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Guidelines regarding English portion of MDCAT


1) First portion is related to vocabulary. The students who have learnt the vocab well can do this portion easily. Some confusions may also be there besides u have learnt the vocab well. So there are some tips which may eliminate your confusions

👉👉First of all translate the sentence into urdu and try to understand the thing which is discussed in the sentence.

👉👉Now choose the suitable option which fulfills the meaning of the sentence using common sense

👉👉If options are very confusing , place all the options in the sentence and choose a suitable one.

👉👉The conjunctions like but, though, although, yet, however, nonetheless, likewise, similarly, while, etc. are very decisive in this case. So consider them while translating the sentence which may help u choose the best option


2) Second portion is related to grammer and in 2016 all mcqs of this portion were from PTB(punjab text book) . Some tips you may find helpful to solve this portion are

👉👉First of all translate the sentence to understand its meaning.

👉👉Now use your common sense and choose a suitable option then apply grammar rules on it. If rules satisfy your selected option fill the circle. Otherwise just apply grammer rules and choose the option

👉👉PTB is very helpful to solve this portion. There is no need to cram it. Just read the book thoroughly 2-3 times and mark the lines which you think somewhat odd like Dela counted her hairs many times….Many students think that there can’t be a plural form of hair but it can be when you are talking in the sense of counting.


3) Third portion is also related to grammer and in 2016 all mcqs of this portion were also from PTB. Above same tips may provide you help solve this portion.


👉👉Now the question arises how to prepare the grammer?

Try to learn only those things which you may rewise one night before the test. At this level there is no need to learn very difficult grammer. The grammer rules written in KIPS book are too difficult to remember so don’t prepare grammer from there.

👉👉I would suggest sunshine part II or lecture notes of KIPS or both. This would be enough for this test.


4) Fourth portion is related to vocabulary.

Many students are confused about how to learn vocabulary, afterall 843 words…

I’ll tell you some tips regarding vocabulary which I experienced during my time and were very helpful…

👉👉First of all there is no need to worry about vocabulary or anything you find difficult to learn or understand. Stress is not the solution of anykind of problem….

👉👉Secondly you dont have to learn all the synonyms. Just learn 4/5 synonyms of a word which you find easy as compared to others and read other synonyms 3/4 times as some difficult synonyms have been used repeatedly in the vocabulary…

👉👉Thirdly try to understand the word from pictures which you find very difficult to learn…

👉👉Now how much time you should give to vocabulary portion….

If you study vocab on regular basis, one hour is enough to learn 20 words

If you study vocab twice a week, three hours for one day and three for the other would be enough to learn about 100 words a week…

In this way you may learn the vocabulary in about two months..

In the end, try to offer prayers regularly ,ask your parents and teachers to pray for you…




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