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Dear MDCATians!
Dear Students! The battle is not over! MDCAT has given many students a hope of medical colleges, but to be on the safe side, everyone must appear in NUMS too. This exam has its own plus points. A conceptual paper, with a lot of time for each MCQ, can guarantee you a good seat in AMC or CMH institutions, both of which are uncomparable in their own ways. 
The syllabus of NUMS resembles a lot to MDCAT this year. You’ve already prepared the tough part; Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom Animalia. NUMS doesn’t announce any specific syllabus every year, but topics mainly include all MDCAT syllabus and topics of Light, Ultra-violet rays, Suspension-Colloids from Chemistry and Kingdoms from Biology. English is basically the same as MDCAT with slight changes in vocab. 
For accommodating you, EXPERT MDCAT is uploading NUMS Practice Material which contains authentic MCQs that will help clear your concepts. 
Remember everyone is a winner till the race ends! Don’t underestimate your abilities! ALLAH is the All-Knowing and indeed decides the best for us. 
Good Luck!
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Team Expert MDCAT

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