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By:Saeeda Maryium
Regards:Khalid Ismail

Dear students / Parents
Regarding to current situation it’s hard for someone to pay a huge amount of money in one time, due to which alot of brilliant and hardworking students are unable to get proper guideline
So regarding to these crisis team EXPERT MDCAT is going to launch hand written lecture notes  from where you can prepare respective chapters, topic in an easy way. Our member saeeda Maryam Provided us a precious stuff of her hand written notes, Team EXPERT MDCAT is very thankful for her on this struggle!!!!
The material is under compiling process and will be uploaded soon with in a day , Our mission is to covey the precious knowledge in the most easiest way so that A student of any financial status can seek a lot, keep Remembering her and our whole family in your prayers

Download All physics Lectures 
Physics 1st year👇👇
Physics 2nd year:👇

Special Thanks to
Hamza Javeed
Shams Akbar
Muhammad Ahsan Raza
Remember Us in your prayers

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