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Dear student! 
you can find UHS official notification regarding MDCAT Test 2019. In this article, you can also find UHS syllabus 2018 and UHS official website notification that has been displayed on the website.

Important Message:
Hope you guys are doing well. First of all, good luck to freshers and improvers for their FSc exams. An important topic of debate among MDCAT students currently is the “syllabus for MDCAT”. On a daily basis, a series of opinions and suggestions are seen in different MDCAT groups. Instead of creating ease for students, such an irresponsible approach creates chaos and tension. Everyone is having their say without any solid proof. But dear students, the sensible ones among you should be oriented towards your goal without being confused amid such rumors, because:
1. UHS has clearly stated that the exam shall be from the TEXTBOOKS of FSc, which all of you have gone through during your intermediate exams.
2. Using the word ‘textbooks’ doesn’t mean that the whole of the books will be included. It means that you have to keep studying your textbooks until the new syllabus is announced.
3. Even if there is a change in the syllabus, it will be a minor one (only a few chapters different from last year ones will be added/replaced). A major portion of the syllabus will remain same as that of last year. So repeaters will only have to give a little extra time to the few new chapters. As for freshers, they have to take a start, so any change in the syllabus should not bother them.
4. Even if the whole of the books ARE included (little chance), everyone (fresher or repeater) will face the same challenges, so overall nobody is losing or gaining anything.
5. The expected date of MDCAT is at the end of July. Remember that it is EXPECTED, not CONFIRMED. So instead of taking tension about it, keep up the pace of your preparation lest you should end up wasting the little time you have in case MDCAT is conducted early.
6. A well-planned schedule of study will help you cover the syllabus in minimum time. Remember MDCAT 2017, when the exam was reconducted on short notice and the depressed, hopeless students had to prepare everything within one month. And obviously, the dedicated ones secured their merit even amid that tense situation. If they can do it, why not you!
Hoping to see the devoted ones among you in medical colleges soon. Best of luck!

UHS MDCAT Test date:

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UHS syllabus 2018:



UHS official notification:

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Website Notice


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