A Complete Guidline to apply for MBBS/BDS 2019

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Admission Procedure MBBS/BDS 2019


Before Going to Apply Online Kindly Scan all the below mentioned Documents and then apply Online


A) Online Application Process:

(i) The application process shall be completely online and no manual or paper-based application shall be accepted.
(ii) For filling the online application form, the candidate shall first
register on the web portal at
with the help of his e-mail ID and a password. The system will then generate a Pin Code which will be sent to the candidate on his e-mail address. For the first time Login, the candidate will be required to enter his/her e-mail ID, his/her password and the Pin Code sent to him/her. However, once the candidate has logged in successfully, he/she shall be required to only enter his/her e-mail ID and password to Login next time. Candidates are advised to keep their e-mail and password secure.
(iii) Once the candidate has logged in, he/she will enter his / her profile information (Name, Domicile, Marks, etc.). After making all entries, the candidate will be required to upload his/her
scanned mandatory documents, photograph, signatures and left thumb impression (LTI) as per the list provided in the form. In case, the candidate wishes to apply for admission against any reserved seat (e.g., Disabled, Underdeveloped Districts, Overseas Pakistanis/Dual Nationality Holders, etc.), he/she will be required to upload additional documents required for that category of seats.
(iv) The candidate should carefully read the instructions and follow them in order to fill his/her application form correctly. The candidate shall have an option to Log out at any stage but he/she
should not forget to “SAVE” the entries he/she has made. He/she can access his/her form any other time by logging in and clicking “In-Process Application”. The candidate can have a print-out of his
application form at any stage but it shall be marked as “DRAFT COPY” on its top which means that it has not been submitted and, therefore, not acceptable for fee submission. 
For document scanning purposes, better seek the services of an expert. Ensure that file size is maximum of 2.0 MB per document. The image file should be JPG or JPEG format; The photograph must be a recent passport size color picture taken against a light-colored, preferably white, background; Caps, hats, and dark glasses not acceptable in photograph; Religious headwear is allowed in the photograph but it must not cover your face; For signature scanning, mark two signs on a white paper with black ink/jel pen; The signatures must be signed by the candidate and not by any other person; Similarly, the candidate must put his Left Thumb Impression (LTI) on the same page with blue/black stamp pad and then scan it; Girls must also scan their Left Thumb Impression (LTI).
(v) Save all the scanned documents, signatures, photograph and Left Thumb Impression (LTI) on the computer on which you are filling your application form. While filling in the online application form
the candidate will be provided separate links to upload these files.Click the respective link to “upload” relevant file. Browse and select the location where the scanned document has been saved;
Select and Upload by clicking respective buttons. If the file size and format are not prescribed, an error message will be displayed. Make necessary corrections and upload once again. 
(vi) It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to enter correct information and upload all required documents in prescribed manner in his/her online application failing which his application
shall be rejected.
(vii) At this stage, candidate shall not be able to enter his/her preference for colleges which shall be allowed after the display of Aggregate Merit List.
(viii) Please don’t submit your application hastily. After completing their online application forms, the candidates are advised to take a print-out of their application along with all uploaded documents. If any entry is incorrect or any uploaded document is unclear, make the necessary corrections or re-upload the clear document before you make the final submission. (ix) Once you are satisfied that your application is complete in all respects, you can make the final submission by clicking the “SAVE & SUBMIT” button after which you will not be able to edit your application. (x) Take a print-out of your submitted application which shall be marked as “Final Copy” on top of it. You will get a bank fee challan with this print-out.
(xi). A candidate can fill in application for more than one category of seat provided he fulfills the eligibility requirements. However, submitting more than one application for a single category of seat
(e.g., Open Merit), by any means, shall result in disqualification of the candidate for admission against that category (xii) Those claiming Hifz-e-Quran marks shall tick the relevant box in the application form and upload the scanned Hifz Certificate issued by a registered Madrassa. The candidate shall be registered for the Hifz-e-Quran Test to be conducted by the University. An auto-
generated SMS and e-mail shall be sent on the cell number and e-mail ID of the candidate containing information regarding venue, date and time of the Hifz-e-Quran Test. Same procedure shall be

followed for those candidates who shall apply for the seats reserved for Disabled Students. These candidates shall upload their scanned Disability Certificate issued by a specialist doctor working in a Government Hospital. The candidates shall be informed about the venue, date and time of Medical Board via SMS and e-mail.


B)Biometric verification &Fee Submission Procedure

(i) The candidate shall visit, in person, the nearest branch of The Bank of Punjab along with the Final Copy of his application print-out, fee challan form and Original CNIC/Smart Card for Juvenile/NICAP/POC/Pakistani Passport. Please note once again that it is mandatory for candidate to visit the bank in person for biometric verification. (ii) The bank official shall do the biometric verification of the candidate against the said CNIC/Smart Card for Juvenile/NICOP/POC/Pakistani Passport. On successful bio-metric verification, the candidate shall be asked to deposit Bank Verification and Processing Fee of Rs. 195/- per candidate and University Admission Processing Fee of Rs. 500/- per category of seat. Both fees are non-refundable. Without submission of both the fees within due date, the application shall be considered incomplete and shall be rejected.
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