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Hello MDCATians,
Finally, the date, syllabus and pattern of MDCAT has been announced. So now there will be no more queries, chaos and confusion. Everything is set before you and all you have to do is study, learn, practice and more practice. And for achieving perfection, there are no boundaries and limits. Remember the 2017-MDCAT, when the paper was beyond anything we could have expected? Certainly, it proved that UHS can have anything in store for you. And now with the new pattern and altered syllabus, we can expect all types of confusing MCQs, taken from any book related to the assigned topics. A-Level book definitely come under this category, because they are equivalent to your FSc books and A-Level students appear in the test too. So if you want to make sure that you lose marks in not even a single MCQ, do give these A-Level books a read or two. As these books are quite costly, EXPERT MDCAT team has provided you these in PDF form, for your convenience. Keep up the efforts and achieve your aim. All the best!
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