Impact of NMDCAT On my Life by Nimra Jamsheed

Impact of NMDCAT 2020 on Daily Life of Student |Expert MDCAT

Impact of NMDCAT 2020

The story starts when I began my preparation for MDCAT Had to be taken by UHS. But in the era of PTI, there was a change. MDCAT taken by uhs is now taken by PAKISTAN MEDICAL Commissions at the national level. PAKISTAN MEDICAL COMISION adopted the syllabus given by NUMS. This creates a disturbance. In short, PMC creates plenty of disturbance throughout the entire session.29 NOVEMBER, 2020 the day at which NMDCAT takes place.16 December the day which we called the Day of Judgment for medical students. I expect 188 but I got only 152. I know Allah Almighty loves us more than 70 mothers. So I moved on.

But I can see the disappointment on my parent’s faces. My parents force me to take admission to a private medical college but how can I place a burden on my parents by spending more than ten million on me.MDCAT is not the only career for any student. The words my father says to me:

  • “If all students became a doctor then who will be a patient”

The impact of NMDCAT will last on me till my life. But I want to mention some changes that make me to strong enough for my upcoming life NMCAT made me broad-minded. One day I was scrolling on YouTube. I saw a biography of the CEO of Alibaba (e-commerce website). I was surprised to see that how he failed to get admission to Harvard University. Out of 24 people who applied for a job in KFC he is the only one who was rejected. After continuous  hard work of 5 years, he came out as a Founder of Alibaba

I know Allah bless only those who are hardworking and determinant. If failure comes in life, it doesn’t mean that Allah is not with you. He always tests the patience and belief of his creature on Him. If you think failures destroy your whole life, I would like to say that you guys are completely wrong because failure comes to improve your mistakes. Thomas Edthe son who invented the bulb failed about 1000. When a reporter asked:

“How was it to feel fail when a thousand attempt?”

He replied:

“I didn’t fail. The bulb was invented with 1000 steps”

Even Albert Einstein did not read and speak until he was 7 years old. Failure in life gives you resilience. More the failure more will be resilience. Resilience helps to succeed by setting the game until you win. When I made mistake during my MCAT preparation, I lose hope. I think I would not be able to do my best in NMDCAT. One of my best teachers, my motivational speaker, my  mom counsel me by saying:

“It doesn’t matter how many times  you fail, but it matters if you to give up”

In the end, I would like to say don’t lose hope. Allah Almighty is the best planner. He will bestow you which you deserve. May God bless you and provides you happiness and success in your life.  I hope this can assist you to maneuver on If you had a passion that stuck to it and works for works without estimating day and nights

Post Writer: Nimra Jamshaid

Graphics Design: Khalid Ismail 

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