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Dear students, as you know, team expert mdcat is working harder to make things easier for them and to keep giving them great learning materials for their bright future. Basically, expert mdcat offers services through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, among others. Expert mdcat is getting better every day, and the team’s work is making it better every second. When it comes to career advice, we always do everything we can to help our students and give them as many options as we can. Students often get sad and depressed when they think they might fail. This puts them in a stressful and annoying situation. Time moves slowly, and things happen that we can’t predict. Because of this, we need to give our kids advice and direction and keep them up to date on what’s going on. So, I’m happy to say that expert mdcat is a great platform with a great goal. The purpose of this platform is to give our students a well-rounded education and help them decide on a career path. Most students don’t know what to do next after they finish intermediate, FSC, or A level. Also, most pre-medical students who want to go into medicine think that MBBS is the only way to go. But besides MBBS, there are other medical fields that people can study to further their careers and make sure they have a good future. No matter what, if you work hard enough, you will get where you want to go. But in the world we live in now, the key to success is to work harder and smarter. In Pakistan, for example, thousands of students who got over 90% in metric/SSC/O level and intermediate/HSSC/A level take a test called “MDCAT” to get into medical schools in different places. Due to the limited number of spots for medical students in each school, only a few of the students who took the MDCAT were accepted. It’s not wrong to say that only a quarter of all students were accepted into the MBBS programme. What will happen to the other students, though? Have you thought about it? Right, you are completely right. They decide to get better by taking FSC in full or in parts and then taking the MDCAT exam again. So, this process keeps going year after year, and the number of people who want to improve grows. This time, students must work smarter to make sure their futures are safe. What should they do now? Yes! They need to join a real platform that gives them full counselling and the best job opportunities. Since the whole world now runs on the internet, it’s easy to get to anything from your phone or tablet. Because of the pandemic, more and more learning is happening online. Because Pakistan is a growing country, there are many problems that make it hard for students to go to school in a good way.

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You can download 9th class all boards gazettes of 2022 from the following link..


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