Fee Structure:

Last Year Merit:

PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi offering following bacholars dgrees:
1:BS Agriculture Science
Closing merit:-
Morning: 61.091
Evening: 55:45
Closing merit:-
Morning: 89.54%
Evening: 86.54%
3:BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics(HND)
Closing merit:-
Morning: 82%
Evening: 75.64%
4:BS Micro-Biology
Closing merit: 82.54%
5:BS Bio-Chemistry
Closing merit:-
Morning: 84.73%
Evening: 80.64%
6:BS Forestry
Closing merit: 65%
7:BS Environmental Sciences
Closing merit: 73.091%
8:BS Geo-Informatics
Closing merit: 65.63%
9:BS Economics
Closing merit: 54.091%
10:BS Computer Science
Closing merit:-
Morning: 74.45%
Evening: 67.27%
11:BS Information Technology
Closing merit:-
Morning: 69.90%
Evening: 64.18%
12:BS Software Engineering
Closing merit:
Morning: 76.63%
Evening: 67.27%
Closing merit:-
Morning: 64.45%
Afternoon: 61.82%
14:BS Commerce
Closing merit:-
Afternoon: 46.091%
Evening: 45.45%

Merit Criteria: Only FSC marks

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