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Past papers are the bridge between exam-preparation and exams. The reason why past papers are important is that they make students understand that how the how the upcoming paper’s method will be. So, we are proud to inform our students about our website which provides all the past papers of all subjects of all classes and all boards of Pakistan. Otherwise it was almost impossible to get such a good collection of past papers on one site. Past papers are the guidance for students because when students solve these papers, their knowledge gets build up which helps them in attempting entry tests and career opportunities tests in future. Attempting past papers of all Inter boards makes their mind sharp and they make themselves ready for midterm/ semester exams.


Past papers are the source of acknowledgement about the main exams. In old days, getting past papers was either money costing or time consuming because students searched separately for each subject. Now we have made it so easy that aspirants can get any past paper of any class. In Punjab, students are provided syllabus before board exams. While in other provinces students are not given syllabus for exam preparation so students wholly rely on solved past papers and books to solve the upcoming paper in good way. Past papers help them in making their paper solving speed fast with certain techniques and skills. So, Past papers are one of the easily available ways through which students can get good marks, grade and percentage if he/ she is sincere with his study and concerns it as his responsibility. Then there remains no obstacle to cut the way of a great achievement and brilliant successive results.



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