqs as well.These mcqs involve diagrams and calculations etc, but are not so difficult. But you must have once gone through them before the entrance test. That’s it!!


2. Chemistry

There are a total of 58 mcqs in chemistry. According to the updated syllabus, 2018 about 35-40 mcqs are quite lenient(no diagrams), but remaining may contain diagrams and the most important questions in the form of diagrams come from AMINO ACIDS and MACROMOLECULES. Moreover, you should have FULL GRIP on your organic chemistry. Because 30 questions are from organic chemistry only. A good teacher can help you master the organic chemistry. If you think that first year chemistry is difficult then don’t waste all your time on learning it only. There are 18 mcqs from first year and 40 from second year. So, try to keep a balance. That’s it!!


3. Biology

There are 88 mcqs in biology paper. Dear students, ALL THESE MCQs are SIMPLE BOOK LINES except a few (3 or 4). So, you have to prepare it necessarily from book. I don’t say that simply CRAM the book lines. You should learn all the topics of Biology like a story, yes a scientific story. Don’t cram same to same book words but try to learn everything that is written in the book. And you need not learn any key books or notes in order to GET CONCEPTS. I can say, with extreme honesty that all the concepts are easily available in our textbook. So, you must take your textbook as reference. Learn everything from it, because not even a single word in mdcat is from outside the range of your book. So, plz be serious about it. That’s it….!


4. English

Now comes the embarrassing question of English (embarrassing for most of the students..). Actually the paper consists of 30 mcqs. These mcqs are very very important in deciding your merit. There are roughly 2 categories of questions:


Vocabulary (4 fill in the blanks and 10 synonyms)

Correction (6 Spot the Error and 10 choose the correct sentence)


So, you have to focus on these 2 things and I CLAIM that VOCABULARY is MORE IMPORTANT. Not even a single question in the paper of English is without the use of Vocabulary( given by UHS in syllabus “Essential Word Power”). So, you must have firm grip on these vocabulary words. These are very very difficult words and have been eliminated from the Oxford Dictionary. At least, you must know the meaning of each and every word. This will cause your avoirdupois of English be reduced.


In grammar, you should know only the basic and primal concepts of tenses and PREPOSITION. You must learn all the basics, only basics not detailed concepts of verb, adverb, adjective, etc. These questions are very easy for those who are good at English and have a good base. but the students who need improvement must CONCENTRATE on English Grammar and general rules. These rules are taught by teachers. So, prefer them or simply read books for grammar like Captain and Bright. I personally prefer Captain Key book( only its Grammar portion). Thus the key to at least 25 correct questions in English is THE GRIP ON VOCABULARY.

Jazak Allah

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