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Starting from basic, first of all let’s discuss what is NMDCAT?

National Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (NMDCAT) is an entrance test conducted by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) to get enrolled in Medical College. Previously it was MCAT then changed into MDCAT and finally NMDCAT after PMDC transformation into PMC. NMDCAT follows the National Curriculum approved by PMC.

That was all about NMDCAT. Now we will discuss how to prepare it?

NMDCAT is a centralized entrance test which will be conducted by PMC for the students of all provinces. National curriculum includes the syllabus from all province books. According to recent interview of PMC Representative,2021 Syllabus will be followed this year also.

Now discuss all the subjects:


Rules cramming:

Cram the rules and you are not restricted to follow specific academy book; you can follow your teacher’s notes. Main thing is better understanding. Don’t go for trend if you don’t have better understanding with that book.

If you ask about my opinion, during class, note down teacher’s lecture.

Download MDCAT English Preparation Material


Nothing is perfect without practice. Always practice from different books. Cram a rule and then find it in your textbook (PTB, KP BOOKS, SINDH BOOKS, BALOCHISTAN BOOKS, A LEVELS). Chemical Grammar by Prof.Salman Ul Waheed is highly recommended in this regard.

It is my observation, if you remember a rule and find it in your textbook, it will be stored in your long-term memory.

Download MDCAT English Vocab 2022


A very easy subject grab as much marks as you can.

Previously, when MDCAT was conducted by UHS (University of Health and Sciences), it was quite easy to grab 100 percent marks in subject. But after National Curriculum, you have to prepare it technically.

Hand Made Notes:

  • Make your hand made notes from day 1.
  • Simply attend a lecture, note down the key points.
  • After coming home, reread your lecture and write down your concepts what did you get from one page. To my experience, whole chapter will be concise into one or two pages.
  • Then practice it from all books.
  • Solve class tests and evaluate yourself.
  • Always encircle your mistake with Red Pencil so that you can pay more attention whenever you will go through that topic.
  • Keep on reading and practicing again and again. Biology requires book reading and making notes.
  • Keep on concising your notes and at the end you would have just 5 to 6 pages for complete biology.
  • Biology is scheme of cramming except a few technical things.

Download Expert Biology Hand Made Notes

STEP Biology Notes

  • Chemistry:

A very interesting subject

You can grab maximum marks if you follow this subject technically. Generally, first year F.Sc. has lesser contribution as compared to second year. Academies starts from first year and they complete it in approx. one and half month. Second year, having more than 65 percent contribution in NMDCAT, is neglected to some extent. So always focus on major contribution but never miss minor things.

First year is all about reading and concepts. Remember I mentioned Reading and Concepts. So, make your concepts along with reading. Undoubtedly, first year chemistry is too much dry.

Second year chemistry is very interesting.

It is divided into organic and inorganic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry is just remembering the trends exceptions etc. etc.…

Organic chemistry is a logical subject. One thing I would like to clear is that if you learn things instead of cramming, surely that would have long lasting effects. Further in MBBS, Biochemistry is all about organic chemistry.

Things to cram: Catalysts, conditions

Download Organic Chemistry Notes

First of all, clear your concepts related to basics of Organic chemistry just like what is ESR, NSR, ELIMINATION REACTION, ADDITION REACTION

CATEGORIZE whole organic reaction on the basis of type of reaction. For example, put heading of ESR and then write down all classes which perform this type of reaction.

Download MDCAT Chemistry Notes

FUNCTIONAL GROUPS: focus on unusual functional groups for example Mercapto, Imine, Amine etc.…

Mechanism of reaction: organic reactions are all about condition which are required for a reaction to be proceeded. A reaction gives products on different conditions. So always focus on why the reaction occurred. What conditions are required for this reaction?

Download Shortlisting of Organic Chemistry

Interrelation of reactions: it is also called Chain Reactions

Every chapter exercise contains tens of chain reactions. I will strongly recommend that exercise questions. I assure at the end of solving exercises, you will be able to face any condition related to organic chemistry.

Download MDCAT Notes by Anfal Hamza

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Most conceptual subject of NMDCAT

Physics is all about numerical, concepts and minor reading topics.

Actually, FSc physics is totally different from NMDCAT physics. In FSc we are prepared for general concepts but most of students face problems in NMDCAT physics due to lack of high concepts.

Download MDCAT Physics Notes

Download Chapter wise Formulas

Biggest trap in physics:

A 5 to 6 liner statement, which creates a panic situation. But whole statement is absurd except few points. These are trapping points in NMDCAT.

  • Solve numerical of your textbook.
  • Solve practice tests conducted by academies.
  • You just have to prepare yourself mentally, so physics is all about practice, practice, and practice.
  • Sharp your mind and understand what he wants to ask from you. Make as much exposure as you can to questions.
  • Summarize concepts on your registers and cram those points.

MDCAT Physics Unit wise Mcqs

MDCAT Physics Short-listings

Logical Reasoning:

Follow your academy teacher instructions for logical reasoning practice. No need to solve complete book, first 7 to 8 pages are enough. Download all the data from

Watch Logical Reasoning Video Lecture

Download STARS Logical Reasoning Book

Post Credit : Anfal Hamza

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